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  1. I am a big fan of Patch.. but this ensemble is horendous!!! TACKY TACKY TACKY!!!!!!

  2. Lagi ko na lang nababasa ang name ni Julia na sulpot ng sulpot. Josko, matalino nga pero magpa overhaul muna siya ng mukha nakakaloka! Kung Manalo man yan sa MUP, she’d be the ugliest MUP ever!

  3. Patch, you know I love you baby, but if you are not a maid of honor or a bridesmaid at a wedding then may Iovingly suggest you keep that “gown” on the rack.


    • Who ever suggested to her to wear this matronly monstrosity of a dress should be bitch slapped!!!!

  4. Along with Samantha Lo, they are the most over rated among the queens this year while Michelle Dee, Leren Mae and Aya Abesamis are the most underrated ones.
    Just saying..

    • Agree. This lady feels so entitled. But she is more for the Miss Earth pageant.

    • Soooo wanted Aya to win a crown last year!!!! And she’s a good sport about being 1st runner up! She showed up to almost all important commitments! Even that Bernardo gurl was missing during their first two or three PR events!!!

    • It seems like patch needs some fashion advice. This outfit is so outdated and frumpy. Is she going to a high school prom?

  5. She looks shorter in her green dress here. Perhaps, could be the dress itself that makes her look shorter or the camera angle does.

  6. Napakalaking DISASTER talaga ng choice of outfits ni Patricia Magtanong since day 1 of her BBP journey, bilang lang yung bumabagay. I’d rather see her in white shirt and jeans kesa ganyan. Baka sabihin antayin ang pasabog, tapos na ang laban oi, ganyan pa rin styling nya. Magpalit dapat sya ng stylist nya kung meron man, dahil mukhang sinasabotahe na sya.

    • Lol….omg this outfit is a train wreck! There is so much going on! The unnecessary semi/attached with pearls sleeves to the backless and unflattering length of this! Who made this crap? It’s hideous than your typical reject high school prom dress!

    • Coming fr an insider tsika fr pageantry folk. puffs and ribbons are attached to make her look 5 lbs heavier. If she joins again better she gain that 5 lbs Para bagayan na sya any clothes

      • Di nila napapansin na di naman nakakatulong? Meron namang may puffs and ribbons na maayos pa rin, pero hindi e, ampapangit talaga ng mga suot nya. Nung nagsign-up sya ng BBP, her gowns sa oathtaking nya at sa BBP pageant night, etong green na mukhang apron, at iba pa, they just don’t work.
        Basta mag-jeans na lang sya o magsuot ng SM Basic, maganda pa sya kesa sa ganyan.

    • That outfit is horrendous!
      Even the fabric looks cheap reminds me of those silk cloth that are intended for lining. And the length and size itself is ridiculous. It’s totally a M-E-S-S

  7. Ano’ng “seriously considering law practice once her contract with BPCI ends”?

    She SHOULD. Para ano pa ‘yang pagpasa sa Bar?

    That goes without saying.


    Attorney is still too shy. Gurl, OWN IT. As ZT said, TAKE (your) SPACE IN SOCIETY.

    • Maybe she’ll make more money doing something else.
      To some people , law is just a stepping stone… to Marry up or find a more financially rewarding job

    • My understanding is that Patch – who is a US Green card holder – could not be voted as MUP2019. A green card implies that she is a permanent resident of the US where she can opt to live and work. That’s as far as I can enlighten you on.

      Now personally, my take on the matter is that she is not the first Green Card holder-titleholder of BbP. I believe Maxine Medina is also one and she represented us during the 65th MU.

      That permanent resident card shouldn’t have been an issue in the first place, imo.

      • Green card should work to BPCI ‘s advantage as they don’t have to assist girls in obtaining a visa

      • @ Norman So, sa madali’ng salita, nalusutan sila dati at malas ni Patch dahil siya napuruhan.

      • That is so wrong! Just because you are a green card holder does not make you a US citizen. I was a green card holder and was a Filipino citizen so I don’t see anything wrong with that.

        BPCI really needs to straighten their policies as Patch would have been just as good as MUP as Gazini.
        I do think that Patch needs to be a bit more palaban is she wants that MUP in 2021.

        At this point, I think Saubier is the only one with that resume I can confidently send to MU.

        Ahtisa should try MWP this year and gain more life experience.

        Also, I think it is time for camps to look outside the pageant scene. There are a lot of beautiful and accomplised girls out there who may not be into pageants.

      • @ Norman Why am I now beginning to think that the TRUE reason the MUP 2019 title was denied to Attorney is because PRECISELY that the Green Card would make it relatively easy for her to fly off to the USA if for any reason she suddenly decided to violate her BBP contract?

