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  3. The personality can at least be adjusted naman to suit MU’s preference, syempre nakita na nila yan if her camp is gunning for MUP. Catriona nga nagtransform from reserved sa MW to loud sa MU.
    Malakas din naman sya for BBP Int’l, but duh, why settle for BBP Int’l if she can snatch MUP. She’s at her peak now, halos abot kamay nya any of the two crowns, so pili pili na lang.

    • This is in response to Closer2Fame’s reply, kung san san lang pumupunta.

      • She still needs to highly-imorove her over-all persona if she wants to win…

        Hannah VS. Patch
        Hannah VS. Ahtisa
        Hannah VS. Wynwyn
        Hannah VS. Alyza
        Hannah VS. Bella Ysmael
        Hannah VS. Julia Saubier

        Saan sya lulugar sa mga yan?

      • Hannah vs all of them, haha. Eto naman, e baka naman abot langit na ng improvement nya. Wait na lang natin, no big deal saan man sya pumunta, kahit MU Australia pa.

    • @ Anonymous Please pardon my intrusion.

      Her success at MUP will depend in large part on how her “team” engages the organizers.

      After all, from all indications it’s getting crowded there now and in a situation like that you have to be pragmatic and pull out all the stops to get your “manok” noticed and be granted “special access”.

      Recall what Sunny said, before…..

      “…bona fide A&Q will be given priority…:. (C2F, what say you?)

      • A&Q & KF has a better rep in dealing with politics… and their girls rarely have a record of misconduct… hence they are more favored than new camps.

  4. Will next month’s BbP promotional poster only have three BbP’s

    It is as if we are witnessing a “sinking ship.”

    I hope not. Sad, really.

  5. I’m sure that A&Q will assign her to BbP then MWP if she does not make it.

    I’m curious on the new batch of girlaloos competing this year.

    I think Julia Saubier would be a perfect MUP under the new org. Unconventional beauty, smart, strong and modern. Just needs to get styling right.

    • @ 4M A&Q? Has Hannah joined A&Q?

      She has a team. Read article again, please.

      Mademoiselle, in the first place and to the best of my knowledge, is NOT even in the country right now. But yes, if she wants to give it a second try, it will probably NOtT(yet) be this year. Knowing how smart she is,she will probably wait things out first and see how this inaugural MUP unfolds.


      THAT edition (2021 as Patitay will hit the age ceiling by then), I will CERTAINLY WATCH. 🙂

  6. While she was my bet for BBP Int’l, mas gusto kong makita to sa MUP this year. I think now is the time, malakas ang chance maging MUP, and I wouldn’t mind her representing PH sa MU.
    Pag pinalampas pa nya ang MUP this year, we just don’t know sinong mga dyosa ang biglang susulpot sa next editions, baka mawalan sya ng kinang.
    Saka na sya mag-BBP pag di nya nasungkit ang MUP. Or better yet, join MU AU kung pwede.

    • @Anonymous

      Her personality is too coy…. Ang kailangan sa MU e yung palaban kasi lalamunin lang sya ng mga Latina…
      Pwede pa sya sa International if she could beat Bella Ysmael….

  7. and one more. She should team up on aces or cats team or make her own ala catriona. but if she cant do what cats did especially on sharing or decision making then get a beauty camp for better transformation.

    • @ jed Read carefully towards the end of the second to the last paragraph of the article.

      She HAS a team – consisting of handler, coach, designer, and stylist.


  8. I agree with a lot of comments here that she should aim for the Bb Pilipinas International title. It’s almost a sure win for her. The Japanese organizers would go gaga over her and could give the Philippines its 7th crown. She’s also still young and if in a couple years she still has the competitive itch, she can still aim for the MUP title.

    • @ Casper She’s 24, which is just right. If she postpones, then the next time she resurfaces she will probably be borderline the age ceiling, which would then oblige the pageant she joined to finally crown her.

      This was what Karen Gallman did. Her first BBP attempt, she was on the younger end of the age spectrum. And when she rejoined in 2018, she got the Intercontinental plum. But of course, it was not simply because of age. But you get my point, hopefully.

