14 comments on “Twin Presscons from Mutya Pilipinas

  1. Sino ba stylist at MUA nina April at Tyra? Nagmukha silang ka batch ni Cory Quirino. Mukhang Thundercats!

  2. Sana naman pinasuot ng mas simpleng gown si April, parang sasabak sa evening gown portion, nagmukha tuloy out of place.

  3. I shall keep my eye on Tyra Goldman. I am 100% certain that her beauty is at par with 2013 Miss World, Megan Young. The two do not have bad angle. Whatever Tyra gets in her bid for the forthcoming Top Model of the World competition (I am confused and am boggled with its difference from World Top Model), she can take advantage of them as she prepares for the bigger pageant.

    My suggestion? She must join Miss World Philippines next year. I am pretty sure that she will charm Julia Morley out.

    That’s all.

    • World Top Model is an authentic model search in Europe where the winner wins a contract from Major Model Management. Top Model of the World is more of a hybrid modeling search-cum-beauty pageant where the best of both industries are mixed in finding the winner.

      • Aw! Lovely. Predictably, the difference of the two lies on that aspect, Tito Norms, but their titles scream similarity.

        Thanks for the explanation, anyway. Mwah!


  4. “…. important agreements need to be finalized….”.

    WOW. This better be GOOD/BIG, Blogger San.


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