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    Do critics of Emma Tiglao like to believe and in fact boast that they directly ensured she was out of contention for the Intercontinental crown by repeatedly stressing she had a nose job?

    Did the Japanese mind that Mariem Claret Velasco was accused of being “modified’?

    My point?

    Kung ayaw niyo rin lang mag-own up sa pag-bash, allow others the liberty to do as they wish. Naano ba kayo? Because if your bet, your “manok”, is TRULY as good as she sounds, then NO amount of “procedures” on the part of her competitors will thwart her winning. Bisto tuloy na insecure kayo! NO WHERE in most pageant Rule Books is cosmetic surgery expressly prohibited. Discouraged, perhaps. But not banned altogether. You easily forget. MU-Spain 2018 was THE ULTIMATE. 🙂

    • @Flor

      I think you are commenting on the wrong girl.. or literaly the wrong page… Nobody said she got anything fixed… She looks very natural…

  2. Sleepy head beauty. No! Not a beauty queen material ang mukha. Lalamya lamya na naman.

  3. She’s not tall as I observed. mga 5’5-5’6 from her pics but maganda mukha.

    • veks, it was clearly stated she’s 5″9.5 barefeet, meaning no padded tacky Bragais shoes. OMG…. read veks read…hihihihihih

      • beks, pakitingnan ng actual pics nya plzzzz. as if hindi mo alam ang kemerut ng peygentry.. hindi lang read beks, stalk mo rin sya.. o ayan bekilu ha… alexandra rosales sa IG.. hmpf.. hihihihi baklang twoooohhh

  4. Iba-iba ang beauty preferences natin. Some say “no” to her but for me “yes” kasi very Filipina ang beauty nya. Sana yung height at intellect nya ay pasado rin.

    • Hindi sya pipi so yes she can speak…hihihihihi
      and if she can’t she can use the sign language…hihihihihi

  5. She looks like a statuesque Nadine Lustre and Mocha Uson combined.. Her exotic features might be a hit in Africa, Europe and some parts of Latin America… I wonder if her academic credentials and comminication skills are at parr with her beauty?

  6. She has Theresa Licaros-bordering-Mutya Datul-vibe. I like her rawness, a refreshingly magnitude of calmness and innocence. She looks vibrant and her X-factor screams the universe.

    Since Tito Norms seems gagged to tease us some details about Alexandra, asking him about the latter’s academic background and her ability to talk the talk or walk the talk is irrelevant at this juncture.

    But I love Alexandra’s beauty. I thought she is the answer to my prolonged hunger to see a Filipina representative on the international stage, who looks purely a native Filipina and who is dusky, tall, beautiful, and with long beautiful black hair. Will she be?

    I shall keep my eyes on this lass.

    That’s all.

    • Really Licaros and Datul….so speaking very probensyana vibe🤔🤔🤔. Anyway I like her look but not when she opens her mouth half way…it gives her that sleepy nonchalant aura 😒😒😒

  7. MGI!!!!!! 🙂

    Venezolanos will ADORE that very Asian face.

    Quick! Make sure her passport is updated. 🙂

  8. She reminds me of anjame magbitang vibes
    Norman, any update if Anjame considers to rejoin bbp again? I’m lucky enough to have a Pic taken w her at KFC Cubao during parade of bbp 2018

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