37 comments on “Daisha Jimenez: Either the closest to a Liza Soberano deadringer or Philippine Pageantry’s Next Most Beautiful Face

  1. I hope she joins Ms. World Philippines. She has the looks and the talent. She can easily be top 5 in Talent Fast Track. Her looks can also bring her to the Top Model fast track. I hope she secures a good social media following and advocacy and she’s a wonderful rep to Ms. World.

  2. She had promise . Looks somewhat like she has substance . You can tell by the way she interprets the song that she got soul. As long as she can communicate an authentic personality she’s good for MUP

    • Malaysians and Indonesians do look like us hence there is no surprise there. But her paternal ancestors were one of the 1st people who played the music for our national anthem. Her maternal ancestors ruled the 1st civilizations in one of our major islands. Can you be anymore Filipino than that?

      • Calm down. You’re overthinking 🤦🏻‍♂️
        Ganyan kasi usually itsura/facial features ng mga pageant queens ng kapitbahay na bansa. The cheeks. The chin.

      • I hope she joins Ms. World Philippines. She has the looks and the talent. She can easily be top 5 in Talent Fast Track. Her looks can also bring her to the Top Model fast track. I hope she secures a good social media following and advocacy and she’s a wonderful rep to Ms. World.

  3. I swear, you guys overhype these meztisas too much. They look like every white girl ever outside the Philippines.

    • yes but not all. This girl is not just a meztiza. I think its not because they are meztiza kaya na i ha hype. kung meztiza lang hinde naman i ha hype diba? may mga meztiza nga na featured pero hinde na i ha hype at waley sa panlansa ng madlang people here dahil meztiza lang. pero ito at ang iba pa. girl! she is not just a meztisa. Hinde lang balat ang tinitignan natin before sila ihype. Pepero kung ayaw nyo ng meztisa. honestly. i want a wynwyn type of skin and height this time. so send her kung ayaw sa meztiza. But wynwyn is not just a small. sending wynwyn on 2020 is very timely lalo na sa pagkapanalo ni zozibini. They want uniqueness. variation sa qualities ng winner this time so serve wynwyn on the stage of Miss Universe 2020.

    • @Jj

      It has nothing to do with her being Mestiza… I am rooting for this girl because she’s got all the goods to win including the right personality and her being a mestiza is just a coincidence…

  4. Yes Please! She looks like a bit jamie herrel. yes or not. i think if papipiliin ako if jamie or daisha. well This girl wins.

    • @ jed Both are ex-KF going into A&Q territory. Daisha has the advantage of freshness.

      So yes, I agree with you in principle.

      And that’s why I am willing to compromise, and divert Jamie to BBP.

  5. I’ve been watching this girl for some time now… and I do believe that she has a great potential of becoming an international pageant winner. She is beautiful, articulate, talented and her heart is in the right place….. with the right trainning and styling she could slay in the local and international Arena… I hope Nad Bronce would train this young girl to be the ideal spokesperson.. I see a big future in her, just like what I saw in Pia, Megan, Kylie and Catriona.

  6. Whoever wins the premiere edition of MUP under this new franchise is almost guaranteed a placement in Miss Universe for obvious reasons. Possibility of even winning another MU crown even. So if I were her, I’d effin join coz she definitely would be a frontrunner.

  7. My gosh I love the timbre of her voice. She just needs to be articulate and have a good stage presence. Gazini was too raw for MU. She wasn’t comfortable on the big stage which was unfortunate.


    • I was told that she was homeschooled… like her siblings… by their father who’s a Pastor… quite unconventional in my opinion…

    • Did any of MU winners have any excellent academic credentials when they won ?
      Probably only very few if at all.
      Even Iris had not finished her dentistry course when she won MU.

      Our country’s Rep should be pretty, in shape , articulate , patient , and charismatic
      … regardless of academic credentials. When I saw Gazini’s reaction during training —-ignoring fans and indirectly showing tantrums ——I knew we were not going to have a successful rep

    • Tontang baklang kanal! Academic excellence doesn’t always make someone witty, quick on their feet or even deep talker. Someone who grew up in the streets can be spontaneous, confident, smart talker and sensible! Academics doesn’t define a person. Experience and sincerity do!

