7 comments on “Fast Talk with Catriona Gray on TWBA

  1. her musical style is not for the Pinoy market unless she sings Tagalog melodramatic hugot songs

    I think she will do well in music if she goes back in Australia
    then the world

    I hope she truly finds her genuine happiness

    • @ kembular2020 That’s why she needs a good musical mentor, one that will work out for her collaborations with influential and proven composers-producers who know the local scene well. THEY will be the one to provide the material for her album. That she can engage in “sward speak” is a start.

      She needs whatever she can earn from this venture as seed capital (redundant?) for whatever future plans or adventures.

      If she feels that moving on may require leaving the Philippines (again) for good, so be it.

      Her fans will understand; they love and adore her that much.

      PS Hope that album sells better than Dunkin’ Donuts! 🙂

  2. kita mo sa mga mata na hindi sya happy

    sana maging tunay na maligaya ka na Cat
    deserve mo yun

    all the best for 2020

  3. Pansin no lng bout para d masyadong nagbabond so cat at jojo bragais lately. They are really good friends but there is something wrong.

  4. Oh Catriona, you my unprecedented and unparalleled MU. Hope another Filipina like you come forward within the next couple of years. We miss the crown so badly.

    And all the best to you, you oh sweet and beautiful soul.

  5. So, this technically is Catriona’s last interview and appearance on ABS-CBN, as the station closure looms…

    End of an era, fine. TIME TO BEGIN THE NEW ONE.

    Since MI is now the banner title, I suggest taking inspiration from this pageant. After all, both BBP and MI pageants are held in Domes – SMART Araneta and Tokyo City Hall, respectively. And BPCI is headed by the first MI titlist, SMA herself.

    I suggest that SMA, like Shimomure Akemi, come on stage to sash the new MIP, crowned by Attorney Patitay, and Bint Siriporn Leearamwat handing over the flowers. YES! The current MI MUST BE INVITED TO GRACE THE CORONATION.

    Are you guys aware that a local male pageant – Mister Grand Philippines – makes use of both crown and cape, in very close imitation of the Japan originals? The crown is a masculine-clunky version of the Mikimoto (including fur trim!), and the royal maroon cape looks really grand. Last year, the new king was crowned in swimwear (!), but this year they made the Finalists wear suits.

    Bring back the good old days of BBP when the Finalists were crowned in one-piece swimwear! No scepter necessary, but perhaps a trophy similar in design to Angkol’s at his MGI pageant? For the cape, I can imagine it in T’nalak, with a bespoke weave commissioned specially for the occasion.

    Angkol and the Heads of the other lesser titles – Intercontinental and Deliart Association as I will assume the separate Supranational Filipinas will (finally) materialize this year – must ALL be present EACH YEAR HEREON, coming onstage for official photos with the respective queen.

    BBP must now shed itself of the MU image. And like a phoenix, reborn from its own salvaged matter.

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