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  1. All i can say she should be the one who need to send in RHA2020. Join MWP and be our representative in RHA. With that beautiful face and body and a multilingual queen who can speak spanish too is the perfect girl for RHA. its about time to send filipina who can speak their language. I understand wynwyn answer during her time. pero hinde pwede abusuhin. sometimes we need a limonada. its one of the ways of showing a proof that we were colonized by spanish. show them what we have learned. what we inherent. and speaking spanish is a good idea.

    • @ jed You want Sandra to go back to MWP?!!

      She would have essentially taken the path tread earlier by her MWP 2016 co-Princess, Calingo.

      I don’t know if Lemon would still have weight with ALV. Even if she is A&Q. Hhhmmmmm……..

  2. She will win a crown if she joins bbp bec she was sma fave. Little birdie told me she will surely clinch a crown last 2018 only if she gives a reasonable q and a so she better stick w bbp.

  3. One sexy lady. Goodness, check out her hourglass hardhitting body! These photos are perfect for the annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. Even though she is part French, she still comes across like she is indigenous to the tropics!

  4. Perfect for Sports Illustrated swimsuit 2021 edition. Beautiful face , Sultry and healthy !

  5. build build build nga d nasagot
    world issues pa kaya

    girl wag ka na sumali

  6. She’s beautiful with a very healthy looking well proportioned and toned body. All that she needs is to be aware/educated of current social issues and be well prepared for Q&A.

  7. Oh my Sandra, I think you should just parade your body in swimsuit in front of your beau who’s the cutie pie always around lola Jonas????

    Buttttt, she got a big butt…hihihihihi

    She would be a great swimswear model with her seductive looks.

      • ooohhh my what happened? He is a cutie pie with chiseled abs….. kaya vet na vet ni lola jonas…

        I did hear rumors that he goes the other way too??? hihihihi

  8. NORMAN THIS IS THE SECOND TIME AROUND (in recent weeks) YOU HAVE POSTED A PHOTO OF AN ASPIRANT WITH THE TATTOOS (EVEN IF THEY ARE VERY SMALL ONES) VERY PROMINENT FOR VIEWERS’ ATTENTION. We also know that not all pageant ORGANIZERS and OWNERS are POSITIVE about this thing. KAKALAT ITO AMONG FANS UNTIL THE TATTOO STORIES of CORTESI & LEMONON (so far) reach the said concerned STAKEHOLDERS. BETTER ADVISE the HANDLERS of these 2 ASPIRANTS TO BE VERY CAREFUL ABOUT RELEASING PICTURES to SOCIA MEDIA OUTFITS. WITH THIS MATTER, I THINK BOTH CORTESI & LEMONON WOULD RATHER JOIN Miss Philippines Earth, Miss World Philippines & Mutya Pilipinas because these 3 are not as conservative as Bb. Pilipinas. AND ang DALAWANG ITO AY HINDI RIN PWEDE SA Miss Universe Philippines DAHIL KULANG-KULANG SA KAALAMAN at with just adequate communication skills which are not enough for the aforementioned pageant.

    • Miss Mexico 2019, the 2nd runner up to Miss Universe has two tattoos – one on her left wrist the other on her left rib cage.

  9. She should be setting her sights on body conscious beauty competitions like Miss Bikini something or other. I can’t picture her with a Philippines sash when her tattoos, beautifully done though, are on full display!!

    • @ Samantha Women have adorned themselves with tattoos for centuries, if not millennia, in different parts of the world. Initially a culture thing, now it is a badge of individuality. We should all be more tolerant of it by now. How do you feel about piercings, in contrast?

      Your comment brought Mila Theunis to mind, the recent Miss Bikini Philippines recipient. She herself was a MWP alum. I really thought a more “local” bet would win. But it seems the organization opted for someone more “global”.

      Yes, her curvaceousness reminded me, as well, of Julia Horta.

      The Blogger’s question was “join or rejoin”. And she’s 25, just right.

      I would say JOIN MPE and help folks realize again how voluptuous Nellys Pimentel is. 🙂

    • @samantha, totally agree with you.
      She and the Contesi girl can join minor pageants that are okay with ladies joining with Tatoos(good luck if they can find one), other than that, erase those tattoos!
      And BS with individuality. Kulang Lang ang mga yan sa Pansin. You can express yourself in many ways other than showing-off tattoos in their sensitive/sensual areas. A clean, clear, natural skin is still the norm in pageantry. Nobody has ever won MU, MW, MI with visible tattoos, as far as Im aware 😉

      • @ G MU would allow a transgender in, but not a legit lady with ink only seen if she is in bikini?

        We are not talking “bordado”, here. 😉

        Lemon was thwarted by her Q&A flop, NOT her tattoos. Because if that were truly an issue with BPCI at the time – 2018 – she would not have been accepted as a Binibini in the first place. Same with MWP, though ALV is said to be more open-minded. But c’mon! The 2018 edition was merely “moro-moro” for Catriona, the obvious winner from the start.

        You cannot place Lemon and Cortesi on the very same level. The latter basically turned her back on her duties as MPE; she’s the one with a palpable offense, if it can be called that. And what wrong has the former done?

        WE NEED TO LOOK BEYOND THE FACILE AND SKIN-DEEP. Kayo diya’ng laging “inner beauty” ang ipinaglalaban.

        ‘Eh, ‘di huwag manalo internationally kung dahil sa tattoo. Fine. Pageant organization’s prerogative.

        All Lemon wishes is a chance to compete abroad. Major or minor, I say let her take her chances.

        Mr. Blogger, mukha’ng pati si Sandra, kailangan na rin ng iyo’ng “pag-aariga”. #PublicRelations

      • @flor, Why join if you don’t aim at winning?
        That’s another sign of kulang sa pansin.😘

      • @ G I think you will agree that the candidates themselves are quite realistic, especially when they see the competition. So, why do they still proceed? I can give three reasons.

        1. Precisely, they need the attention. For monetary opportunities. Pragmatism. ‘Yung iba, utos ng handlers, nila.
        2. The need to be noticed is universal and is normal. ANG HINDI NORMAL, ‘YUNG NASA KWEBA.
        3. Why not? Free wardrobe, free transpo, free lafang, free set cards, new friends. Anyway, if they are idle and have nothing in the immediate pipeline. 🙂

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