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  1. Mr. Tinio, unsolicited advise. Anyway, year-end, na. Baka makatulong.

    ‘Yung mga bata – not more than 23 yo – kung puwede’ng mag-postpone, postpone. Kung puwede.

    The two ladies coming in from MMP, Robson is somewhat more in need of coaching than Eager Beaver McDonnell, right? Whichever BIG they plan to join, HUWAG SABAY SA SAME. Or, kung gusto nila the same pageant, mauna muna ‘yung isa. Ta’s, sunod (perhaps following year) ‘yung isa. Their handlers need to forge a STRONG link with each other that will support the “sisters” through this. Correct me if I am wrong, but this will be the first time MMP alums will go for the BIG. Wala sila’ng maasahan kundi ang MMP family nila. Please explain to them.

    It cannot be avoided that bona fide A&Q will be prioritized at both MWP and the inaugural MUP. It also is expected that all five BIG’s – to include BBP, MPE, & Mutya – will do their utmost to use 2020 as a year to START ANEW with FRESH FACES, faces that if not rank pageant newbies like Pojas are at the very least ones who have not had the chance to compete internationally, such as Que and Amelinckxz. And so names like Sutton, Aberasturri, Jimenez, and Roxas-Ysmael become PRIME.

    Returnees/crossovers like Krishnan, Akeel (but I read somewhere she might defer after all), and Herrell – incidentally mostly KF – are probably safest at BBP. And the two (2) Bb’s reportedly defecting to MWP? Though I have my wishes, they are as good as any other’s.

    Worldly-in-a-good-way Bantigue will be an interesting case, as will the mysterious Rhedey.

    But let me share WHAT ELSE could be possible.

    I believe that the Vietnam-based Miss Charm International will use the start-up working arrangement with JG to see how much traffic ASM willl be able to generate for their own inaugural effort; that being said, initial feedback seems encouraging. THEN, they will woo…. SMA/BPCI! Yep. If the Supranational transfer to Mutya does materialize this year and/or for some still unforeseen reason my dear sweet Angkol throws another “attitude incident” as to finally make Filipinos totally (AS IN, GETS VICIOUS) fed up with MGI, the title “BBP-Charm” could be added. Another option? “BBP-Amity” (for the China-based Miss Friendship International, which the ETHEREAL Camille Gabrielle Basiano SLAYED).

  2. I hope ALV merges w/ BPCI…. Bringing back the MW title while Supranational may go back to Mutya ng Pilipinas… meanwhile, I wonder who wants to get the Miss Grand title if ever? It’s not the end of the Philippine Golden era of pageantry after all. 🙂

  3. on MUP. i want a previous titlist to join. But for me 5 past titlist per year is enough.
    MWP, i think it is ahtisa who will join MWP or patch magtanong
    MEP. lol MEP in Bbp? i dont think so. possible pero its a NO! Find someone else. its still good if ME is the only title in a one pageant night. Medyo dame gagawin ng bbp candidates if ever sa kanila mapunta ang MEP. D lahat makakarelate. tatamarin ang karamihan lalo na ung hinde passion ang earth advocacy. so much better hiwalay parin ang Miss Earth PH.

    • @ jed Sa MUP mo, FIVE (5) past titlists per year? So, ibig sabihin, halimbawa, tatlo (3) from 2017, lima (5) from 2018, at lima ulit from 2019. That’s 3 + 5 + 5 = 13 former titlists, not necessarily just BBP alums but inclusive of crossovers….

      Mr, Tinio in this article, said he anticipates 20 to 30 in the Line-up.

      So, halimbawa 25 sila lahat, 13 out of 25 ‘eh veterana, more than half of the total ta’s more or less equal number of newbies?

      Tama ba ang entiende ko sa suggestion mo….?

      Kung sa bagay, if this will generate plenty of fan interest owing to the all-stars scenario, why not.

  4. This will be the end of my interest in pageantry
    I will wait for the result . If Philippines fail to make top 5-10, I will not watch the show.
    For me , it’s only interesting if our candidate does well.
    Dapat talaga May utak articulate at reliable
    Once I saw Gazini interact with the fans , I knew she was not gonna do well . Patience and maturity are essential to making it far in any pageantry.

