25 comments on “A Thankful Pageant Blogger

  1. Sorry this is a little late ( I got sick over the weekend)
    Happy New year , Tito Norman.
    And thank you for all your arduous work in pageantry ! Wala kang katulad !

  2. Gratitude to you Norman for being the only pageant blog I read. Have the happiest of New Year’s. May you be blessed throughout the new year.

  3. Happy New Year Norman!!!

    One suggestion would be more meat to your blog entries next year instead of just the quick posts… I’m sure your fans love reading your insights, myself included…hihihihi

  4. Hello, Sir Norman!

    Wishing you and your family a prosperous New Year. May you continue giving us a fair and balanced pageant reportages. Your reviews and opinions are truly commendable. That’s why the TV conglomerates, pageant organizations, and fellow pageant bloggers/vloggers are always giving you an opportunity in providing factual or firsthand information in Philippine, and even international pageant scenes. (Kukuha po ba sila ng walang kredibilidad? Hindi po diba.)

    I’m your avid reader since 2012. That was also the last time I made a comment here. Hehehe.

    Happy 2020!

  5. Thank you so much for the 2019 coverage this website is my first to open at work. Happy New Year

  6. Tito Norms, I am thankful that you are here to give blow-by- blow & insightful stories on pageantry. Happy New Year to you and Mommy Aurora! Cheers!

  7. Taon-taon na lang, Mr. T. The wish for you from us all is the same.


    “Bagong taon na naman, single ka pa rin”, said a former FB fren of mine. Un-friend ko na siya.

    POGI ‘yung outgoing #BoomBAEro2018.

    Will #BoomBAEro2019 compete at the next edition of Mister Working Men International?

  8. Happy new year Tito Norms! Truly a fruitful and blessed 2019 to you. My wish is for you to not to forget to take care of your health…Alam mo n, being busy comes with stress and stress may predispose us to sickness. 😊 Better 2020 to all of us!!!😚

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