6 comments on “Vanessa Saliba: On the wings of a (pageant) dream

  1. Another brave lady who will risk everything, her job and her secure future. Binibining Pilipinas Batch 2017 was the year when most of them are not so tall candidates were included as official candidates. As always Binibining Pilipinas Org measured the candidates with their own magic tape measure. As not to break the rules all under 5′ 5″ and above 5′ 5 1/2″ are measured 5′ 6″.

    Vanessa Saliba is included in the not so tall candidates. I don’t wan’t to emphasize the height because I believe she has the potential to win one of the crowns. Aim high!

  2. LOVE her widow’s peak! Is that a Lebanese (Middle Eastern) thang? Parang bagay sila ni Ameen Sardouk na mag-jowa…… 🙂

    The maroon lip and hoop earrings are AGING-CLOYING. The last photo – apparently at the beach – is HAWT. Handlers, REVOLVE AROUND THIS LOOK.

    Airline stewardess? E5-Pajares with a Melba Macasaet vibe.

    YYAASS!! Third time will be the charm. As it was with Jerellen, Jehza, and Pia.

    But like Jerellen, cross over to…… Mutya! There, she can aim for the B2B with Cyrille Payumo at MTI. After all, she’s with Air Asia and brings with her both the social media following and endorsement of the company and her co-employees. More importantly, Air Asia is Malaysia-based (last I heard). And so is MTI.

    • Holy cr_p! OHMYGAS, I am VERY VERY SORRY, po.

      Jerellen did not go to Mutya.

      She was our rep to United Continents last year, in Manta, Ecuador.

      The UC franchise is held by Jewel of the Philippines of JDV.

      My sincere apologies to all concerned for my gaffe. Ganu’n, ulit. Gutom. Ta’s, I had lunch… OK, na.

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