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  1. Sa tinagal tagal kong nag cocomment dito mahilig talaga ako mang endorso noon pa lalo na kung nameet ko in person…. Pero pag hindi ko type, hindi ko type kahit gaano pa kabait o kaganda… And FYI, kahit kelan wala pa nagbayad sakin sa ganyang bagay…. I don’t need the money. I endorse someone because that person really has the potential of placing on top and maintain our placement streak. Kung Tingnan mo past BBP TOP predictions ko… laging wala sa highest placements si Gazini nor Samantha Lo…. at hindi naman ako nagkamali nung isinabak sila internationaly…. Pero sila Kylie Versoza, Megan Young, Ariela Arida & Catriona Grey… wala pa nakakakilala sa kanila e ineendorso ko na sila kahit ireview mo pa mga lumang post dito… Pansin ko pa nga… kung ang year ay hindi natin kailangan manalo… kung sino mga nilait ko na front runner e yun ang nananalo sa nationals…. So ngayon I learned that the goal this year at MU is only to get a high placement and not win.. therefore, we should send the best girl who is not everyone’s personal taste beauty-wise but winnable based on the specific requirements of the organization itself. Teresita is not the most modelesque girl specialy based on height but she was able to walk and endorse the biggest Clothing brands in our country like Bench…. if Catriona has a beautiful singing voice, Teresita got mesmerizing dancing skills… Catriona can talk with sense and so does Teresita given the fact that English is only the latter’s 2nd language and best of all, Teresita has always been a bigger Celebrity than Catriona… Cat only surpassed her when she won Miss Universe…. But I believe it would again be an equal playing field if Teresita makes it to the TOP 3/5 of MU or TOP 5 in MI which I am sure she will. My alternate for her would be Patricia Magtanong(MU)…and 3rd choice would be Pauline Amelincx(MI/MU)… again for this year lang yan… Next year, iba nanaman uli. I want to resserve the young Daisha Jimenez for MU/MW/MI for a different year… if she’ll join this year, she could be 1st RUP to gain more experience.


    • Isang tao lang dito ang nagpupursigi na isali si Wynwyn.
      Walang sawa pinupursigi, to a point na Nakakairita na!
      I’m starting to think na nasa payroll sya ng mga Marquez.

      • Wow!

        Ngayon ko lang minention si Wynwyn…
        Bakit ba kayo threatened masyado sa kanya?!

      • @flor, dalawa Lang pala sila endorsers ni Teresita dito out of all the legitimate pageant fanatics?!….My bad! I don’t think their count matters,😊

  3. If Teresita Ssen “Wynwyn” Lacsamana Marquez joins this year…. She is destined to win the MUP crown… She has already proven that her pressence cannot be ignored therefore I would be expecting at least a TOP 3 finish at MU…

    Her future could already be written in her name:

    Teresita: Spanish version of the greek Theresia meaning “to reap/harvest” AKA “the harvester”

    Ssen: wordplay derived from her mother’s name Vanessa meaning: New Latin, from the Ancient Greek deity Φάνης (Phánēs), the androgenous first-born deity of power & thought. It is also a taxonomic genus within the family Nymphalidae – brush-footed butterflies including the “red admirals”. Coincidentaly, “Sen” (Bengali: সেন) (pronounced Shen) is a Bengali Hindu surname derived from the Sanskrit word for “Army”, Sena (सेना). (Ex. Sushmita Sen, MU 1994)

    Wywyn: is self-explanatory.

    Lacsamana: Malay meaning “the admiral” from the sanskrit word “Lakshmana” who’s the brother of Rama in the Ramayana and literaly means “he who has the signs of fortune” from the rootword Lakshmi also spelled Laksmi (Sanskrit: लक्ष्मी lakṣmī, Hindi pronunciation: [ˈləkʃmi]) is the Hindu goddess of wealth, love, prosperity (both material and spiritual).

    Marquez: Spanish meaning “nobleman”,”Son of Marcos/Marcus” and “Lord of the march(border)”.

    • Ang dami namang pakahulugan ni Closer2Fame na madalas naman di nangyayari. Saka na lang natin isipin yang mga ganyan kapag nanalo na.

