12 comments on “Honey Grace Cartasano: Her new look for 2020

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  3. I always saw the potential in her…
    She is definitely much prettier now…
    And I also saw a lot of depth in her when she answered during interviews… Back then although her content was actually meaningful, the not very neutral provincial accent was a bit distracting and I can see that she was a bit nervous while talking… In my opinion, no need to change the accent and just be more confident… You got the beauty and personality. I know by now that she has already adapted… Venus Raj, Janine Tugonon, Ariela Arida, etc had provincial accents but it didn’t prevent them from becoming a runner-up at Miss Universe. I am excited to see her now because I hope she has already gained that confidence… I am hoping for her to land one of the crowns, possibly Supra or Globe..

    • Venus Raj almost sounds American . Too bad. She is not very articulate and her grmmar sucks when doing impromptu speeches ,
      Janine sounds like. A regular studious Pinay
      And Ara ? I wonder how she did in Rhetorics at UP. Grammar diction syntax…. But you can at least appreciate what she is trying to say a
      That’s why I think MJ is the worst because I can’t even understand what she is trying to say

      So far , Shamcey has been the best speaker among the Pnas- born non-winners

  4. Cat needs a lot of training when it comes to singing on stage . She looks very awkward and her voice …..

  5. Love this girl and love her look!
    Hopefully her second BbP attempt garners her a crown.
    That would be sweet…for Honey! 🙂👍🏽

  6. She was already beautiful then.
    I don’t know if it’s the physical that she needs to improve on . I think it’s the confidence the way she carries herself and communication skills are more impt in her case.

  7. This look is very modern and relevant…I love the hairstyle……..her overall aura is something that needs to be groom and develop. She has this limitless potential. She needs to train on Q&A, and make sure that her overall communication skills is up to par.

  8. OT, po, Mr. Tinio and Honey Grace. Sorry for this.

    Speaking of Paolo Ballesteros, what happened to ParoDiva-Colombia?

    Bakit tigok na? Anu’ng ikinamatay?

  9. LIKEY a LOT! 😉

    Paolo Ballesteros is her Manager? Great job, po.


    The lower titles at BBP – from Supra down to (The)Globe – are still WIDE open at this point.

    She should be good for any one of these.

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