19 comments on “The Best-Performing Bb. Pilipinas 2019 Queen: Leren Mae Bautista

  1. Just wow . She really is the best if this batch . If only BBP was not addicted to halfies she should have been sent to MU

    • @ Gasgazini Some perspective might help….

      Of the BBP Batch 2019, only half were straightforward halfie – Samantha Lo, Gazini, and Resham. Patch, Emma, and Leren weren’t. From the 10-year Golden Age, though only four (4) were what we could say “pura” (pure) like Maxine, Shamcey, Janine, and Ariella, of the remainder three (3) could still pass for “Pinay beauty” with the appropriate styling – Pia, Venus, and MJ. It was really only Rachel, Catriona, and Gazini who TRULY looked foreign (not “Pinay” in the strict sense).

      So, the school of thought that BBP is addicted to halfies does not really hold water.

      Nevermind how Leren might have fared in Atlanta. That can be another topic.

      But we can agree that, yet again, Leren is confirmation that Westerners (Montenegro, in her case) can appreciate ASEAN beauty. Perhaps more so than some of us. 🙂

  2. kahit padala nyo ulit si Megan di na mananalo
    India kasi ang paborito duon 1966, 1994, 1997
    sandwich 1999 back to back 2000 tapos 2017

    kahit padala nyo ulit sila Pia and Catriona
    South Africa for 3 years ang paborito duon for now
    next owner kaya sino na ang apple of the eye Thailand, Indonesia or Vietnam

    Miss International naman eh so so lang
    so dun na lang tayo umasa paminsan minsan kasi bet din naman tayo mga hapon.

    Miss Earth nyo buhos lahat ng support kasi dito puwede mag back to back to back to back to back to sawa
    kaso wala naman kayo paki.

    so support na lang to all the girls

    and enjoy

  3. Leren has represented the country twice
    but I think she had enough
    she can still do MW or MU

    go Leren

  4. Leren, as well as all other Philippine bets for international crowns this year, are all outstanding crown-worthy beauties. It is just that the Philippines is not the particular target market this year for these global pageants. Pageantry business cannot survive the onslaught of economic turbulence by keeping the crown in just one country. Else, it will jeopardize opportunities for corporate sponsorships, hosting negotiations, franchise renewal/expansion, brand promotion, and other revenue-making initiatives in other countries. That’s Marketing 101. The Philippines may be the biggest and noisiest global market for pageantry in terms of fan base scattered all over the world and in all corners of the cyberspace, but other countries like Thailand are catching up. Moreover, the psychographics of this fan base may not be the exact attributes that corporate sponsors would want to target for their brands.

    • @ scorg Our psychographics are not appealing to corporate folks….. Hahahah!

      In other words,…..


      • @Flor, in determining market size, advertising executives do not look at the numbers per se, but at the numbers falling under a category of consumers posessing a very specific set of attributes. It is possible that they do not see see in the huge rowdy Philippine pageant fan base the characteristics of a successful market landscape for their global brands.

  5. she Came really prepared for the competition.
    All her presentations were amazing . She would have been my winne

  6. Our beautiful representatives deserved a better recognition and appreciation for raising our flag at the pageant. Bb. Pilipinas Org. deserved also a pat in the back for supporting our beautiful representatives. Lastly, Miss Samantha Ashley Lo deserves an accolade for being a good role model.

  7. Ohh Leren I would have loved you to be our rep at MU. So beautiful and classic Filipina.
    definitely the best performer. I think she came to seriously slay. Too bad she was rewarded with the Globe.
    Patch to me was second. She came so close but I think her speech was too strong for the judges. And that hairdoo!!!!

    • I know….that hairdo of psych is way too obnoxious….if you remember 201o (she’s from Australia)????? She also had that biggie bun when she competed in Okinawa for miss internationals. Enough with super elevated bun and enough with those super elevated elevator pumps!!!! Lol

  8. May “something” talaga si Norman kay Sam Lo. Laging may pahapyaw na tira. Parang nang iinis at masaya sa kinahinatnan ni Samantha. Oh well dati pa naman nyand di bet yun. Si Eva lang din ang hinde nka-place last year pero wala namang mga ganyan ba hirit si blogger.

  9. Hmmm…
    Should she rejoin the nationals to hopefull win one of the Top tier crowns?

    • If she wanted to, sure why not, but I think after winning one crown internationally (whatever crown that was), and competing in Bb 2018 and winning the BbP Globe, she needs to strategize which pageant that she needs to compete on. She can do Miss Earth, I don’t think she can do Ms. PU, there are possible delegates who are more fresh and with stronger communication skills than hers.

  10. Did you see how she carried that silver evening dress?

    Go look for videos of MW 1994 Aishwarya Rai’s performance. Notice the commonalities.


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