      • Lahat naman ng girls ginagawan ko nyan yearly hindi nyo lang napapansin…. like Catriona, Pia, Ariela, Rachel Peters, Venus Raj, MJ Lastimosa, Anne Colis, Mutya Datul, etc… Sa lahat ng yan, kay MJ lang d ko type na name…. tapos itong Kay Wynwyn lang talaga ang napaka-meaningful ng name kaya ang haba….

  4. magsipag hunos dili kayo

    kaya lagapak ang ibang pageants sa inyo eh dahil puro USA mga utan nyo kaya nga mas sikat ang MU sa inyo kaysa MW (mas sikat sa ibang bansa)

    therefore wala na kayo interes sa BbP kasi MI (na boring) lang din naman ang top crown duon the rest eh so so lang

    ME nga kesehodang nag back to back wala kayo paki
    MW dahil nadismaya kayo natalo si Catriona naumay na kayo

    MU lang mahalaga sa inyo kaya MUP ang support nyo
    BbP 2nd in ratings
    pero kapag chararat ang MUP2020 im sure bash pa more

    anyway BbP is always BbP

    before kasi BbP and Mutya lang naman ang inaabangan ng lahat

    • You have a shallow understanding of Filipinos distaste of MW. The atrocious acts done to Cat was merely the last straw. Dont be all-knowing because obviously you are not. #WagKami


    • @kembular2020 This actually makes sense. Harsh, but it’s true.

      @CatrionaFan Atrocious is a big word to describe what happened to Catriona at MW 2016. She wasn’t denied of her human rights in that contest, nor sexually harrassed. She was just not MWO’s cup of tea that time. If it weren’t for her loss in MW, she wouldn’t be MU 2018. #MoveOn

  5. Guys, BPCI is a CHARITABLE organization. Perhaps you have forgotten. The BBP beaucon is a way to make money to give to their beneficiaries.

    In that sense, it’s business paradigm is not too different from MWP/ALV. If you want PRODUCTION VALUE, then turn to bona fide events organizations like Carousel or PEPPS.

    But being classified as such, they cannot afford to put on a truly lavish production, lest the BIR gets suspicious. Remember, they get some kind of tax break.

    If the camera shots and telecast quality were excellent, would anybody bother to shell out good money to watch it LIVE?

    I’ve already mentioned before that as far as venue is concerned, the (SMART) Araneta Dome has limitations; it’s an OLD structure already. IMPACT Arena, it isn’t! Besides, it’s an Araneta thing. 🙂

    Of course, you could have something like Miss Russia or Miss France. But have they been anymore consistent in the international rankings than we are?

    In short, it ‘s NOT perfect.

    But that should not stop you from enjoying it altogether.

  6. The dynamic and landscape of BbP 2020 has certainly changed. MUP seceding from BPCI has left a huge void but the move was inevitable. MUP will likely succeed on its own with the backing of the MUO.

    However, MWP may benefit by returning to the BbP fold and along with BbP International equally become the headliners in a field of multiple titles.

    Let’s face it, with all due respect to Arnold V, fan interest for MWP is at a yawning stage. It is pretty depressing when compared to BbP which will always have a strong and loyal fan base.

    • @ just saying MUP will likely succeed (lLONG-TERM) on its own with the backing of the MUO? Au contraire!

      I think that they are, in fact, under TREMENDOUS pressure to make the brand profitable in the short term. And if they don’t, WME/IMG will simply begin the process of looking for some other party to work with.

      Another commentator (sorry, I forgot who it was, now) said so. MUP might eventually return to BPCI’s fold.

      It is BPCI that has demonstrated longevity. This inaugural stand-alone MUP has not proven anything yet and already it is being hyped to the Heavens!

      But yes, since JM doesn’t want to work in a situation wherein she needs to share top billing with MU, it is a wise move for MWP to return to BPCI. It’s a guaranteed/captured market/fanbase that is both fiercely loyal and well-informed. And Shimomura Akemi does not mind being second fiddle, anyway. THAT MWP-MIP combo can represent a 1-2 PUNCH to snuff the living daylights out of MUP. And all JM has to do is to give the Blue Crown to the next Catriona Gray we send to her. 🙂

      • As usual, good points Flor Tula.

        The Latin American and Asian (Southeast Asian in particular) fan bases are necessary for MUO to keep its pageant relevant in today’s TV market and viewership. Europe and North America, as you know, sees pageantry as passe and an insult to today’s women’s empowerment movement.