        More to the point, DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH ANY KIND OF TUSSLE BETWEEN BPCI’s Legal Team and Attorney’s own advisers?

        Because if you recall, she flew (off) to Guam not long after BBP 2019, saying she needed to renew her Green Card….. And she had NOT YET signed the BBP contract for titlists at the time.

        Toxic ba si Patch sa BPCI Bosses?


      • Dios mio andaming haka haka para sa iisang tanong… simple lang ang sagot… Aces si Patch at ayaw ni SMA nun… idagdag mo pa na isa sya sa mga huling alaga ni Jonas period…

  8. Good news for Patch who was my overwhelming pick for 2019. Things happen for a reason.

    Her 2019 pageant journey and one year off to refocus, replenish and relax will totally be an advantage for Patch.

  9. 2021 sounds more interesting for her joining MUP. She can use the time for her preparation like what Catriona did . Goodluck Patch!

  10. She is long and lean , smart , articulate , likable and very humble . One thing that disappointed me about Gazini was the ‘ pagdadab0g ‘ she showed towards her fans . I don’t think you will see Patch doing the same . Her hardwork at UP is a testament of her patience and great attitude towards life In General.
    My only wish is for her to find a stylist that will soften her look and a trainer that will polish her overall presentation including her pasarela

    Wynwyn for 2020
    Patch for 2021
    Michelle D for 2022

  11. yes 2021 yes !!! , Ahtisa might also reconsider joining MUP not in 2020 but in 2022 … by the way , where is Ann Colis ? how old is she …

      • we can’t be too hung up on searching for articulate speakers all the time … there should always be the magical combination of beauty and comm skills, the golden ratio/proportion of these two attributes

      • @ jaretwrightlover Parang sinabi mo na rin na hindi gaano’ng kagandahan si Attorney. 🙂

        And with @ Fabian Reyes calling for her to soften her look, one can’t help but agree.

        I wish to add that if Attorney will aim for MUP, she needs to get words like “cuz” (short for “because”) out of her vocabulary.

        “Gorabels” and “mumshie” can and in fact should stay to keep her relatable.

        Also, her ROMANCE with JC. Because for some reason, it works.

      • yes if I compare the beauty of Gaz to the beauty of Bea, hands down Gaz is more gorgeous but Bea is a lot lot better speaker than Gaz, so always , we have to tread the most advantageous middle….

      • If Gaz were able to break the top 10 in MU 2019 , definitely she would have entered the top 5 instead of that Thai Thai. However , Gaz will be stopped right there in the top 5 because the top 3 were obviously the three best speakers in the group and although South Africa is not the most beautiful, she was way way way above in the comm skills and that is why she ended up as the victor…

      • Jared , u can’t be top 10 unless u r uber artculate like Mexico 2019 and Sa2019 ….or uber gorgeous like PR 2019 France 2019 and Peru 2019
        Colis is pretty but I can’t say she’s uber gorgeous

    • I spoke with Ann Colis during the weekend and will do a separate blog about her. Btw, she is still on vacation in the Philippines right now. I was able to recruit her to judge for tonight’s Binibining Cebu finals at the last minute. The Taal ashfall – which left all NAIA flights cancelled – has prevented the original judges not to leave Manila for the event.

      Good thing Ann was staying in Pampanga close to the Clark airport and got booked for a CebuPac flight which took off less than an hour ago.

    • @ textuality Being a Binibini means she has access to the in-house wardrobe of BPCI. She can borrow for official out-of-town gigs and I suspect this is one such job. Yes, it does appear to be an emulation of her turquoise-colored look at the MI 2019 Evening Dress Preliminary. 🙂

      • it’s just frustrating to see her in tacky outfits. it’s like nobody has the heart to tell her that the dress is ugly.

    • Agree. Her style runs a little matronly & on occasion her outfits look like items from the Cumbia baul.

      I get that when it comes to credentials, Patch impresses as an attorney & one from UP at that. But if we’re comparing morenas, I like Maria Isabela Galeria & Alaiza Malinao more when it comes to looks.

      I have questions about Alaiza’s discipline & ability to keep her eyes on the prize during competition. But facially, she reminds me of Camila Alves, Matthew McConaughey’s wife. So when it comes to beauty of face, check, definitely.

      I really like Galeria as well & I hope she competes again. If she does, I hope she’ll align with A&Q.

      & no more Mark Bumgarner gowns please. No question, Mark is brilliant & his designs are refined & elegant. But his aesthetic is understated … & that doesn’t translate very well on a pageant stage where it’s important to dazzle & draw attention.

      • Not a fan of Galeria’s beauty
        But I agree, Mark’s style does not work for her . She does not look princess-y at all.

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