15 comments on “Lou Dominique Piczon: From Binibining Cebu Heritage 2018 to Binibini in 2020?

  1. Definitely MUP material si ghorl. With the right makeup that highlights her oriental features, bonggang bongga to sa MU. May pangmalakasang pambato na naman ang Cebu.

  2. The first picture, she looks very pretty and exotic….that’s asianic beauty for sure 🙂

  3. Sige lang sayang naman ang pagkakataon kung hindi sasabak sa patimpalak. Mas maganda kung mauna ang Bb. Pilipinas mas marami kang matutunan mo tapos Mutya Pilipinas at kung hindi pinalad sa Miss World Philippines. Kung may pag-asa pa Miss Earth Philippines bago huli ang lahat.

  4. Ok, Mr. Tinio. She is FeaturedAspirant#27. And the third (3rd) Bb Cebu alum, after Smith & Gigante.

    Immediate impression (redundant) – a young-ish Emma Tiglao.

    For her, I see neither MUP nor BBP, but Mutya-API, as successor to the Dabawenya rep of 2019.

  5. I love the curled cupid’s bow lips on her very symetrical pan-Asian face…

    Needs more hosting and traveling experiences..
    While waiting, she could fix her lower teeth using back braces…

    I see some potential but not this year when she’ll be battling against several heavy weights…

  6. I like it when girls look when better when they talk … like MU 2019 and Julia Saubier
    When this girl talks , u will realize she is not a heavyweight when it comes to beauty and personality
    Not a potential natl or intl titlist for me .pls prove me wrong

    • Stop with Subier! Not pretty without any make up she looks mehhhh bleeeeh weeeeeh like what happened? The current MU is also not a typical beauty but if you remove pd her make up she still look amazing!

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