  5. Mga vaklang fanget, etoh c Miss world 2019 at laitin nyo na dahil mga demonyo Naman kayo at super bugok pa Kaya di mananalo mga rep nyo Kasi puro yabang lang pero kulang sa sustansya sa utak 😆hihihi

    • Pinost ko Ang video pero diko na kasalanan Kung anong year ipapalabas ni auntie Norman dahil Awaiting moderation daw Ang video😆hihihi
      Kaloka c Aling Awaiting moderation 😊 pareho nman kaming tagatalipapa lang eh nag-iinarte fah😆tse! Cherette

  6. For me, masgusto kong makita na bumalik ang MWP to BPCI. BCPI, Mutya ng Pilipinas and MEP managed ng mga batikan sa industriya…. Tapos biglang kinuha ni SMA si Meagan Young as part of BPCI Board of Directors. Magandang laban.

    • @ Francis I am not too familiar…. pero ‘di ba, ‘pag Board Member, dapat shareholder?

      So,…. kailangan muna magpasok ni Meagan ng pera sa BPCI?

      Or,….. is it enough that the existing members bring her in?

      • Opo commonly ganun na nga to be part sa Board Member dapat shareholder ka din… but of course dependi yan sa pag uusap ng management…. sa ibang business entity meroon part ka ng board pero sa papel lang or 1% lang ang share mo… para lumakas lang ang presence ng isang business or project plus pwede ka naman bigyan ng leeway ng mga stakeholder to pay your share in 5 years… parang ganun….

  7. JawsKuh, matagal ng ibinigay ni mama Paula Kay mister universe Ang MU franchise.
    Pera Ang dahilan na Hindi Kaya Ng BPCI tapatan Ang kamandag ni Mr. Universe😊
    Tingnan natin fafaano fatakbuhin Ng mga alagad ni Mr. Universe Ang MUP basta pera at kasikatan pa rin ang dahilan ni Mr. Universe para makabawi Naman kahit kaunti sa laki Ng nalugi sa kanya😆hihihi
    Ang unang mayayari dyan ay c mama j kapag di nagtagumpay😊 cherette

    • OK naman sana ang problema hindi naman pwede diktahan ni Mr. Universe ang BPCI pareho mayaman. Kaya nag hanap ng matayog din ang pangarap na magkaroon ng malaking pangalan sa pageantry, it looks to me si Mrs. S.S. Lee ang nagamit dito alam naman kasi nila na kung sila ang mag front surely wala gaanong market…

    • This is the reason why I wont support MUP. Kadiring mga hamog. But love love love to Shamcey.

  8. Tanong ko lang,

    Meron bang nakakaalam kung bakit si Janine Tugonon eh nasa timeline ni Justine Bieber sa IG?

    Anong ganap meron?

  9. To be honest, I think Miss Earth is the only pageant that has a real advocacy and they actually stick to it.
    I just hope that they start fixing their issues which is mainly the production aspects of the pageant.

    Nothing’s wrong in adding a little bit more glitz and glamour during your final show.

  10. Let us be honest, If it is true that Madam Stella paying $50,000.00 to $60,000.00 for annual franchise fee for Miss Universe. I am just wondering how can the new Miss Universe Philippines Org. afford that amount? Are they digging gold somewhere? Is they any fountain of wealth? I am just being nosey.

    • E kung Singson may hawak ng MUP franchise, nakaya ngang magstage ng MU sa Pinas, franchise fee na lang kaya.

    • Naku, Ateng!

      Piece of cake yan kay RS Francisco!

      Tipong mga nasa 0.00000001% lang yan ng kita ng multi-level marketing ng Frontrow!

      Plus the fact, na close friend niya si Greta at Mimi Que atbp mga Elitista ng Filipinas, hindi mahihirapan yan sa sponsorship!

    • Parang safe na mag presumed MUP Org. is owned by LCS Group… at mukhang malaki pa ang pera ng LCS sa MU Org…. ang nakakatakot lang dito pag hindi tumagal sa kanila like MWP naka ilang management na after BPCI.

  11. Me thinks, MWP is the one that’s the least to progress further in the future. All the other crowns are super minor, unknown…I will not be surprised if in 5 years BPCI gets back the MW franchise! …MGI will bring down BPCI further to the brink if this still remains in BP 2020… if “pera-pera” lang ang motive kaya nagka-MUP (I mean with the hype there is for now) bka maglaho din ito in 5 years. MPE has built its reputation. Mutya will become brighter and bigger with Cory Quirino around…I hope she sticks with the group for the longest time…unless…😋

    • I do agree with you on the MGI franchise, BPCI is too classy for that trashy pageant. They always have favored Latina winners. I have never a pageant who instigate bullying on other pageant winners. SMA should not renew the contract with MGI

  12. Earth, PAY ATTENTION!

    Pagkakataon niyo na’to. You have the facially prettiest Court this year. Your stage design was unanimously loved by the local fans. And as far as sponsorship is concerned, peanuts! 🙂

    The 2020 theme – Eco Angels – will sync well with the looming solid waste crisis our country faces.

