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  1. Sa totoo lang ha, we could have achieved our first ever Back2Back in MU via Catriona (2018) if si Katarina pinadala natin in 2017. Hear me out on this one.

    As we all know, Katja’s body and pasarela were not of international pageant caliber when she competed in BBP. But so was Pia’s body when she won MUP15. And then most people were pleasantly surprised with Katja’s improvements on her Intercon stint. IMO her Intercon performance is a Miss Universe worthy performance. especially that pink gown??? Ugh! Would have loved to see that in the Miss Universe stage.

    Kudaan-wise, kita naman that Katarina has superb comm skills. She wont have a problem in that department. And most important point, 2017 was the year when Miss Universe crowned a not so tall winner via Demi Leigh Nell-Peters. Sa totoo lang ha, halos magka height lang sila ni Katja and facially kayang kaya makipagsabayan ni Katarina kay Demi sa totoo lang. THEY FALL ON THE SAME TEMPLATE/CATEGORY.

    AAAAAAAAAT, hinding hindi tayo magkakaroon ng confidence issues kesyo tinawag sa Wildcard Spot dahil alam naman natin na ang confidence level ng bacclang itey ay sagad-sagaran sa taas.

    In my opinion, she peaked during her Miss Intercontinental stint. Well she sported a Miss Universe fighting form and presentation during their MWP press presentation (yung naka bench swimsuit sila). Pero after that, parang natuyot na sya and nawalan ng freshness especially nung MWP coronation, that’s why I think nung Intercon time na yun talaga ang best time nya to have competed in MU. I’m open to the idea that she competes for MUP2020, Knowing her from a fan perspective, I doubt na may pake sya sa issue ng pangongolekta ng beauty pageant titles. It wont matter to her kesyo masabihan sya ng mga tao na “umay na kasi naka dalawang national crown na sya”. Pero her chances of nailing the crown now are lower especially given that the new Org seems to prefer a fresh beauty and on top of that ang dami ring candidates na nagpahinog specifically for MUP. If maibalik nya yung level of freshness nya noon then maybe tataas ang fighting chances nya.

    • @ unorthodox And that would have been “sandwich-back-to-back”.

      MU 2015 – Philippines
      MU 2016 – France (and crowned in Philippines!)
      MU 2017 – Philippines (your wish)
      MU 2018 – Philippines, AGAIN (back-to-back)


      • YAAAAAAAS!!! That’s right. Gosh it would have been really monumental had we achieved in MU what we have achieved in ME 2014-2017 (kaso in reverse. mauna yung sandwich before B2B). And had it happened, hindi tayo mahihirapang ijustify ang B2B coz it’s Catriona. I doubt kaya syang pakawalan ng IMG just bec of a sandwich victory immediately prior to that

  2. Ako personally, I don’t want to see Katarina Rodriguez for MUP 2020. Pero if she chooses to be Miss Earth Philippines, maganda syang pambawi..sana sa Miss Earth nalang sya sumali:)

  3. Cat lose in mw but she never said anything like throwing unsporty words against mw like katarina did. katarina described the competition during her time as a game show and etc. While cat never did those. only Facial reaction na normal lang. But katarina is right. she still have rights to say if things are true. But its better to keep quiet nalang. Now. If she really want to join MUP. i will dont mind what she did or how she reacted on losing MW. But she need to improved. Come out on stage of MUP as a bomb. She already have the brain and the beauty. her body needs to be fit and toned enough. Yung kilos at lakad onstage needs more serious training. ang awkward nya onstage. if aces can fix those then Then aces is really the best beauty camp ever in this decade. Yes almost lahat ng queens nila naging maayos ang performance its because may k talaga sila at marunong talaga sila magdala. para kasing si katarina lang sa aces ang hinde masyado pang pageant ang lakad o hinde onpoint. parang ang hirap nya itrain into pageantry walk. but i remember channel thomas so shes not alone. pero ma fix lang talaga nila ang prob kay kat then sila na talaga pinaka da best camp. Anyway. i dont think patch will join this year and so ahtisa too. possible si ahtisa sa MWP this year at patch next year sa MUP. so kat will still have a chance if she will show what MU is looking for. Kase hinde lang pure spokeperson hanap nila girl. balanse dapat.

    • So who’s A&Q’s bet for MUP this year if not Patch, Ahtisa, or Kat? Is it Wynwyn?

      • Wynwyn possible lalo na kung hinde na abs ang media partner. and since mag oover age na sya after 2020 so she will not miss the chance for sure. pero medyo 50/50 pa din kay wyn since may mga commitments pa yan na mag coconflict lalo nat artista pa sya. pero if ignoring those commitments just to join in pageantry will not make her a bad role model then GO for MUP. Base sa set ng IMG winners now a days. in over all. wynwyn is my choice. 2nd is Daisha and 3rd alaiza.

