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  1. From what I heard through the gossip mills, Cortesi supposedly behaved badly and burned her bridges with the Earth pageant. Not sure really if this is true.

    • md1974 She does give Hariotte Lane vibes, doesn’t she?

      Kahit Intercontinental as Emma’s successor, puwede siya. imo.

      Basta, kailangan she KEEPS THE FAITH and STAYS LOYAL to BPCI/SMA.

  2. Aliza is gorgeous… She could win Miss Earth Philippines regardless of her coming from a rival camp… But what will happen next?

    Celeste? She is beautiful without a doubt…
    But what are her chances of winning another national title?…

    Coming from a long line of Politicians, Business magnates, Philantrophists, and even royalty that spans hundreds of years… Bella Roxas Ysmael is my best choice among the 3… The Binibining Pilipinas International title is hers to lose.

  3. So Norman you are doing PR JOBS for these 3 aspirants? Okay these are my PIECES of ADVICE.

    For Alaiza, PAULIT-PAULIT KO TONG SASABIHIN: MAGPAKABAIT SIYA AT BAGUHIN ang KANYANG MASASAMANG UGALI. HINDI PA SIYA PWEDE SA Miss UNIVERSE PHILIPPINES kasi AVERAGE lang ang kanyang communications skills. I am also skeptical sa kanyang intelligence at knowledge capacities. Sa Bb. Pilipinas siya dapat kasi bagay siya for Miss Supranational or Miss Grand International. According sa isang vlog sa YT taga-Sulop, Davao del Sur si Inday, nag-aral sa San Pedro College at nagtapos ng Psychology.

    For Celeste Cortesi, paano yan kalat na kalat na on social media ang kanyang BAD BEHAVIOR shown to MPE organizers? How about ang TATTOO sa kanyang _______? Mapatanggal ba nya yan? Marami nang nakakita niyan. I am sure makaaabot yan kay MSA. HINDI RIN SIYA PWEDE SA MUP because of WEEK COMMUNICATION SKILLS. HINDI nga niya NAINTIDIHAN ang salitang MALNUTRITION sa ME, how much more other difficult terms in English. Sa MWP na lang ni ALV or sa Mutya ng Pilipinas ni Cory Quirino because they are not that conservative.

    Si Ysabella Roxas Ysmael lang ang pwede sa Miss Universe Philippines. Pero KAILANGAN TUTUKAN ang batang ito to have a RIGHT ATTITUDE towards competing in a beauty pageant para hindi matulad kay Michelle Dee na HALF BAKED. RIGHT ATTITUDE, RIGHT STYLING & PACKAGING and RIGHT KNOWLEDGE & COMMUNICATION SKILLS. For example, can she answer this question: “What can we do to lessen if not totally vanish the growing concern on the propagation of the concept of violent extremism by some quarters in Southern Philippines?” KUNG KAYA NIYANG SAGUTIN NANG MAAYOS ANG TANONG NA ITO, GO NA GO NA SA MUP.

      • @ Norman You are being unnecessarily diplomatic, Mr. Tinio. 🙂

        This is YOUR blog and UNLESS YOU ARE EITHER PAID OR FORCED to feature certain candidates, it is your discretion whom to recommend to your commentators. We are mostly well-aware of this and accept it, save for a few who insist you are hard-biased in which case kembular2020 is here to remind them that if they do not like what they see they can go to other blogs.

        NO ONE IS OBLIGED to agree with Mr. Tinio EVERY TIME. That’s why he asks for our thoughts.

        And besides, we know you make some income from some of your activities.

        I’m not saying these three ladies have paid you to represent them. But we have no problem with that.

