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  1. Kung hindi siguro si SMA ang may hawak ng Bb Pilipinas for more than 50 years, mas marami pa siguro tayong crowns, finalists at semifinalists na makukuha. With all the sabotaging and crowning of not so deserving winners in the past, our chances of winning became so slim. Siyempre at the back of her mind, gusto niya rin manalo ang Colombia.

  2. me feels that this year, there will only be 3 crowns at stake.

    Bb. Pilipinas International
    Bb. Pilipinas Supranational
    Bb. Pilipinas Globe

    and only 1 Runner Up.

    For me, that’s fine. ayoko ng masyadong marami.

    I feel sad for BBP But sabi nga, change is inevitable. IDK but i still want the MUP franchise with them. Good luck to the inaugural edition of MUP though. Sana makaganti ang BBP sa mga namulitika. hehe

    Now, BBP, i level up nio production and all! hahaha i still believe BBP is worth the hype and the prestigious pageant in the Philippines. let’s see what the MUPo has to offer.

    • @ MrManila Parang Puteri, tatlo lang, din. i don’t even think they have Runners-up.

      How do they do it? They have Universe, International, and Supranational yet you hear NO whispers of discontentment from either MUO or GPVL.

      This year, the point system will place separate scores for a preliminary Bahasa Indonesia interview and an English Final Question.

      The consensus – emphasis on English mastery.

      Change is everywhere!

    • Another positive possibility – what if there are top notch girls out there who didn’t want to join BBP for the reason that they might be relegated to the lower tier international pageants. Their eyes are set on the MU crown only. Excited to see who will sign up soon!

  3. IMO, looks like we’ll have a new Miss International and Miss Supranational within the next 5 years….

  4. Norms in the case of Sam Lo and AYA , does Sam have to return any part of her prices?what does AYA get out of taking over the crown when she didn’t even get to compete abroad?

    • The winners were all given Management Contracts. I reckon that Aya will likely take over the unused values of Sam Lo’s.

      • That can’t be very much . AYA is already an established model . She’s being a good sport for taking up the role. Considering how she was denied a crown 2 times! I like her more for this

  5. Will next month’s BbP promotional poster only feature three BbP queens?

    It is as if we are witnessing a “sinking ship.”

    I hope not. It is sad really.

  6. International naman highest dito
    sana gayahin na nila ang format ng Miss International


  7. The roster of BbP’s royal court keeps decreasing.
    Gazini and Sam Lo’s departures are understandable but where is Emma?
    Interesting…is Intercontinental dropped from the BbP roster?

  8. Oh my interesting development indeed. I feel bad for BbP, not a good way to start the year. I hope they find crown-contenders this year to alleviate the loss of MU and possibly MIC…

    Panalunin na si Hannah Arnold for MI….hihihihihih
    Ilabas ang Latina killer for MGI. I wish they would just give Aya a new mission so she can compete at least. I thought she was worthy of a crown.

  9. Bb Pilipinas should just stick with it’s previous line up of crowns………..why did they allow MU to be taken away from their organization? I don’t understand the whole franchise payment (whatever politics) that they have to deal with.

    • @ Jasmine Some respect, please.

      There are those among us who will see BBP still worthwhile if only for MI.

      If this is what the separation of MUP is doing to Filipinas pageant followers, then (BEEP!) YOU, MUO!

      Such hubris on their part. They can’t even get a foreign country to host, GOSH… 😦

      BABALA : Huwag tularan.

      • @Flor Tula I understand your sentiment but the eventual death of BBP is inevitable. Its rules are passé, unreasonable and outdated. Who knows the new MUP will send someone who will set the trend and not just some carbon copy of former MUP or MU queens

        Some people want MW to go back to BBP when it had a terrible record when it comes to placements.

      • @Jasmine… which means di talaga sya MORE boring kasi may tumama sa mga sinabi ko. Lastly, di mo nga talaga aaminin na manonood ka pa rin ng coronation night, whether live sa missing venue or sa tv lang, you tube vids, BBP website or FB page, mga tv network news or any other forms like newspapers… hahaha. Hindi ko ina-ssume mga sinabi ko kasi based on reality that “Beaucon is veklas life”. Don’t deny…hahahaha. Once a binibini always a binibini, and once a vekla always an abanger of BBP… hahaha.