      • @Jed

        I agree…

        Pero my bet for MUP for this year 2020:

        1. Wynwyn- last chance 2020MUP
        2. Ahtisa – resserve for 2022MUP/MWP
        3. Patch.- resserve for 2021MUP
        4. Katarina – Highly subjective
        5. Alyza – Controversial- MUP
        6. Daisha- resserve for 2023MUP/MWP/MIP

        Pero lahat yan ligwak if Liza Soberano finaly choses to compete but I suggest 2021 tapos mag adjust sila Ahtisa, Patch and Daisha.

      • @ Closer2Fame Attorney CANNOT adjust dahil MU age ceiling na ‘yata siya sa 2021.

        TALAGA’NG 2021 for Attorney, na. SILA (the rest) ANG MAG-ADJUST SA KANYA.


  4. Miss Earth? Territorio ng KF yan pero kung hindi sila biased… you’ll win tapos highest placement would be 1st RUp at Miss Earth.

    If MUP naman…. mahirap yan kasi baka makasabay mo kahit isa kay Patch, Ahtisa or Wynwyn…. Naku ligwak ka… Mas headturner sya kay Wynwyn localy pero kung performance e maliligwak parin si Kat kahit sa QA…

  5. I believe Katrina will win if she tried Miss Universe Phils she had proven her worth to two international pageant but she didn’t made it Ano pa ba hinihintay nya ang malaos na talunan?

  6. I usually dont say this but 3 international contest is enough that includes asias next top model.
    so i heard that she’s stubborn. she effed up in MW. didnt follow her training and making a bwap without knowing the rules. enough already.. maybe some other minor pageants is ok.

  7. Admin, take note!

    Sarah and carmichaelsarah are one and the same. Or, at least, that’s the intended impression. Otherwise, just plain s_upid. But hey, it’s New Year’s Eve….


  8. She is definitely pretty, especially during the Miss intercontinental 2017 with the fuchsia flowy gown and long loose locks…..She reminds me of Alice Dixson (circa 1992-early 2000’s). She has that easy breezy fresh cover girl beauty , but i think it’s enough though, she needs to retire and move on.


  10. katipo nya actually c Sarah Rose Summers… kau n humusga kung pwede cya or not sa MU.

  11. As long as qualified pa, why not?
    She has the attributes of being a Miss Universe!
    I prefer the more mature girls, 24 to 27 years old for MUP.
    Good Luck Katarina Rodriguez!

  12. Hayaan niyo siya sumali kung gusto niya.
    Kung manalo siya, congrats!
    Kung matalo siya, problema na niya yun.
    We only have one life to live.
    What right do we have to tell her what she should and shouldn’t do with her own life?
    Di naman tayo maapektuhan ng desisyon niya sa buhay 🤷🏻‍♂️

  13. “Save the Children” is more of a business and black propagandist organization than an actual charitable institution…. It’s strings of controversies are even listed on Wikipedia… Lesson: you girls should pick new well-established institutions free of any negative publicity… Like what Catriona did with “Young Focus”. 🙂

    • Yung mga nag thumbs down…
      The truth hurts right?!
      Feel free to prove me wrong!

  14. * Second Runner-up, Asia’s Next Top Model 2014
    * First Runner-up, Miss Intercontinental 2017
    * Unplaced, Miss World 2018
    * ________, Miss Universe 2020

    Katarina Sonja Rodriguez 5′ 6″ Philippines

  15. I hope Katarina Rodriguez will not joining the pageant again. I guess it is about time for her to focus her life into something worthy. She can use her voice to help the less fortunate without any crown in her head.

  16. Enough na… there is always a fine line that divides… dream desperation
    ; ambition and contentment … knowing when to stop is key … grateful heart set a true Queesn apart.

  17. The conclusion to her (personal) trilogy does not necessarily need to take the form of another try.

    MUP, WORK WITH HER AS A BENEFICIARY for the Charity component of your pageant. Para may local counterpart din kayo at hindi lang nakaasa sa Smile Train (and others) ng MUO, na kung tutuusin ay targeted sa American donors.

    Katarina can also gain vindication – and peace – by becoming herself a primary mentor to a MUP 2020 hopeful. I think we can all agree she has PLENTY to share. 🙂

    So, she’s another one whom I think that, like everybody else, “deserved a second chance, but not a third”, because if you force something, if it is contrived, the much higher the possibility it will fail (again). And speaking of second chances, REMIND CORTESI (again)TO GO TO MS. ITALY.

    Unless Katarina’s simply bored out of her skin and with enough cash and idle time to burn….

  18. Sure if she can improve her presentation skills, she would be a formidable delegate. She has the speaking and advocacy part already covered.

  19. a big fat NO
    puro arte lang naman ito
    tatabunan lang siya duon especially South Africa aiming for back to back

    move on girl 27 ka na

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