20 comments on “Riana Agatha Pangindian: A return to Pageantry for this beautiful Teacher

  1. I will support this pretty Riana because she is gracious lady with a big heart and comes from a God fearing family . Go Go Riana ❤

  2. @5’5”? Sayang kasi pinay-looking and her last name is pinoy. If only she was a little taller.

  3. Alam niyo kung sino’ng obssessed sa height?

    The Japanese.

    Tell SMA to send a TALL rep to MI 2020 and I can anticipate another “coronita”, at the very least. 🙂

    • Admin, ikaw ‘yung nag-Rate Down, Dear? 🙂

      Tingnan mo ang Courts sa MI. More often than not, there is one STATUESQUE “finalista”.

      In any case, I STILL say this teacher will fare best at MPE. Besides, what better advocacy for her students than environmentalism.

  4. If for MUP, you must be at least 5’8″
    5’5″ is not bad but you should be beautiful and intelligent like Olivia Culpo to be in the top 10 at MU.
    She can try other pageants for minor titles.

    • @ miss tissa I thought the minimum was 5’6″. So, “with shoes”, that registers 5’8″.

      • Olivia Culpo is 5’6″ when she won MU against our 5’8″ Janine Tugonon.

  5. Complimentary speaking, her “tan skin-toned color” along with her gorgeous facial features is perfect for “outdoor” swimsuit photo-shoots because it looks healthy and natural.

    I cringe with sarcasm when I see bleached-white-skinned Filipina beauties with black hair dawn swimsuits in beach and outdoor photo shoots. It is obvious they are not fond of the sun for whatever reason. Philippines is an Island nation with a tropical climate. It
    honestly makes them look awkward, unhealthy and forced. Stay indoors ladies…please!

    But ladies like Sandra Lemonon and Riana? They got it goin’ on. Work it ladies!

    • @ Ver Let us not forget Sarah Rose Summers, Miss Universe USA 2018. She finished two college degrees and very proud of her height 5′ 5″ and eventually represented her country to the Miss Universe 2018 pageant in Thailand. She ended up top 20 Finalist where Catriona Gray crowned as Miss Universe 2018.

      • @bellona…..true. I just noticed that in most pageants they favored a much taller delegates. But yes, this girl is beautiful and has the potential!

    • Some people always believe being tall, beautiful and smart has advantage to win in the pageant. I disagree with that, Olivia Culpo is not tall 5′ 6″ but she is Miss Universe 2012. Let us not underestimate the ability of not so tall women. Miss Universe Indonesia 2019 Frederika Alexis Cull is only 5′ 5″ and yet ended up Top 10 Finalist.

  6. Her “grassroots development” approach suggests Elemental Queen – MPE, for me.

  7. Honestly, she is gorgeous, talented and passionate about her advocacy. I believe her qualifications and height of 5′ 5″ , she is definitely the best representative to the either in Miss Universe, Miss International or Miss World pageant. Good luck to you Ma’am!

    • You have got to be kidding! Jonas and Shamcey will not allow this prettybutnotMissUniversepretty to be their first Miss Philippines Universe. Enough said.

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