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  3. Cyrille Payumo’s unexpected win, Pauline Amelinckxz’s not being able to compete abroad, April May’s short hair, and now Tyra Goldman’s pending appointment are publicity that Mutya organization should use to their benefit. Yeah, April already had short hair when she competed at BBP, but it was largely criticized at the time. It was her participation at WTM that made it sensible. And it paid off!

    They have to also find a way to differentiate themselves from the other pageants jostling for the Filipino pageant fans’ attention and affection. And then be consistent at it, year after year.

    Mutya needs to stop thinking small. It needs to begin working BIG. It’s been around long enough. 🙂

  4. Mr. Tinio, it seems information on Tyra’s “assignment” as been “prematurely-spilled” by that organization itself.

    What do you think are her chances compared to that former Bb who also competed there, and finished a Runner-up?

    The one based in the UK….

    • Much better, I reckon. Top Model of the World is really more of a beauty pageant than modeling search in my opinion. And while I love Christa Borja dearly, I expect Tyra to do better.

      • sir norman i think bbp should acquire the franchise of top model of the world since its more on beauty contest than modeling competition. but either the two i think that pageant is fit for bbp.

      • owtss. i thought iba pa ung top model of the world sa World top model. so iisa lang pala sila.

      • I believe Hanna Anold will come back stronger this yr . But this girl is gorgeous . So I have to see them together to find out which one fits the bill

  5. Perhaps being replaced was a blessing in disguise.
    One never knows.

    She’s very beautiful.

  6. sino ang ieendorse? this girl? if ever sya nasa guess mo i dont think so. why nila i popost sa page nila si girl as promotion or endorsement for other national pageant? its seems a little weird considering they are rival pageants. lalo na kung sa bbp eh nasulot nga ni corry ang intercon sa bbp. i think they will appoint her to the new title which is Miss Intercontinental for 2020 which is actually good. But i think she deserved what ever this cory q planning for her. she won but replaced. For pauline. finished her reign first and comeback 2021 for bbp.

    • @ jed I will assume you are referring to my comment.

      Too bad wordpress.com now deletes comments of previous posts; probably it is done to de-clutter the blog. But I mentioned in the post on the revised BBP Promotion featuring only four (4) Bb’s that….

      It’s the other way around. Mdme. Cory Q did NOT take Intercontinental away from BPCI. Rather, it was the other way around – BPCI UNLOADED Intercontinental; it has to do with the politics GPVL is doing, but I digress again.

      There’s another piece in this puzzle.

      Clue : it has to do with a model tilt a former Bb joined. And it isn’t April Short’s.

    • She will represent PH in Miss Shine Home Town Girl 2020 🤭. Kidding aside, I think she will be appointed as Miss Intercontinental PH 2020.

  7. I have three (3) guesses.

    1) ‘Yung dapat sana ay kay Amelinckxz, sa kanya mapupunta.

    2) Mdme. CQ will officially endorse her participation in a BIG(ger) National of her choosing. She essentially will be granted a free pass, an automatic admission and so bypass the Screening. I bet it is either MPE or BBP.

    3) Blogger will have yet another “anak”. 🙂

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