10 comments on “Happy New Year from Miss Intercontinental 2019 Fanni Miko

  1. karen gallman
    india and egypt lang yata napuntahan

    wala naman ganap mga queens
    MU MW and MI
    wala na travels masyado na now
    hindi tulad before busy talaga

    • @ kembular2020 Nag-Japan din, siya. She sat as a judge at a beaucon there. I believe with George Reylor de Lumen, who was the then-reigning Mister Universal Ambassador.

  2. She is beautiful and have a banging body. They should have adjusted the bikini though.

  3. Baka sa Pilipinas lang biyahe niya kaya malaya po siyang bumisita sa ating bansa kahit anong oras at araw.

    • For starters, the beauty of having an Eastern European winner is that she can promote the brand in different countries of her continent either by land or short international flights.

      • @ Norman Eastern Europe is beautiful enough on its own; we know you will agree. 🙂

        Had Karen Gallman been sponsored even by regional business entities, promoting Intercontinental within ASEAN – all within short flights of each other and not requiring VISA among members – would have been not bad, too. And the Boholana knows her way around, the seasoned traveler that she is.

        This brand needs a good Sales and Marketing team, imo.

  4. That she might come here adds weight to whispers that Intercontinental has a new country licensee.

    From what little I’ve read and heard about this brand, it actually has been around for a while but has endured so much upheaval, exhibited inconsistency, and has selected winners in bizarre ways.

    I wonder if Emma will be recognized in some capacity if and when Fanni does visit? 🙂

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