  4. Maganda talaga itong si cortesi pero more on pictures sya nag sstand out. Pero mas lalo ito gaganda kung nasa bbp especially sa MUP. Anyway. despite of what happened on her reign. she can still join in another pageant. its up to her na on how she can convince the panelist. pretty sure matatanong sya about sa MEP reign nya. so she should keep notes on how she will defend herself on questions kung pano sya makakalusot lalo na pag sa MUP. pepero Grand or supra lang highest title ko sa kanya. mas may chance sya sa bbp. alaiza. looks like she will join MEP. I want her to join MUP. But its okay dame pa din naman mas competetive sa kanya for MUP. she said Earthlings on her latest IG post. That girl also worked with agriventure ph. so ayun na ang clue kung san sya sasali. Pero pwedeng nagpapaano lang sya parang strategy pero MUP talaga sasali. Bella Roxas bbp material also.

  5. Mga vhaks..anong tingin ninyo kay Nicole Cordovers for Miss Universe Philippines 2020? Kung si Madison Anderson nga na natalo nya sa Miss Grand International 2016, ay naging First runner up nitong MU 2019, baka masungkit ni Nicole ang MU ngayong 2020:)

      • No to Cortesi….if the rumor is true, her behavior is unacceptable! That Bella girl has potential, but that picture is mediocre at its best. She looks frightened and what’s up with the semi opened mouth??? Someone needs to give her the right lesson on how to do pictorial. The Alaiza girl looks exotic but what can she offers???

  6. I would love to see Steffi Aberaturi of Cebu in the MUP! ❤️ sana ifeature mo din siya sir Norms.

  7. Cortesi will NOT make the cut at BPCI due to her “abandonment issue” at MPE. UNLESS, Lorraine intervenes and talks to SMA…. Pero, malabo’ng mangyari. ‘to. GROAN! Talaga’ng determinado si Italiana. Puwes, MUP. But, she will, imo, finish no further than the Top 10.

    Same for Malinao. SIGE, mag-kumpol kayo sa MUP. Thanachapohn Boonsang (aka, 2nd Runner-up).

    Belle Roxas-Ysmael, by sole virtue of her pedigree, will, of this three, be the one who will not emerge empty-handed. All necessary “arrangements” will be done to ensure this; after all, “The Camp” will use it as an opportunity to get publicity for themselves and it does not hurt that “Beauty” is not coming in unarmed nor lacking credential. But hey, she’s a Roxas, THEREFORE BBP 2020. And for now, Tokyo Dome-bound.

    • (continuation),,,, Gutom lang, pala. Malaki’ng bagay ang nagagawa ng hapunan. May “crudo” na muli ang utak ko. 🙂

      I get it now.

      These three are “Norman’s Angels.” They have sought him out. He has taken them in. He has, in the time between now and when their respective posts came out here in the blog, met with them, talked with them, individually, as a group, and with their handlers. They are now all personal friends. And like sisters, like FAMILY, they will SHARE this journey, with Blogger as advisor-“Tatay”.

      How Blogger Man will dispatch his “forces” – all in one battle (MUP) or one or the other at BBP – is the strategy. Cool.

      If I am totally wrong, Mr. Tinio, can we expect a reply, here? Silence I will take to mean either the affirmative or a confidentiality agreement. No worries, hopefully.

      • To sum it up in two statements, these three ladies are really not my angels, but I am in touch with the team/handlers of both Bella and Celeste. As for Alaiza, we try to communicate.

      • @ Norman Mr. Tinio, why not bring the three together? Perhaps they can learn from and motivate each other. There’s nothing wrong with that. We have freedom of assembly. Tanti auguri! 🙂

      • They are all gorgeous. However, when they open their mouths to speak is when one can tell if; 1) they have personality to be likeable, 2) charisma to captivate an audience and 3) sincere believability toward advocating their charitable platform.

        That said, of the three, Cortesi will have the most difficult path. The Bella Roxas girl has the social background and is a fresh face. Alaiza, if it were face only, would be my pick jere.

        It is tough to be a Big 3 ( MU, MW or MI) international title holder any more.

      • That’s because she’s a cousin of the owner of BPCI by blood and marriage in multiple degrees.

  8. Malinao: MU material
    Ysmael: Supranational material
    Cortesi: International material

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