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  3. What she needs is better styling and beauty that screams Universe. She was my bet during Cat’s time but she looked stiffed due to her sports background.

    A little more flirt and softness and she could make it.

    Despite the value on communication, it is still a beauty pageant and the one who shines the most get the nod.

  4. She needs to gain that large bubble butt through workouts.. and then get super lean…. If she could do that in the next few months then I’ll be rooting for Michelle against the top tier newbies…. And she needs to be more demure on her videos…

  5. OT. Mr. Tinio, what happened to Khesha Ramachandfran at Miss Iloilo last Friday? 😉

    • May botohan ba? It’s a yes or no!
      Kung gustong sumali ni Michelle may magagawa ka ba if you say no?

  6. @Scorg, re: comments not getting posted again..

    I have noticed that in some of Norman’s threads my comments don’t get posted at all and some they do.

    I dont know what to think of it but just to say “keep posting.”

    That said, reading your posts are always a pleasure.

    • I’ve gotten to the point that if they post…they post.
      If they don’t…they just don’t.

      Also, the length of my comments that “sometimes” don’t whole paragraph varies from one sentence to a whole paragraph.

      It’s all good!

    • Thanks. Nice to know na hindi pala ako nag-iisa. Lol!

      I noticed, if the comments are long, they don’t get posted. I wonder how other longer comments get posted. They tried and retried? At any rate, my solution is: divide the comments into two or three.

      • I have had very short, even one word, comments just to test the waters and they did not post.
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        There is perhaps a minor glitch somewhere in the system.

      • @just saying: As you said, just keep posting. If you have something substantive to say, or you feel strongly about an issue, this blog is worth the trouble. Or the trip. Remember: much as there are toxic trolls in this blogsite, there are many level-headed people like you who make this blog a sounding board for the development of the pageant industry.

  7. Juz mio! Patay si Atty. Magtanong.

    Ang LAKI ng expectation sa kanya sa 2021.

    Parang strategy ni Cat ang gagayahin – skip a year. After MW 2016, Cat made “pakipot” by showing up at the SMART Araneta Big Dome during BBP 2017. The following year – 2018 – ‘YUN NA.

    Pakisabi lang, po, ang habilin ng BksoP kay JC – “huwag miuna isusuko ang talaba ng Bataan”.

    LOLZ 🙂

  8. If there are MUP aspirants now whose intellect and physical beauty could theoretically be lined up among the top 3 in the recent MU contest, they are either Patch or Michele. Their physical attributes, academic credentials, communication skills, and social advocacies are remarkably the qualities that MU is looking for in its brand image model.

    • The MU brand has been evolving since WME/ IMG got the franchise in 2015. The branding direction seems to have acquired some clarity with the recent selection of a black Miss South Africa whose physical beauty defied the conventional Western standards, but whose cerebral prowess and commanding presence perfectly fit the idea of advancing MU as the leading woman’s empowerment platform that can leverage its massive global community 365 days a year. Miss SA’s oft-quoted remark about her not minding being seen as “not beautiful enough” than being considered as “not brainy enough” seems to be a clincher to the MU essence behind that “confidently beautiful” mantra. Only Patch and Michele, both of the Southeast Asian beauty archetype, fits the newly-defined MU template for its spokesperson

      • BTW, Michele Gumabao’s and Laura Lieman’s incisive, insightful and entertaining spiels as sports coomentators and anchors during the recent Southeast Asian Games give the international audience a glimpse of how well-rounded Filipino beauty queens are. I was in the Philippines for Christmas vacation and as I felt proud at the performance of our athletes, I also marvelled at performance of those in the sidelines like Michele and Laura who showcased what stuff Filipino beauty queens are made of.

      • It took me three attempts to post before I posted this short message that got through. I had to divide my original comment into to get it posted. Hmmm…

      • My apologies, scorg. I tried to check what’s wrong, but there’s nothing I can see that needs fixing. 😕 Perhaps, a new email address will help?

      • Thank you, Norman..

        I had been experiencing the same problem in a few of your threads.

      • @Norman, Thanks for the reply. I figured out that if I divide my comments into two or three, it will post. I cannot change the e-mail I use because my other e-mails are either for business use or for other social purposes. What is important is that they do post after several trials. I guess one has to be patient if one feels strongly about an issue. Your entertaining and educational blog is worth the trouble.

  9. I would love to see her join MUP. But this year, the arena could be too crowded. Too many potential winners! Pero hoping Michelle will win. Good luck!

    • @ Girlaloo Hopefully she does not bump into Attorney Magtanong, though. Look at comments of @ Norman and @ Closer2Fame, below. If ever, definitely after 2021. And that’s just Patch! 🙂

      • @Girlaloo @ Flor this is Michele’s last year of (age) eligibility for MUP.