        The success of the Philippines at MUO in the last decade solidifies IMG’s importance to “keep” the Philippines at the forefront of Asian pageantry. Why?

        The Philippines, due to its historical ties and affinity with Latin Aemrica, is the odd yet cementing link that creates a healthy yet heated rivalry of sorts that is provides necessary and added intrigue for any competetive event.

        India, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia or even China, individually or collectively, do not have that quality. Sorry.

        That said, in my opinion, hopefully the MUO will bend over backwards to assist MUP continued success as the anchor and lead of Asian pageantry.

        Ironically, Shamsey Supsup inherited the initial MUP sash after decades of being referred to as BbP Universe. The MUP “brand”, intentionally or not, appears to have had its beginnings planted as far back as 2011. Hmmmm?

        Happy New Year!

      • Maswerte lang si evil Jonas na poorita at mukhang perang IMG ang pumalit kay Donald Trump as owner. Magdasal siya na ma-deliver nila ang perang mag-satisfy sa greed ng IMG. Otherwise, bye bye to them.

  7. MAY PARAMDAM NA SI “A”! BBP, daw. 🙂

    If so, she will be my BBP-International 2020l.

    Bump off Gigante and Krishnan to be Runners-up.

    Akeel, if she opts to join already, can be Leren’s successor, BBP-(The)Globe 2020.

    Herrell will remain reserved for Caracas. I don’t want a girl sent to do a woman’s job!

    • Jamie on MGI????? its that what you mean? wag na! i will rather choose her to send in international if not for MU or even sa supra. But sending jamie on MGI will have a 2 scenario. since jamie was crowned as ME. Nawatt will surely ignore her since allergy si nawatt sa ME very controversial if matalo sya. resbak time yan kay nawatt. and or a possibility na ibigay sa kanya ang korona but nawatt will use her against ME and Filipino pageant fans. so if i were jamie join MUP carry kung d magkatitle or runner up lang. wag lang mapunta sa MGI. But i doubt if ilagay sya ni sma sa mgi since mukhang close friend naman si sma at lorraine. But she need ng basbas from ME para make sure na good ang kalabasan if she join bbp at d sya ipalagay ni lorraine kay sma sa MGI. So for MGI. send samantha bernardo nalang. if she choose to join bbp then may title na yan for sure. and i believed sa bbp sasali si sam bernardo. wais yan.

      • @ jed Sunny (one of our commentators, here) already said in am earlier post that bona fide A&Q candidates will be prioritized at MUP. Even though Jamie expressed willingness to switch over (and this was also mentioned in that earlier post), the mere fact that her roots are at KF will already place at her at a disadvantage at MUP. BAKIT PA SASALI ANG ISA’NG DATI’NG ALPHA PAGEANT WINNER KUNG GAGAWIN LANG SIYA’NG Runner-up o filler?

        Tama ka. BBP is the viable alternative. But knowing SMA, she probably will send a FRESH face to Tokyo. The one I have in mind is “A”, who was unable to compete internationally as her assigned pageant did not push through. Ask MadameCQ why.

        In any case, I am now mulling either Tokyo or Caracas for Jamie. NOT lower tier. NOT Runner-up.

      • @ jed continuation…… (Hehehehh…)

        Folks might argue that “A” lacks the sophistication required to be a MI.

        But, after all, the pharmacist (Thailand) trumped the lawyer (Philippines).

        No, it is not necessary to become a home help, like Lubina. In fact, that was not so effective, right?

        But if we want to get at least another “coronita” at the Tokyo Dome, Herrell should not bleed the noses of the Japs with TOO LOFTY discourse. Some human touch will be helpful. Konnichiwa! 🙂

      • Ahhh si Pauline Amelinx…

        Kala ko naman kung sino…

        A great speaker… Pwede sya sa kahit anong TOP 3 titles…but I think she would excell most at Miss International… Hence, BBP indeed is her best route… Specialy after the success of Maxine Medina and Karen Galman who are both Boholanos like her…

      • @ Closer2Fame Pauline and Karen are bona fide Boholana. And Gazini, for a time.

        Glyssa and Maxine aren’t; they are Manilenyas with Bohol roots.

