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  1. Sa mga millenials,

    His Father was Hans Montenegro who was “Face of the Year 1993″ who happens to be the batchmate of Lander Vera Perez who was the estranged husband of Regine Tolentino. Also on that batch was Caloy Garcia who was the father of Coleen Garcia. Hans became controversial because of the Jojo Veloso scandal. He left the Philippines after then returned after finishing his Masters in Psychology in California and became an HR Manager of Convergys. He is also the former husband of Maritoni Fernandez!

    Her mother is Caroline Subijano who was Miss World Philippines 1994 who happens to be the same batch as Charlene Gonzales and Alma Concepcion. The Year when all the Binibini placed on their respective pageant! Prior to becoming a Binibini, she was Supermodel of the World Philippines 1991, the year when we you are watching the show in RPN 9 only to find out that there was already an ashfall from Mayon Volcano!

    Abangan niyo din yung Half-French na anak ng dating Supermodel of the World Philippines na si Adele Go, 14 years old pa lang, 5’8” na ang height!


    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson Pinatubo. 🙂

      AKO, REEENNN!!! Ashfall, that evening….. Was watching. Did Katie Ford (Eileen’s daughter) judge?

      WOW! French halfie junakis ni Adele Go?!

      • Honestly, I don’t remember kung judge si Katie Ford?

        Adele’s husband is French kasi yung last name sounds like that and of course Caucasian features!

        And yung anak niyang lalaki guapo din!

      • @Claire

        Adelle Go’s daughter looks like Isabelle Daza and Christie McGarry combined. Looks very promising..

  2. “Caroline” Subijano, not “Cara” Subijano, was Mom’s name when she joined that modelling tilt.

    I don’t recall if it was Elite or Ford.

    I remember her LONG STRAIGHT hair that set her apart from the others.

  3. The Viets will FALL for these quirky-pop shoot concepts.

    My compliments to both stylist (Concepcion) and photographer (Murcillo).


  4. According to the mom of my friend Ashley’s father Hans Montengro has a video scandal when he joined Face of the Year and the culprit was a gay talent scout and Face of the Year producer Jojo Veloso. Is it true?
    Can anyone, especially Tito Norman Tinio enlighten me on this?

    • All in the past but true. Hans was still a teenager then who knew less about the trappings of the modeling industry.

  5. Miss Charm? Okay.

    But when is enough…enough?

    That said, this girl is very modelesque.

  6. She needs some big-eye make-up…
    She is already strikingly modelesque hence acting more commercial won’t hurt…


    • The Philippines has five major pageant franchises; MUP, BbP, MWP, MPE, and Mutya (including more than a handful of 2nd tier titles). If a potential beauty like Ashley is interested in pageantry then, in my opinion, give it a go at one of the major five contests on her first try. See what happens from there.

      I know variety is the spice of life, but too many ingredients ruins the caserolle. C’mon now, Miss Charm? Please…

  7. I Youtubed her mother’s Ms. World performance.
    Her mom is pretty, very tall, and is well-spoken.
    No wonder she made it into the top 10.
    Her evening gown was horrible! 😓
    Is Ashley tall as well?
    Best of luck competing in Ms. Charm.

    • Batch ni Cara si Ashwarya Rai. She revealed that her evening gown was stolen, hence, the horrible dress she wore in the finals because she has no extra gown left for the evening.

      • Miss Charm? Okay.

        But when is enough…enough?

        That said, this girl is very modelesque.

      • @ Miss World 2020 WOW! I didn’t know that….. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

        But that look was actually prevalent in the couture of the time. Saint Laurent (but probably even a decade earlier), Lacroix, and Ungaro. And locally, Sotto and Peralta.

        I was able to watch this edition of MW. Aishwarya was THE BOMB. She OWNED that stage. And I will say she set the tone for REGAL CONFIDENCE. I had NO doubt she would win.

  8. CHARM???????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE IS THE CHARM?

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