13 comments on “Maria Isabela Galeria: 20/20 Vision for 2020

  1. Deemed too young (she turns 21 this year)…. extra kick of one-on-one guidance.

    HAHA!!! Mr. Tinio just got himself another PR job. 🙂

    2020? NOPE. Enough information I gleaned today to say she will defer.

    That fourth photo – white backdrop with leafy trims – is TELLING…..

    HER CO-BICOLANA WILL ALSO DEFER. This makes the BBP 2020 season much less crowded than I initially thought.

  2. Norman please tell her to join Mutya Pilipinas. Kasi si Cory Quirino dalawa ang kanyang modelling titles. Or concentrate on her modelling jobs here and abroad. HUWAG NANG MAG-AKSAYA NG ORAS AT PAGOD SA MUP or Bb. Pilipinas, or even MWP.

  3. If there is miss asian pageant then send her there. Pero if this girl wants to join MUP or bbp again then who are we to stop her on joining where ever she want. Surely, The MUP judges know what they are going to do on their seats. So chillax and let them join. sir norman. since hinde lahat ng mga na post mo ay sasali. i think almira teng deserved her spot on this blog 🙂. so in that way ma feel nya na napapansin din sya so it can help to make her think till to convinced on joining the national pageants. she has everything.

  4. This girl should give international modeling a try. Her face and proportions are perfect for the runways in nyc Paris or Milan. As much as I think she’d be a great Mu rep , I think her destiny is vogue not IMG ! She’s friends with heart . Maybe heart should take her to Paris so she gets spotted by the agencies .

  5. Perfecta belleza asiática! 😱😍 Su es elocuente, quiero que use la faja de Miss Filipinas para MU. Ella se ve perfecta en cuanto a belleza.

  6. Perfecta Asian belleza! 😱😍Su es elocuente, quiero que use faja de señorita Filipinas para MU. Ella se ve perfecta en cuanto a belleza.

      • Mali ang grammar nya. Google translate.
        Mali rin english nya kaya lalong gumulo.
        Tama naman ang last sentence kahit papaano.

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