    • @Jasmine about BBP 2020

      -More boring daw pero abang-abang din sa mga updates/posts ni Norman, the blogger.
      -More boring daw pero matapos mabasa ang blog eh nagko-comment din naman whether good or bad.
      -More boring daw pero excited malaman ang mga nag-apply for screening at mga official candidates ng BBP 2020.
      -More boring daw pero di naman aaminin na manonood ng coronation night kahit sa tv lang kahit na abutin pa ng madaling araw.
      Hahaha… nakakatawa ka. Eto ang tinatawag na “hele hele bago quiere” attitude.

      • @Adrienne apparently, sa lahat ng sinabi mo, 1 and 2 lang tumama. Poor you. Nakakatawa ka. Eto ang tinatawag na “assume assume para magtunog matalino” attitude.

      • Tito Norms when Parul competed internationally, was it more of an assignment? I think she joined the year the international pageant the year after. Im not a fan of Aya during her nationals, but I hope she gets to compete too internationally. her looks, aura and physique seem to fit MGI. I thought it was MGI that will be out of the crown line up of bbp. There might be technicalities and rules though. She showed so much grace and maturity. I just hope she can compete still.

      • During Parul’s time, she was appointed to represent us in MGI, having been crowned Bb. Pilipinas Tourism 2014. She was given the Bb Pilipinas Grand International 2015 sash, along with Ann Colis for The Miss Globe 2015.

  10. I’ll speculate. 🙂

    In a bid to convince GPVL that BPCI is committed o FINALLY taking concrete steps to actually grow his brand in the country, the Intercontinental title will be the sacrificial lamb.

    Apparently, Mutya organization has made a quite attractive offer to GPVL.

    Admin, ‘eto na ‘yung sinasabi ko sa ‘yo….

    Ano’ng trip mo? Charming? Or, friendly? (Yep. A fifth (5) title is being negotiated. Asia-based)

    • Now it’s all starting to make sense. I read from this blog that Emma was supposed to have a higher placement in MIC. I guess she suffered the same fate as Gazini. This only proves to show that at the end of the day , beauty pageants are all but a business venture.

      • If we are talking of an “available” franchise, MFI is the only one I know that can be openly negotiated at the moment. Miss Charm is now with Empireph.

      • If ever it will be Miss Charm, it will be for the 2021 edition. Empireph holds the franchise for 2020 with Ashley Subijano Montenegro as our rep.

  11. Aside from the Hem Gee na “feeling” prestigious pageant, waley na din ang MIC franchise sa BbP??? Ano ba yan, baka before finals night BbP-International n lng ang title tas lahat runners up na! Kaloka nmn

  12. Omyghadd, tito norms…ang kuda ng mga bakla, nasa Mutya Pilipinas na raw ang Intercon franchise.

      • Oo nga Tito Norms…. sayang yung Intercon…kaya nga napag isip isip ko na hindi kaya totoo yung mga haka haka na dapat higher ang placement ni Emma…. same with Gazini…and the reasons why hindi nakapagtop5 si Emma at hindi nakapagtop10 si Gazini ay dahil nga may nagbadyang mailipat na sa ibang national pageants ang franchises ng MU and Intercon!

      • @ Norman Blogger Man, I learned something new today – “branching out ike a dead tree in winter”. Maraming salamat! Indeed, the learning is constant.

        “Boy, Boy Kulot! Bakit mo sinulot, ang syota ko’ng harot?!…” 🙂

        Do you know title and artist? It’s OPM, po.

  13. Baka sasali ulit si bernardo. Kay tiglao, baka wala na sa bb. Pilipinas ang franchise ng miss intercontinental. O di kaya sasali na si tiglao sa MUP o sa MPE.

  14. Mysterious revised photo makes BBP2020 more exciting and interesting to watch out for. We’ll see as the days progress!

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