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  1. South Africa won because
    of her glowing beauty and eloquence

    the best Miss Universe ever
    every year naman lahat sila best

    there is a big world out there for you Gazini
    continue to soar like a Phoenix

  2. My only wish is Cary Santiago and Gazini team will show us her actual gown sana given if she made the top 10. The red kasi I feel that it’s not the gown for the main event!! After I see it I can completely move on hehehe

    What you guys think?


    • I reckon that people may have forgotten how the simplest (or warmest) of human reactions can be neglected in favor of unpleasant/unrelated remarks. Posting those two words (“Happy” and “Birthday”) has become difficult for some. Perhaps, it won’t draw attention as much as writing a stinging smart-aleck reply. But at the end of the day, we should never lose sight of what makes us all warm-hearted and forgiving – especially during the Holiday Season.

  4. Analysis: Gazini may not have performed well in the closed door interview

    Being a wildcard candidate meant the other 5 girls in the Asia Africa group outperformed Gazini.

    This means, although Gazini was outstanding in swimsuit and gown, she may have faltered in the interview and that could have dragged her scores down. If you look at the 5 Asia-Africa girls, they all spoke very well. They were mostly native English speakers and/or educated abroad (Frederika in the US and Paweensuda in Canada).

    Thankfully, her scores in gown and swimsuit were still enough to secure her a spot.

    This just put even more pressure on delivering an outstanding 15-second memorized speech.

    Colombia, also a Wild Carder, nailed hers and zoomed to the top. On the other hand, Gazini faltered and proved she wasnt among the upper half of the draw. Imagine, she had to be within the Top 10… not 11th, 12th, etc. it was that hard.

    She didn’t bring home that speech.

    Hence, I think it’s really the speaking parts both the interview and the monologue that brought about her downfall.

    If she made it to the Top 10. She could have made it to the Top 5 with her stellar gown and swimsuit presentations.. but that’s as far as she could go. I don’t think she could outtalk, Mexico, Puerto Rico and South Africa who proved to be women of substance.

    Learning: We need to send a beautiful girl who can nail her pasarelas and has substance. If they can’t speak as well as Pia or Cat, Miriam, Janine and Shamcey, etc… then we shouldn’t expect so much.

    We can’t just send a girl who is amazing in gown and swimsuit, she needs to be substantial as well.

    • @Flor, plus Gazinis interview attire…WTF was that! Bubbled sleeves. Unflattering for somebody going for an interview. How do you sell yourself like that?! She Looked like a CLOWN..Kahit man lang nag jacket sana…Shamcey had the best interview attire in Brazil, if I remember correctly.

  5. Her team really messed up their preparations. They focused too much on glamour shots left and right but she failed miserably where it really counted- that horrible, cringe worthy speech she made. She was expressionless and didn’t make an effort to hide the fact that she just memorized all her lines. Plus of course she fumbled. She would have not even passed a introductory speech class. I knew right there and then that she was out.

    • It sad…but I believe that she did her best. It’s history and you all need to just need to move on. No matter how much you guys wanted to assess and dissect each section of her pageant participation throughout, there will always be a failure or lacking (her everyday outfit seemed outdated, etc, etc, etc……..to her lack of preparation on her communication skills)…………blah blah blah…..she did not win . Though, she did sound very nervous/rehearsed during her top 20 speech, that was her main downfall.

      • I agree. To be honest, she is much prettier than the actual winner – but the latter had much more charisma and much better spontaneity in explaining her thoughts, which was obviously developed through rigorous training.

  6. I can’t wait until January 26, 2020 for MUP candidates intro:

    ” Deadline of submission for application forms is on January 18, 2020. Screenings will happen from January 20-24, 2020. Final screening will be on January 25, 2020 ”

    There are so many videos showing confirmed candidates including Leren Mae and Bea Patch. But I think they are fake like this one :

    • No to pageant repeaters please. Especially to those who have won national titles na. Parang gay beauty contest n alang sa baranggay na sila at sila na lang ang sumasali. Na nagbabago ang advocacy kada beauty pageant na sinasalihan. Parang hobby na lang ang pagsali sa beauty contest o di kaya bar hopping na lang.

    • PLs no to WYN-WYN……plain jane and too SHORT (SORRY) …….you already got your 5th tier HISPANO crown crap…………LOL (You’re ok as a candidate during (BbP 2013???) BUT enough. I would love to see KELSEY….LAURA….Hannah…and SANDRA Lemonon………and that Sutton girl (if only she improve on her Q&A)…………….KATARINA NEEDS TO stop as well

  7. kapanghinayang naman she didnt made it even in the top 5. hayss. why her team didnt notice the wrong or lack on her speech or even in the way of delivering her speech? hate that blaming game pero they should perfect everything or at least make it right/convincing enough. diba porte ng kf ang speech lalo na sa international so why failed on gazini. cat is hard to follow. and so i think everything what gazini had. nasa kanya ung kulang kay rachel to make it in the top 5 pero na udlot pa dahil hinde na practice ng maayos ang speech. Haysss. But i think KF deserved another chances. but idk who among her alaga can give us a good fight in Miss Universe 2020.

    • Do you really believe that the 15 second speech was scored? Or even part of the judging. Its too fast for the judges to give score on that basis alone. It seems that the top 10 was based on the highest score from the preliminary or close door interview. And that is where Gazini did not delivered. You can sense it from Cat’s recent TWBA interview. Cat may not be on the said interview but for sure she has her connection who she can ask how Gazini perform on the said round.

      Another point here is that, even if Gazini performed well on all 3 preliminary round (SS, EG, Interview). MU decided to cut her out as early as they can so that she will have a no chance to win the MU 2019 crown. Because if she made it to top 10 and perform well during finals night and eventually win the crown, MUP will need to wait another year for Gazini to crown her successor in BBP just like what happened with Cat in 2018 and 2019. MUP will not allow this to happened again since they already invested a lot to have the franchise of MU. Didn’t you notice right away MU 2019 was crowned MUP already made the announcement.

    • @jed Gaz isn’t even top 10 material beauty and intelligence wise. Even at BBP she wasn’t that good enough for MUP. MGI would have been a better title for her.

  8. The face of Binibini 2019 and the face of Universe 2019 (if there was still a Miss Photogenic award) !
    Gorgeous face ! … HBD !

    • If you review the recently concluded MU pageant, Gazini exudes beauty amongst the 90 candidates.

      • I should say Philippines and Albania are by far the loveliest faces in MU 2019. A far second place positions are Puerto Rico and France. An even farther third place positions are Colombia and Mexico.

        However, MU 2019 did choose correctly the three best speakers and landed them in the Final top 3 and ranked them even more precisely based on the last Q & As and speeches.

        I can’t ignore though the resemblance of Iceland’s facial projection to Liza Soberano ( France also kind of looks like Stefania Fernandez ) and Brazil’s facial features has some similarities to Sandra Bullock.

    • I beg to disagree @jaret. Albania, Mexico, France and many others were more beautiful and charming than Gaz.

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