      Let “Tatay” Blogger have his way – divert Hannah (IF THIS YEAR) to BBP so his “anaks” – Alaiza, Celeste, and Bella – will meet less resistance at MUP. In other words, we could see Hannah as a kind of threat at MUP. That’s how promising she is. Look below how Fabian Reyes BEGS for her. 🙂

  9. Her and sirene sutton should go back in Bbp. Be more practical lalo nat papasok pa lang ang MUP so sma will appreaciate anyone of them for choosing bbp than MUP this year. But they should do it right this time. Hannah is more fit in international than sirene. Sirene is more Miss Universe in over all. But best and practical pageant for sirene to join is bbp. and mahihirapan sya sa MUP since mup will possibly duplicate the format and system of MU. unless if sirene surprise everyone on her updated comm skills. interview and Final Q&A. but i dont want them na magsabay. pero pwede din naman but i think hannah will win MIP over sirene. and sirene can compete in Supra and Grand.

    • @ Brutus Fairly accurate description of Sireephon Leearamwat? 🙂

      Look closely again at the Remaining Four from ASEAN. The Thai pharmacist is even taller than the Filipina lawyer.

      Maganda rin paminsan-minsan ‘yung hindi gigil na gigil. Contrivance gets cloying after a while. And nonchalance can morph into elegant spontaneity if done simply and mindfully.

  10. Definitely for BBP. If not Mess World Philippines. Lola Julia will like her beauty but I dont think she has any talent or anything hihihihihihi.
    She can definitely win Miss International.

  11. She looks ok…i mean yeah she’s half australian and she has this australian accent with excellent command of english language. However, she failed miserably during the Q&A and seemed unprepared. Also, her look does not truly catch my attention. Her glam shot looks amazing, but on that video she looks ordinary.

  12. She was expected to win one of the crowns last year however her answers were not as substantive and convincing henceforth she left empty-handed. I hope this second time around will be more productive and glorious.

  13. No harm in trying again. I don’t want to jinx it but this is her time to win the crown.

  14. CORRECT! She SHOULD PRIORITIZE Bb. PILIPINAS this year. BAGAY talaga siya para sa Miss International. If ever matalo siya sa BPP in the first half of 2020, LATER in the second half she CAN STILL JOIN Miss WORLD PHILIPPINES. KUNG MATALO SIYA THIS YEAR, PWEDE PA SIYA IN 2021 sa Miss PHILIPPINES EARTH or MUTYA PILIPINAS. DAMI pang choices. SUMALI SIYA SA Miss UNIVERSE PHILIPPINES pag 27 years old na siya at mahasa na ang kaniyang communication skills & knowledge level. Okay Hannah?

    • @ paul READ the second (2nd) paragraph of the post.

      If Hannah AND HER FAMILY do it again, kailangan sungkit na! Hindi mangyayari ‘yang sinansabi mo.

      Choose one (1), only, please. And that will be it. 🙂

      • What’s the PROBLEM Flor if she keeps on joining? KUNG HINDI PA TALAGA SIYA MANALO DITO SA PILIPINAS, SHE CAN ALWAYS GO BACK TO AUSTRALIA and then JOIN Miss Universe Australia, Miss World Australia, Miss International Australia, Miss Earth Australia, Miss Supranational Australia, and so on & so forth. DI BA MAY KASABIHAN – QUITTER NEVER WINS. After all WALA namang batas na nagbabawal sa kanya na sumali nang sumali sa pageant. SIGE LANG BASTA GUSTO PA NIYA. Ha, ha, ha… Sayang ang kanyang ganda kung wala siyang crown.e

      • @ paul HER FAMILY CANNOT AFFORD THAT. Ano ka, ba? Easy for you to say na maging “contesera”; hindi naman ikaw ang gugugol ng oras, pagod, at salapi. 😦

        NOON PA issue ,’to.

        Sige, ma-Arienne Calingo siya. It does not reflect well, the inability to pull back.

        That’s why she has opted for a TIGHTER inner circle to work with. Para, MAS FOCUSED.


    • Bakit do natin isama ang century tuna body bods at ang mga beacon ng eat bulaga at showtime. Hindi na passion yan obsession na yan.

  15. She’s most ideal for Miss International…

    But if she’s competing with Bella Ysmael at BBP.. then Hannah would probably land one of the other crowns- Supra, Intercon, Globe or Grand….

  16. I agree with you tito! She is more suited for BB Pilipinas for the moment. She can even bring home the highest crown – Miss International. She fits the MI mold very well. Good luch Hannah! 😀

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