        Ang marunong mag-Cebuana (the tongue of Bohol), ang mainam na batayan. TAGALOG, here. 🙂

  8. I think kahit nabawasan na ng isang title (MUP) ang BBP, magiging ganon pa rin ang selection system sa finals night. Aabutin pa rin ng 3 to 3¹/2 hours ang coronation dahil sa haba ng deliberation para sa title assignment ng winners. Pangit pa rin ang stage at nakatingala sa prompter ang hosts while reading spiels. Ganon pa man, marami pa rin ang manonood ng BBP inspite of bad reviews in the past kasi it has already made history and many of us grew up watching it.

    • Siyempre expected na rin ang magulong camera shots at unflattering na camera angles sa live telecast ng pageant night.
      Trademarks na yan ng mga Bb. Pilipinas TV directors 😅

      • I think they do it on purpose so that the transformation would be more impactful and the winners would look more beautiful in their repective international pageants in comparison.

    • So true. Every year na lang, we always chew amd swallow the trash that’s being fed to us. And sayo na nagsasabing sinasadya ang ganyan kapangit na broadcast presentation, oh please. Stop being a dumbo. The tv broadcast of bbp.sucks! Period!

  9. Kung hindi siguro si SMA ang may hawak ng Bb Pilipinas for more than 50 years, mas marami pa siguro tayong crowns, finalists at semifinalists na makukuha. With all the sabotaging and crowning of not so deserving winners in the past, our chances of winning became so slim. Siyempre at the back of her mind, gusto niya rin manalo ang Colombia.

    • Bb Pilipinas 2020 The “trend” was to crown the well-connected, well-heeled, the daughters of high-society, the “familia buena”, and the “alagas” of the fashion designers who held sway at the time.

      Sabotaged? Please share.

      Undeserving? Please share.

      • It’s quite obvious you’re not a pageant fanatic Flor Tula. Tingnan mo si Anonymous may naisip agad hahaha. If you’ve been following and watching Binibini since time immemorial, you know what I mean.

    • Bb Pilipinas 2020 Yep, not as focused as you apparently were, I admit.

      But, let me say three things :

      1. To say she subconsciously wanted Colombia to win, I hope you are referring to more than just her connection to the designer Barazza.
      2. YOU were the one who brought up this matter of sabotage and undeserved win. Upon YOU falls the burden of disclosure, ‘Ika nga, kung sino’ng nagyaya, siya magbayad. So, go. SQUEAL. 🙂
      3. Take full responsibility for your statement. So, kung hindi si SMA dapat namuno sa BBP, ‘eh sino?

  10. At least may delikadesa ang mga binibinis na ito na tapusin muna ang commitments nila sa Bb. Pilipinas and not immediately abandon ship to join Ms. Universe PH 👏
    Just like what Catriona did. Tinapos niya muna obligations niya sa MWP, pati BWAP niya sa MWP pinagpatuloy niya before she joined Binibining Pilipinas.

  11. Where is Samantha B in the photo? She unfortunately inherited a most difficult task of placing 2nd runner up for the second straight year and then expected to be enthused and motivated to fulfill her “reign.”

    She can always join BbP again…third attempt may be a charm to finally win any of the five crowns available.

  12. This is how it will go.

    You now apply at ALL three – MPE, MUP, & BBP. Insurance, to be sure you nail at least one. And if you get accepted at two or more, then good for you! You are spoiled for choice. 🙂

    Mutya will probably mop up “the remainder”.


    ICSM-PGQ, I highly suggest so she can prepare for their 2021 season.

    Anyway, it is yet another KF stomping ground.

    Again, BBP should draw STRENGTH and IDENTITY from its GLORIOUS history.

    Bring back “crowning-in-swimwear-with-cape-and-tropy-plus-bouquet”.

    • if in fact they do the crowning in swimwear , it has to be , mandatory , one-piece swimsuits … & no color prints in the swimsuits, just one solid color … to be consistent with the past… some 30+ yrs ago

      • @ jaretwrightlover Yasss!!!

        I submit for your approval the number worn by Mariem Velasco at the MI 2018 Final.

        THAT COLOR, CUT, and SHAPE. 🙂

  13. wow, it really does look like Lo is fired and Aya is in … ready ? set , go !!!

    • Sam Lo was not fired, she handed BBP her resignation letter and two weeks later
      BBP accepted it and issued a short statement. If they had fired her they would not issue a statement saying that she still holds the title of Miss Grand Philippines 2019.
      It was featured, dissected, chewed up on this site.
      Know your facts before making a public comment.

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