18 comments on “Kizia Jermaine Maligalig: Ready to step up in 2020

  1. Ganda ng face nya, pwede sya sa BbP for Iss International. Ano ba height nya? Parang short syang tingan sa swimsuit?

  2. She can definitely do Earth.
    Miss Earth has redeemed itself this year and actually won Missosology’s best pageant of the year.
    Positive reviews over all.

  3. Daming magaganda pero kapag Q&A na thanks for that wonderful question pa din at I believe..ibang level na labanan ngaun ung mga dating bansa na di nagsasalita nang english lumalaban na…matagal ulit for another catriona…

    • @ Padede Boy WOW!

      If, indeed, then we can expect a decent placement in Caracas this year.

      ANG IPADADALA SA MGI NGAYON’G TAON, DAPAT CLASSY (like Clenci, sans the malikot Swim wear pasarela). Look at that MESS SAL did, which even our dear sweet @ Closer2Fame said looked “lasing” (drunk). Dapat BANAYAD lang – think Ning Sophida Kanchanarin at MU 2018.



      • Oo nga ano?!… pwedeng pwede si Aliza dun… Mukhang magkakasundo sila ni Angkol…. Mga Type ni Angkol kontrobersyal…. Legal pa herbal remedy sa anxiety dun… pasok na pasok!

  4. She looks like a winner! I like her. She has the looks na hindi matatabunan sa pageant. Good luck! I am watching you.

  5. Ma. Ahtisa Manalo
    Bb. Niyogyugan 2016
    Bb. Pilipinas International 2018
    Miss International 2018, First Runner-up

    Kizia Jermaine Maligalig
    Bb. Niyogugan 2018 Top 10 Finalist

    I hope she will surpass the achievement of Miss Manalo.

  6. PotentialAspirant#29.

    How old po siya, Mr. Tinio?

    I do know Atimonan has a national park, so my initial feel was Earth; she could use that as her literal backdrop. However, if her pageant journey has been festival-related, then a tourism-themed National should be more apt. Saliba the Air Asia stewardess might show more sophistication, though. Mutya!

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