  9. Her lineage alone is very note-worthy….
    Some of her actor relatives mentioned that aside from her showbiz and political connections, she’s a descendant of a long line of musicians from Cavite and American Christian missionaries and pastors on her father side… And on her mother’s side, she’s got Ilo-ilo’s pre-colonial and western European royal ancestry.

      • Closer, I already know she’s fluent in English, Tagalog and maybe a bit of Ilongo but I don’t know if she learned Spanish growing.

  10. She is a model and a singer too .. I think . So She knows how to work the stage
    We have a winner here!

  11. KF girl, which only means that she Cannot win in MUP or MWP.

    Join MPE or BBP instead

    Even if she “transfers” camps, the other girls who are bonafide A&Q will be prioritized


    • @ Sunny Which means Jamie Herrell will also NOT be prioritized in case she joins MUP 2020….Hhmmm……

      In that case, I am de-prioritizing this inaugural MUP. Most of my faves are KF and I refuse for them to be sidelined by camp politics….

      Here is my updated Pick for Filipinas Pageantry 2020 :

      BBP-International > Akeel (but if she can defer, Krishnan)
      BBP-Grand International > Herrell (i know it’s silly. But I want to impress my dear sweet Angkol)
      BBP-Intercontinental > Arnold (i think that if she stays loyal to SMA, she will be rewarded. Prudence!)
      BBP-(The)Globe > Gigante

      Mutya Pilipinas-Supranational > Malinao (Alaiza, umiwas ka sa BIG’s if you finally want to title!)

      MWP > ALV’s discretion, of course…. But I would put in that Roxas ballerina girl.
      Eco-Filipinas > Cassandra Chan (Yes, KF. But Mr. Blogger said a BB would crossover, and i would like to believe it’s her)
      RH-Filipinas > I don’t care where they get her. She MUST be fluent (read, write, speak) in Spanish.
      Multinational-Philippines > Arnold (if she is the OTHER BB that crosses over), in which case the BBP-Intercontinental (above) will be open “for deliberation”.

      MPE > Amelinckxz!!!!!

      MUP will have the “new” faces Mr. Tinio is promoting, like Pojas and Rhedey. Bantigue, we all know, has already passed her Application. Apriel Smith can come in. And of course, Daisha (here).

      From my vantage, it is Hannah Arnold who will be the most anticipated repeater.

      Mademoiselle Saubier? Nope. In fact, I am now more unsure if she will ever come back.

      • Supra natural is no longer under BBp? And pls no Subeir! Not attractive….when she wasn’t wearing that heavy makeup, she looks……hmmmm. Let just say let the other girls have their spotlight and she needs to focus on her academic pursuits 🤗🤗🤗🤗

      • Mag-appoint n lng ng kahit sinong artista a MWP! As if magma matter everything–effort, beauty, eloquence/intelligence, advocacy, fast track.
        .wala!! Kaya kahit sino n lng s showbiz! Jusmiyo

      • @ Ver The rumor (?) that Supranational does not want to be muddled in the BBP title hierarchy has been heard as far back as 2017, if I am correct in my “reading of events”. GPVL could not get anyone in the country to agree to a stand-alone SupraFilipinas, so the next best – and, in fact, logical – thing to do is agree instead to be the main title in a national pageant in need of more visibility.

        It is NOT yet confirmed that Supranational will revert to Mutya organization, yet.

        The ULTIMATE TEASER was Mr. Tinio’s dedicated post to Anntonia Porsild and Nate Crnkovich (scroll back). Then, he said in the recent post on Philippines national pageants that “Mutya… might pull a surprise this year”. You try connecting dots; maybe you’ll get something I missed…. 🙂

        Because if GPVL really wanted to work with ALV, it would have already happened by now. Our repeat Top 20 placement in Mister (!) Supranational indicates the former failed to get a firm commitment from the latter.

        PS. Some doubt Cory Quirino would entertain Angkol. And if there is anybody who would, it’s probably….. (Hihihih…).

  12. She’s got the face and height that no one can ignore. Her bid for MUP2020 makes the pageant so exciting. With her physical features plus her comm skill, I think she could really ace the crown.

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