24 comments on “normannorman.com’s Final Predictions for Binibining Cebu 2020

  1. So will the new Bb. Cebu 2020 winner compete at Miss Millennial Philippines 2020 just like other provincial pageants or will they get the license to apply for Cebu’s representative at Miss Universe Philippines?

  2. Tito Norman, you recruited Ann Colis to be one of the judges at this yr’s BCebu .
    Does that mean you are directly involved with the pageant ?
    I’n confused because as part of BCebu , should you be allowed to publicly announce your top choices ?

    • Not involved with Binibining Cebu at all. The organizers were almost panicking because the flights of the original judges were cancelled. They were looking for a beauty queen who can fly out of Clark at a very short notice. Ann Colis was fortunately in Pampanga last night so I simply asked her if she can do the Cebu gig. She agreed. And that was it.

  3. Velasco is very impressive. Ang galing ng presentation .
    Not sure about Gomez . Her pic in green dress looks amazing but the other ones are extremely questionable
    I like Fleming and Pantaliano too.

  4. I will choose the candidate from San Fernando. Ms Gomez has a potential to represent our country in the Big 3 pageants.

    Special mention to the candidate from Poro. Authentic Filipina beauty. Has similarity with Anjie Balatbat’s skin tone. She is a possible rep to The Ms Globe, Supra, Intercon.

  5. Cebuana women have generally and stereotypically been known, worldwide, to be the most beautiful women in the Philippines.

    Norman’s final five certainly does not disappoint and stays true to form.

    Of the final two, I’ll put my money on B.Gomez.

    Best to all.

  6. Personally speaking, they need to turn of that fan during the head shots. That hair flying in the air is distracting and does injustice for Adriana Gravador.

    Furthermore, it makes Ameena Allababidi, who sports short hair, look out of place.

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