15 comments on “Beatrice Luigi Gomez wins Binibining Cebu 2020

  1. What happened to the other favorite Ena Valasco? She was one of Norm’s final two picks.

    Anyways, I had favored Bea Gomez to win. Well, look for this beauty to contend or win a national crown in the near future. After all, she is Bb Cebu!

      • Thank you, Norman.

        Goes to show how very important it is to have good communication skills these days at pagesnts.

    • Oh well. That would probably be his first and last in judging any prestigious pageant. Di nya talaga maitago yung impartiality nya. Hay Adam. Akala ko ba natuto ka na. Ngayon naman eto. Only barangay/purok pageants will gladly take his service from now on. Tsk tak

  2. Norms, if you know Adam Genato, please give him some etiquette on pageant judging…
    Just because you can put everything on social media does not mean you have to. I mean why would he add a story of him telling everyone who her bet to win and show the screenshot of scoring… I mean seriously!!! Have some discretion.

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  4. Tatlo na silang Gomez from Cebu. Sana manalo din sa nationals at sa labas ng bansa tulad ng naunang dalawang Gomez (Alexi and Angelie Dione).

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