7 comments on “Cindy Obeñita: Making Cinderella relevant in 2020

  1. I love the comskills and academic credentials.. a great match against Patricia Babita… I love her smile…. but she need to practice her close up shots…. I love the 1st full body pic but her facial expression wasn’t a knockout… More experiences in modeling here in Manila would hopefuly help hone her into the ideal model and spokesperson. I have high hopes that she could be a top contender in one of our top tier national pageants…

  2. She is the reigning MCDO? Therefore, she was the 2019 titlist, otherwise, she would be contract-bound still….. NOT Miss Kuyamis…… Btw, QoMisOr is GORGEOUS, too. Lars Pacheco looks like Andrea Toscano.

    CDO is one of my fave cities in the country! But isn’t Carmen town the second outside of the capital after Opol and along the coastal road on the way to Iligan City, Lanao del Norte 🙂

    PotentialAspirant#33 is certain to sign up as a Binibini. Wonderful! She is a breath of fresh air, because frankly all the talk of the MUP “All-Stars” line-up has begun to sound stale. She is wise to avoid that maelstrom. Indeed, welcome to messy-smelly Imperial Manila!

    • Wooohhhhh… another georgeous lady who’s gonna make a screening process in MUP “a walk in the park”! Go and explore the universe, lady!

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