16 comments on “Ysabella Roxas Ysmael: A Ballerina nicknamed Bella

  1. Coming from an influential political clan, she would be most favored at Binibini….

  2. …. And Cassandra Chan will go to MWP 2020 and get the Eco-Filipinas sash from Kelley Day. 🙂

  3. What I am getting is Verzosa x Basiano with a Datul playfulness.

    I like her voce.

    I will include her in my MUP 2020 Top 5, for now.

    • @ G Au contraire! I say she get even more ink done on her.


      If a woman wishes to adorn herself with tattoos or piercings, allow her. As Missy Elliot said in one of her songs, “Girls, girls, get that cash…. shake that _ss…. there ain’t no shame…. just make sure you ahead of the game”.

      Check out Madonna’s music video for “Frozen” and behold the fullness of her mehendi tat.


  4. Very Kylie nga sa kilos/galaw and sometimes a bit in her look. Well. i think if she comes out as Kylie 2.0 for MUP or MU hinde naman masama. since shes naturally Kylie V i mean hinde nya ginagaya si kylie. natural lumalabas pagka Kylie nga. and we never had a Kylie V as MUP so its not bad to send her in MU. kung si fahsai nga naka top 5 so why not her. She just need to do her best but hoping that she will have another personality na hinde 2.0 ng kahit na sino. But if its kylie vibe that fits her then approved. approved pa din. waiting for more norman.

  5. Yung mga ganyang prototype, reserba niyo na lang sa MWP.

    By this time, alam niyo na kung saan ika-classify yung girl based on their background,

    Basta may talent in performing arts or sports at kahit paano may rational thinking, lagay lahat yan sa MWP,

    Basta may modelling background, pooled lahat yan para sa Miss Supranational at MGI,

    Any Top 5 finisher ng Miss Earth o magaling sa kudaan at maganda ang credentials, profiled lahat yan for MUP.

    During the competition, yung candidate na nakikitaan ng mala-Miss Friendship na personality at maganda ang bearing, profiled yan for Miss International!

    Simplify lang dahil the more na marami kayong checklist, the more na magiging confusing at the more na mabobokya tayo!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson Yyaayyy! Jamie Herrell for MUP. 🙂

      Bukas na last working day for 2019 sa ‘Pinas; sandwich holiday daw ang Tues, 31. I wonder if she will be able to get Carousel’s blessing in an official statement wishing her all the very best in her future endeavors?

      ‘Alala mo this year? Hannah Arnold was among the first, if not THE first, to PERSONALLY hand in her Application at BPCI? Ta’s, naka-photo op niya pa si Esther Swann?

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