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  1. My god, super gorgeousmo Ann!!!! Tama yan, know when to move forward. Kaya ikaw patch, maglawyer ka na lang day

    • @ Jasmine I was just thinking about it now…..

      I was thinking about MU-Iceland 2019, who was both lovely and not the least bit presumptuous. We all know she went as far as the Top 10, which was made up of what was probably the most grounded bunch of girls last year.

      THAT’S Attorney! No problem; in fact, she SHOULD begin practicing her profession. But a second attempt (in the near future) seems all the more a delectable prospect. 🙂

  2. Good luck Ann, call it quit when you’re still at the top. I like you’re pursuing something like what Janine does. Very bold move. You’re very exotic looking with your golden brown skin.

    Take care of yourself and make sure to keep us posted!!!

    I-enjoy mo ang mga boylets dyan…hihihihihihi

  3. Chipipay naman na modelling agency ang BMA sa London, buti sana kung Select, Pemier, Elite, IMG siya.

    • @ Paquita Be it ever so humble, a quiet brook can eventually lead to a mighty river. 🙂

      • @paquita, Ann finished school at 21. Joined BBP at 23, won the international pageant later. Went abroad after her reign to scout for opportunities. Now this one presented itself now and the agency took her in as their only Filipina model. She’s 27 when these happened in her life, so ano ide-decline nya? She’ll walk away because she’s no longer in the 14-22 age range? Tigilan mo masyadong dunung dunungan as if you’re a prime mover in the London modelling industry. The mere fact that the agency took her in is an opportunity and blessing that no amount of senseless and bitter rambling on your part can diminish! Stop belittling other people’s achievements!

    • Gaga ka hihihihihi… Be happy for her as this is just a stepping stone for bigger and better things…

      • Anong stepping stone, she is too old to be a model at 27, pang classic na ang beauty niya. She should join na lang sana siya cuz di na siya fresh for modelling in London

      • Sa London 27, is old , models should be 14- 22 .
        You dont know anything about modelling. Yes, she can be model but Classic na, pang Marks and Spencer if she is lucky enough ang beauty niya

      • @ Paquita Westerners, I think, are probably even more open-minded now.

        If Ann manages to age gracefully – like Twiggy, Christy Turlington, or even Amber Valetta – then she could still get occasional jobs.

        As anywhere, the key is in keeping good relations with both agents and your agency. A good name and reputation always precedes you; it will be a grace you will be grateful for when you are older.

  4. Saludo ako sa naging desisyon ni Ann na huwag sumali. Sa panahon ba naman ngayon ,marami sa mga dating beauty titlist ang walang kasiguraduhan na trabaho. Yung iba hanggang telebisyon na lang ang buhay , umaasa sa mga fiesta sa barrio sa kanayunan at yung iba naman masuwerte naging maybahay o di kaya kabit sila ng mga politiko

    • Good thing she was sent to MG na wala pang lutuan. and wala masyado toxic na pinoy. Glad that she won. wise decision not to join again. mahirap din makahanap ng kapalit sa career na iiwan mo just to join in pageant. medyo risky and i think d nya feel na mananalo sya sa MUP. Pero i think she can make it naman. Anyway, Bagay na bagay naman sya sa modeling and mas may passion sya don. so let her walk out sa beauty pageant industry.

  5. Andame na rin kasing models sa US of A!

    Para mag-stand out ka among the crowd, kailangan talaga there is something unique about you!

    Until now wala pa rin makakapantay sa level of achievement ni Ana Bayle na talagang booked sa mga top couturier of Paris, Milan, London & New York and walking side by side with Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista and Cindy Crawford! But of course, back on the days, ika nga “Supermodels rule the world”.

    Sana nga maging succesful itong si Anne kasi “convertible” or “flexible” yung image, tipong hindi mo malalaman right away kung Asian or mixed or Latina dahil given na naman sa America na pag Asian ka lalo na sa modeling, by default hindi marketable!

    • Claire, much as I cannot dispute Ana Bayle’s achievements of yore, she cannot hold a candle against the current Asian international supermodel Liu Wen (yes, Asians are marketable too). She has been listed in Forbes as one of the top 10 world’s highest earning models since 2013 up to present. She was the first East Asian to walk the Victoria Secret runways from 2010-2012. Her face was covered (and in editorials) a few times in various editions of Vogue (German, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, British and American) as well as editorials for Harper’s Bazaar, Numéro, GQ, V magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Pop Magazine, Allure, i-D, Interview, and W. She walked and closed international runways in Burberry (UK), Trussardi (Milan), Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Hermès (Paris). She appeared in campaigns for Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Oscar de la Renta, Hugo Boss, Alexander Wang, Rag & Bone, H&M, Marni, Lane Crawford, Bergdorf Goodman, Diesel, Gap, and Vivienne Tam. Her record for a single season is seven campaigns for DKNY Jeans, The GAP, Barneys New York, Benetton, Alexander Wang, Converse, and cKone. Of course, she is the Asian headliner for the cosmetics company Estée Lauder. In 2014, she was dubbed by Models.com as the first ever Asian “New Supermodel” (commanding millions of followers in IG and Instagram).

  6. Good call , Anne !
    Good luck !

    Someone I want to change her mind is Wynwyn . I hope she tries MUP !

  7. 1st time I met this girl… I knew, she’d be a winner not just in pageantry but also in life… What an effervescent personality! I know you would be successful in any field you pursue. Goodluck! 🙂

  8. VERY GOOD. 🙂

    And on this note, allow me to share with you the opinion of one of Mr. Tinio’s MANY followers in the pageant circles. Clue – one-time commentator siya dito, though to this day sumisilip-silip pa rin siya.

    OUT are the following :

    1. Those with FLOURISHING careers beyond pageantry (like the subject of this blog), and who have recently bagged lucrative deals wherever. A few were featured as teasers, simply as a way to call attention to their new projects. A handful, and PRECISELY due to their current activities, will defer.
    2. Those who are planning to (finally) tie the knot. Alita was a recent example. May isa pa! Please lang, mga baks, lubayan niyo na siya! Kawawa naman si boylet; kay tagal niya’ng nagtimpi. 😦
    3. Those that said commentator did NOT enumerate in his/her WishList but appeared here.

    2020 is coming out to be quite solvent. But back to Ann Colis…… WE’RE SO EXCITED FOR YOU!

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