26 comments on “All about Nicole Cordoves and if she can do Miss Universe Philippines 2020

  1. Wag na siguro. Time for her to dabble on her other interests. Maybe its about time we find FRESH girls who have the MU caliber. Someone na magugulantang ang universe with her transformation as supposed to a recycled queen. Bumenta na ang persistence story kay Pia at Catriona. Nakakasawa na. Time to write a new backstory for the flagship queen of MUP under the new management. If only MUP promises to give lucrative prizes like France or South Africa, it’s almost guaranteed we can find potential candidates from the upper echelon as well as hard to convince potentials who have an excellent academic and civic background with great command in English. Marami dyan. Wag lang magtatamad tamad mga agents to scout for these ladies. And more importantly, scouting agent of the winner should be given cash incentives para mas ma engganyo maghanap ng mga bagong mukha.

  2. Turns out she’s also over-aged…. there is no way the dates of MUP and MU would favor her age… 😦
    On the other hand, yes she has created a lucrative career as a host hence, I wouldn’t be surprised if one day, she’ll be hosting her own TV show. 🙂

  3. She’s already built a lucrative career based on the prestige of her winning a national title and a near win for an international crown. If she joins this time and not win, the damage to her prestige and career would be irreparable. So if I were in her shoes, NO.

  4. She’s beautiful and very articulate. Di d not like her that much in Grand international but I have seen her in many interviews after that. This girl has the goods to do well in MU. She should go for it.

  5. kulang siya sa ganda.. kaya nga siya natalo sa grand mess eh.. di rin naman super galing siya sa Q&A nong grand mess, superhaba na daming pa ikot ikot hangang nagulohan ang mga judges.. kaya iyon..

  6. Nicoles big asset is her brain and comm skills. and that asset is more suited in MW. As MW said they are not beauty pageant anymore so nicole is more suited in this pageant. I dont say shes not beautiful. She is beautiful but in terms of pageantry Like MU it has a different meaning. But having a strong stage presence. confidence and x factor plus her brain will make her win MUP until MU. so if she want to join again. i think GO for MWP. sure MWP yan. Feel ko hinde yan sasali sa MUP. I know alam nya san nya ilulugar sarili nya now a days. she was in pageantry for a purpose and that purpose is to be a mentor. so if i were her focus more on their silver linings with caloy. active pa ba yon sir norman? if not then theres still a place to be a mentor for the aspiring queens. But if she choose MUP. okay MUP is more even exciting coz you will see past titlist to join and you will see past titlist who make us doubt. nicole has so much to train on herself. safe na sya sa comm skills.

    • Ahahaha natawa ako sa “Active.pa ba yun” … after the nakakatawang performance ni Sam Lo plus the mega confidence ng mga mentor nyang sina Caloy, Cordoves at Gray na sya ang mananalo, haist… no comment na lang…

      MUP talaga?! Papayag ba sina Jonas and the team na may pumasok na mga Ahas sa patimpalak nya? Ahahaha

  7. I like her…she’s gorgeous, tall, and well-spoken
    I hope she reconsider joining MUP 😉
    If not, that’s okay…Teresita can fill her spot😄

  8. It is a NO for me.

    I think MUO is just testing the waters with Zozibini. Yes, they have an excellent speaker, but, will she bring in the money as well? (The previous winner was an excellent speaker as well as a brand ambassador). We will see in the coming months.

    • I agree, Catriona raked in Millions that’s why they can afford to take risks the following year… And it seems that there are already sure business deals with Zozibini in the whole Africa and the Caribean…. Therefore, I suspect… A Caribean would win next year…..

      Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Haiti, Curacao, etc. Would surely send their best bets because at least one of them would make the TOP 5.

      We need to send a girl who looks like Miriam Quiambao with long straight hair and with light brown skin…. therefore, Alyza Malinao is the closest most ideal prototype physicaly.. Next would be Wynwyn while Nicole could get a tan… Next would be Patricia Magtanong but she needs to shape-up… grow those buns and thighs… The target market likes it thick and juicy at the right places even on a lanky frame…

  9. I remember her during her BbP days and thought she was beautiful…not to be rude but “what happened?”

  10. I would rather the the more recent Miss Chinatown, Ms. Marie Que.

    Nakalimutan na natin; paulit-ulit na lang na hint – inaugural MUP will crown a NEW/FRESH, NOT a vet.

    Like Rodriguez, if Cordovez insists, she will merely end up as filler. Mas gugustuhin ko pa’ng mag-Runner-up sina McDonnell, Bantigue, or Que, if only as validation of their pageant worth.

  11. Sorry Nicole but it is a NO for me. Her beauty really isn’t very suited for beauty pageants.

  12. It will be interesting to see knowing only “one” crown will be awarded along with 2 to 4 runners-up placements.

    It would be anticlimactic for former BbP or MWP titleholders to join MUP and only be placed only as runners-up. Then what?

    It is truly a risk. On the other hand it does add to drama and intrigue of MUP’s maiden voyage as a solo pageant.

    • I remember Star Search where former Misses USA and America competed for the top model part of it ..

  13. Just because PR did well at MU does not mean Nicole will do as well or better .
    It’s not 1+1=2
    PR almost won because she is supergorge and artculate.
    Nicole on the other hand has a very poor presentation . While her showbiz exposure will be helpful ., Her walk is really weak. I donot know if this can be improved significantly .Look at Sam Lo.
    But whatever she wants …

  14. she should enjoy her career na lang
    age is critical

    I am sure she is happy and contented where she is now

    • @ “fake” (?) Closer2Fame Kung TALAAGA’NG gusto ni Teresita Ssen, NOON PA SIYA DAPAT nagpa-feels. 🙂

      • Siempre nakikiramdam sya kung llamado sya…
        Bat sya sasali kung may kasabay syang kaya tumalo sa kanya?

  15. Nope….move on. I’d seen her Q&A portion during the whatever crap pageant Grand International several years ago and she sounded horrible in a very OA way especially when she was about to be booed!

  16. If i were in her shoes I am not going to risk everything that I built for my name. Even tough I am qualified, capable and friends willing to lend their hand still it will not change my view or opinion in joining the pageant.

  17. tama na! enjoy your professional career na lang. Fluke lang ang nangyari kay Zozibini.

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