        “Miss Universe contestants must be at least 18 years of age and under 28 years of age on the date the National Pageant competition commenced. ”

        She’s currently 27 years old and will turn 28 on September 22, which is way past the national competition of MUP, so pasok pa this year. But for next year she’s already 28 by January 1, 2021 so she won’t be eligible for next year’s MUP pageant.

  10. I like Michelle, Ahtisa, Patch…but is there no one else? someone fresh.

    Medio luma na ang mga beauties nila, I mean, praktisado na and expected na ang mga movements. Dapat x factor, uniqueness in personality and blod confidence in carrying oneself.

    • It’s easy to ask for new faces but there has to be a willingness for these new faces to throw their hats into the ring. E kung walang gustong sumali should we begrudge the repeaters for wanting to give it another shot?

  11. Michelle has to have the discipline to lose weight
    She did not lose enough weight for Miss Globe
    Do you think she will do it for MU?

    • If she’s the only crossover/repeater this year… She could win… but she needs to get a bigger butt naturaly through squats and deadlifts and then get super lean…

  12. She will do well on the Sports and Head to Head Challenge of Miss World.

    Pero dahil ayaw ni Julia ng recycled, no choice kundi MUP na nga lang talaga!

      • Yeah, Fab-B! Agbani Darego!

        But over the past 5 years, bihira na may nakakapasok sa Tough 10 ni Julia na recycled girl, if you will observe.

        And common characteristic among Megan, Valerie, Hillarie and Catriona is that they are all fresh starters! And the most recent is Michelle Dee and kung hindi pa na-oberbahan yan ng MWP, never na mananalo ulit ang Filipinas.

        Ang nangyayari na rin kasi ngayon, target ng karamihan agad-agad MUP. Pag di nananlo dun, chaka sasabak sa ibang pageant. Mismo si Jonas na nagasabi, “choose your crown” hindi yung try lang ng try kahit wala naman improvement. Ang MU tanggap nila na may “second chance” para sa lahat eh sa ibang pageant ayaw nila ng ganun.

      • @Claire I like this observation ha, it totally makes sense knowing the ugali of Mamang Morley. Now it somehow makes sense why Laura Lehman did not go past Top 40 and Katarina Rodriguez did not place completely, of course in consideration of other factors as well.

        I would argue Gwendoline Ruais (MW2011 1st RU) and Queenierich Rehman (MW2012 Top 12) but perhaps iba pa ang thinking ni Mamang Morley during those times.

      • Very minor or Tier 4 pageant naman kasi yon na hindi na yata existing ngayon na kahit ako nakalimutan ko na. Tanda ko lang kasi concept nila ng swimsuit eh mala-VS ang ganap. Hihihi! Tapos yun din yung pageant na nagkabistuhan na sinasawsawan pala ni Pawikan yung result kaya nagkawatakwatak din ang Gouldian. Napa-chismis tuloy ako!

  13. Face, height and comm skills are her greatest assets but I like a leaner and more toned Michelle Gumabao. Her built now gives me a thought that if she joins this year’s edition of MUP, she would end up crownless.

  14. I prefer Ahtisa 2020, Patch 2021fr previous bbp queen list
    I also like Resham for mwp since Julia morley likes India kind of beauty
    Hanna for mi 2020

  15. She has a better chance of winning Miss World Philippines and become a finalist at Miss World through the sports challenge… She could win MUP only if Patricia Magtanong, Ahtisa Manalo and Wynwyn Marquez are not joinning this year… or else she’ll end up as a Runner-up… If the only othed top contender is Patricia Babista, I don’t know who would win between the 2.

    • Patch Magtanong this yr ?
      I don’t think sog
      I love both Ahtisa and Wynwyn . … Though I prefer the latter she to her extensive experience o n stage . She is very graceful and articulate

      • Almost a cert ainty … Wow
        While Patch will be a formidable rep, I do not think she will win MU. Let’s face it , SA won MU in large part due to her African roots . Asians do not have the same baggage … Even though we were the ‘ first settlers’ here in the Amer icas … Technically speaking.

      • But thanks , tito Norman. Patch’ s almost certain 2021 participation is something to look forward to. I can’t wait to hear her speak on MU stage. I just hope they find a way to soften her look

  16. PotentialAspirant#32

    I am even more inclined to believe the school of thought that the inaugural MUP will crown a new face, someone who at the very least has not competed abroad or has not been a Binibini at most (because again, the worst thing a new owner can do is recycle the past owner’s “damaged goods”).

    I’m even thinking A&Q, to which Michelle belongs, will dig into its pockets to source (GASP!) fillers.

    @ Sunny said so – bona fide A&Q will be prioritized. This might have spooked a lot of hopefuls not affiliated to the camp at one point or another. I suspect now MUP might not be getting as many applicants as they anticipated. And VOILA, BPCI is getting truckloads of eager beaver wannabes. 🙂

    Ms. Gumabao is certainly wonderful. And for the record I DID OPENLY SUPPORT HER BID FOR BBP-Universe 2018 OVER CG. But I frankly am feeling the need for someone else now. Sorry, po.

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