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  1. I see a short-hair Venus on her side photo. Wow. Dusky. Outgoing and seems to have a light air in her aura. Me love her!

  2. Hi, everyone!

    I just got back from a holiday (pageant) break, but of course I would check Tito Norm’s blog every now and then during such rest. I was kind of a little dismayed when Gazini failed to enter Top 10 in the recent Miss U pageant. Admittedly, I had high expectations and was convinced that Gazini had worked hard on her goods, but still fell short of the judges’ expectations on her sash. I should air my frustrations about that, but kept them to myself to avoid bashing/bullying and to contribute peace and tranquility to our humanity, so this world is gonna be a better place to live in. Nevertheless, I was happy that Madam Cary Santiago broke the country’s long drought on the Best in National Costume arena. That avant-garde Phoenix costume was breathtaking albeit the controversy on its announcement.

    Nationally, pageant season is in the off swing. This early, I wish to reiterate that I’d like to see a beauty that will totally wow the world with her unique pure Filipina beauty – super morena, tall, lean, with sexy body and long black hair, and eloquent. I am dying to see such kind of rep from us. If she is not a super beauty, she must be someone who transcends global and loveable exquisite personality. I said this because I thought Zozibini’s winning the Miss Universe title has substantially changed the beauty pageant landscape. Zozibini’s personality rocks and almost everybody is enamored by her. I love Zozibini the way I love Tamaryn.

    Anyway, I can’t wait for the inaugural episode of MUP. It must be innovative, world-class, and remarkable. I believe that the people behind MUP are hardly working their ass off, so the title’s breakaway from BbP would be worthy of emulation, recognition and jubilation.

    That’s all.


  3. She is beautiful indeed but not tall enough. If she can do a Clenci (oozing w appeal) or Gallman facial beauty Then height can be ignored otherwise she can always be a queen locally

  4. Sana magkaroon na din ng beauty contest ang mga lesbians in their female versions. This will be interesting right?

    • @ miss tissa Thank you for mentioning this.

      As we discuss this Post, Mr. Tinio has just finished judging at Miss Kuyamis 2020, which would also crown Queen of MisOr (for cross-dressing gay men and/or transgender men), though I am unsure if Blogger will also judge there.

      I also would be interested in a pageant for gay men in their male versions that has NOTHING TO DO WITH HIV/AIDS. It is sad that gay pageantry almost automatically associates with HIV Awareness movements as if being gay necessarily translates to being promiscuous. HIV awareness is important, make no mistake! But inasmuch as homosexuals are not the only victims of AIDS, it would be nice to also bring to LIGHT discrete, hardworking, and productive “baklas” who have opted for celibacy, are breadwinners, and have taken space in society through their respective/chosen callings. Credits to ZT and MUO for that – “taking up space in society”.

  5. I am sure she has a lot of potential. I am wondering what will be her advocacy. According to her previous interview in a local newspaper she said that she is more concern about the environment. If she has the love and care for mother earth, why not join Miss Earth Philippines. She is also said in other interview that she will support lesbian to join the beauty queen. That is a good advocacy for Miss Universe Philippines. Surfer and freedivers that is a good qualification for a candidate for Miss Scuba Philippines. Just keep swimming!

  6. I guess her height would restrict her from joining BBP or MUP. She may try MEP or Mutya, probably she would be given consideration for that matter.

    • At least, she is still beautiful despite those “probinsyana pumps.” How about you? Even if you’ll wear the most expensive, sexiest, stylish pair of stilettos, you’ll never be at par even with the weakest candidate at any beauty pageant that exists in this world. So, stop dismissing women, as if they’re objects with no feelings at all.

      • @OReo………….it’s tacky because that’s the truth. It made her look very cheap and frown upon. FYI, I don’t ever compare myself to these delegates. LOL Next and this candidate will only look good if she get rid of those tacky elevator pumps…………..That’s all.

  7. After seeing her on those tacky probensyana looking pumps….it’s a big NEXT!!! LOL….definitely

    • @ Joanne Hello. You are also from Davao del Norte? Beautiful place! Tagum City was so nice. 😉

      According to Miss Queen Wannabe (above), your Queen supports lesbians joining beaucons. Was she the same one, also with short hair, that joined another National last year (2019), Mutya to be exact and if I am not mistaken? Because in that TV news feature I saw (I cannot recall which channel), the candidate was mentioned to be lesbian.

      She looks like a happy canary in the yellow gown.

      PotentialAspirant#30. Mr. Tinio, you are at breaking point, Sir. LOLZ.

      Unsolicited advise. If the budget request is unapproved, don’t lose hope. If MU-Sierra Leone 2016 could resort to crowdfunding to bankroll her bid, then we just have to be creative and flexible. Get your message across to other pageant fora in the hope of landing a corporate sponsor willing to take her in as an endorser. She brings with her a FULL CART – self-liberation, advocacy, and courage. Because if there are three things that should be taught to young people today, it is these three. Domo arigatou gozaimashita.

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