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  1. Tito NORMAN ,

    Don’t worry about how the BPCI or anyone has treated you in the past.
    Your way of responding to your bashers is a testament of your strong intellectual and moral foundation.
    It Must be a ‘sweet revenge ‘ to see MUP slip off SMA’s hands
    I hope u have a better working relationship with the new management
    Merry Xmas and God bless !!

    • Speaking of SMA, is the rumor true that “someone” used the old Bp Pilipinas Universe sash as toilet paper? But it wouldn’t flush down the toilet [dramatic music]… so a plumber was called….

  2. Merry Christmas Tito Norms! My wish for you is good health so you can cover and blog all these pageants with all your ability! ❤

  3. How about the invites from networks where sit-in interviews were done, just like CNN (The Source), ABS (Umagang Kay Ganda), etc. I think the blogger forgets them… hmmmm???

  4. Merry merry na rin to Cool Brew, who is probably at the beach right now. 🙂

    Kindly tell our lovely little lass from Tubigon, we hope to see her again soon.

    And will Karen Gallman spend the Holidays in Ubay?

    • Hi Flor! Will be at the beach this weekend for theNew Year. Spent Christmas with siblings and family. Which Tubigon lass? Pauline? She’s being groomed for MUP. Happy holidays to you and your family! Tito Norman, cheers for the year- round coverage! Didn’t see you at MWP. Hope to see you soon

  5. Merry Christmas Norms!!!

    I noticed that BbP Charities isn’t on the list. Is there a rift that we did know about?

    • Backread darlin’. Di yata invited c auntie N sa mga events Ng BPCI😆hihihi.
      Nagmamaldita so madam😆 cherette lungs

    • I gave thanks to the ones who invited me, 4M. Its really not in my nature to force myself where I am not wanted. Nothing major major on my part, honestly. I already had more than enough on my plate this 2019. 🙂

  6. I can’t remember how long I’ve been a fan of normannorman, but that’s the good kind of amnesia 😉 Time goes by fast when you’re having a good time!

    Merry Pasko and Manigong New Year!

  7. Babati Rin po ako hihihi 😊
    Merry Christmas auntie Norman and I love you 🥰
    Mwahhhhh 😊
    May isisingit lang along video sa baba auntie at pakisabi Kay Aling Awaiting moderation na ipost na nya hihihi 😊
    Salamat po.

  8. Maligayang Pasko! Norman. I wont call you Tito coz we are in the same age bracket. Congratulations on your success!

  9. Been an avid reader of your blog since 2012. I’ve seen how you have evolved into a respectable person in the world of pageantry. I still remember the commenters here, like Fabian Reyes, Anna Winter and Laila (who has her own pageant blog now), even the infamous Angelo Reyes who wrote in capital letters. I’m just happy of your achievements, Norman, and despite your status now, you maintained to be a down to earth person. Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to you and your family!

  10. Merry Christmas to you Tito Norms.I am always your avid fan.You are one amazing man.

  11. All the best of the Holiday Season to you, Norman! Keep doing what you’re doing. I am part of a silent majority that appreciates your work and passion in pageantry.

    Interesting that we don’t hear from the usual Loud, Negative Nelly’s in this post…. just sayin’…

  12. Merry Christmas to everyone even if I’m not religious at all… nakikisama lang.

  13. i rarely comment, but am a regular visitor of this site, norman.. i visit everyday.. to read ( your narratives, and others comments) and to de- stress .. may you never tire.. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas.. CHEERS everyone..!!

  14. Merry Christmas, Tito Norman!

    Sa mga bakletang shunga, ito yung dapat ipasok sa utak:


    Fr. Jeffrey Segovia

    Do not exhaust yourself in trying to be noticed by those around you. Do not become too loud and too noisy. Do not play for yourself your own ode and your own eulogy. Do not be trying hard in seeking for attention. Just live normally and your good person others will see.

    Do not try hard to build yourself by stepping on others. Do not go around clawing other people on your way. Do not compete when you will never have what they have. Do not compete but be contented with who you are and what you can. You will soon be noticed.

    Do not pity yourself if you are not as good as others are. Do not feel bad if others do not treat you in a friendly way as they do to others. Do not sulk with your own longings. You do not know the whole story. People have reasons and it does not always include you.

    Do not be jealous if others can do better things. Do not envy those who are doing well. You do not know their struggles and difficulties. You also have no idea about their own pains and loneliness. They are just trying to be their best. Focus on yourself!

    Just be yourself. Live normally. Do not be a pleaser. Do not run after affirmations and applauses. Live your best not for anything else but because you can do your best. Do not expect others to always notice you, much more to always affirm and approve you. Just be you!

    You will be noticed when the right time comes. You will be noticed when you have corrected your motivations and you have straightened your dispositions. Do not get excited about standing at the limelight. Be warned that being at the center is not for the faint of heart.

    If you want attention, just be yourself. Do good and be well in doing them. Master doing good. Do good, not for the applause. Do good and do more. Do good because you are good. And always strive hard to be good even if the odds are against you and you are unnoticed.


  15. Maligayang Pasko po, Sir Norman! I wish you good health , more raket, and more blessings for many more years to come!

  16. Thank you for this wonderful and informative website. I’m a long time visitor here and appreciative of your writings. Have a blessed Christmas!

  17. Happy holidays to you and wishes for a fabulous 2020! THANK YOU for always keeping us in the loop. We appreciate all your efforts.

  18. Mr. Tinio,have a peaceful Yuletide and special greets to the entire Tinio family.

    Admin, also. Happy holidays!


  19. Thanks din po everdearest blogger for keeping us posted for what’s happening around the pageantry circuit. Honestly, sometimes we find some of your ideas, views & opinions do not conform with ours but still you remain humble in a way sa di mo pag-atake lalo na sa mga bashers. Sana patuloy ka pa rin namin na mabasa sa 2020 and the next 10 or 20 years to come. Mabuhay ka at God bless!

  20. Norman, I am certainly impressed of your popularity in the pageant world from Manila to inner towns of far-flung regions. I am amazed of how you were able to visit and be a judge at a teen male pageant in Burauen, Leyte which is my hometown. I am curious, who invited you to be in the said competition?
    BTW, my home is right across the church however I now reside in Northern California but I intend to retire in the Philippines (between BGC and Burauen). Happy Holidays!!

    • Hi Mikko! Three years back, a youthful upstart of an organization in Burauen started Mister Teen Burauen to give the other pageants in the municipality good competition in terms of staging and production. One of the heads, Arch. Ivan Dale Abud, has been reading/following me for quite some time and simply asked me on Messenger if I would be interested to judge their pageant on a limited budget. I said yes instantly because I enjoy traveling most next to pageantry. That judging led to mentorship of the candidates and strings of sponsorships that allowed the group to level up in more ways than one. Now, they have made me Resident Judge and Mentor in my 3rd year. And its looking like their 2020 edition will be better than the last.

      Oh and yes, I got to walk around Burauen during our lull moments and the church you were mentioning.

      Merry Christmas!

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