    Allow a regional sponsor to host the Final this time? ME can become the new “tourism pageant”, bringing the pageant around the country. I respectfully nominate MisOr to take first blood.

    I want Dr. Tejaswini Manogna to be MG-India 2020! Angkol, please, po. India has sent strong reps to your pageant; do not ignore them, anymore. I have no doubt the Venezolano hosts will approve of her.

  13. All of this are good news for me except for the fact that Miss Grand Madrina will still stay under BPCI! After all the brujaja of Samantha Lo and the shady remarks from the owner itself and the deliberate eluding to win the best sent candidate like Nicole Cordovez, the nerve to still offer the franchise!

  14. Norman, QUESTION for you:

    Since Gazini is under contract with BPCI, does she not get to crown the new Miss Universe Philippines next year at that pageant? If not, I hope BPCI gives her something to do during the coronation of the new Binibining queens next year.

    • My understanding is that Gazini has a different contract as Miss Universe Philippines compared to a Bb. Pilipinas titleholder. I’d like to think that she will be utilized by MUP.


      • I hope she gets to walk on both stages. BbP to hang up her crown as MUP and on MUP to crown her successor para peaceful naman ang turnover and to give BBP the closure it needs!

    • @ Lily Actually (HAHAHAH…! Just like Camille Basaino, indeed., am I), it is MUP that should “crown from scratch”, so to speak, as when you think about it this is the inaugural edition in a very true sense.

      GAZINI IS THE PRDUCT OF BBP. THEY OWN HER, as far as I am concerned.

      Gazini should have NOTHING to do with this “now-splinter group”. She can work the backstage of BBP 2020; this will help in further honing her hosting/reporting ability.

      And besides, Mr. Tinio said Catriona will probably be with the BPCI, while Pia precisely because of her affiliation with Jonas will be at MUP.

      Gazini is Catriona’s successor. They should be together in the same show. Let Pia RULE at the other.

  15. BBP and MEP for me. MUP is kadiri. Nagsimula sa greed and funded by stolen money. Walang values as its foundation. MWP nevermind. Tuta ni Julia. Yuck.

  16. Don’t worry about the franchise of ABSCBN. The government will close the network, but they will just transfer to a new one. From what I read. They might block time with TV 5 or they will buy ZOE TV of Villanueva. They will still broadcast shows. And one of them is Bb.Pilipinas and hopefully Miss Universe Philippines.

    • Correct. They will block time in other stations. Or buy another network. Besides, they are now very aggressive in their presence in different SOCIAL MEDIA platforms.

  17. I have a feeling that Ahtisa Manlo will join MWP instead of MUP. Bata pa siya (22yrs. old) at malawak ang kangyang options.

  18. I’m not too familiar with the licensure of certain pageants, but how did Bb lose the right to send candidates to MU? Does Bb need to pay a fee to MU in order to send a delegate to this pageant???

    • Franchise fees are paid annually by each of the MUO-accredited countries . For 2019, it was waived given that Catriona won in 2018. But since late 2018, the MU franchise has already been negotiated to give way to a dedicated national pageant for our representative.

      • @Norman says ” MU franchise negotiated to give way to a dedicated national pageant…?” Is BBP NOT dedicated enough??? We’re talking 55 years of sending reps to MU here…!!!??

      • What I meant with “dedicated” is having Miss Universe as the sole franchise where the entire national pageant will revolve around, much like Miss USA. I think the MUO would prefer that than a 6-in-1 national competition for branding purposes.

  19. Sir Norman you can finally cover in person Miss Universe Philippines, I heard that you were banned by BPCI in covering their events for reasons unknown


  20. I hope Mutya ng Pilipinas gets a larger international competition like Miss Grand International or Miss Supranational.

      • @ Norman Yyaaayyyy!!!….. GPVL is talking with Ms.Cory Quirino. 🙂

        April Short’s participation in a Europe-based model tilt was the hint. The ND, from what I have read about her, is quite comfortable in that continent.

        Someone commented that the low audience attendance at MWP 2019 was not too encouraging as far as the possibility of GPVL working with ALV for the Philippines is concerned.

        But if Mutya Pilipinas successfully negotiates the Supra franchise, producing the title “Mutya Pilipinas-Supranational”, how will they get guys for the Mister pageant? After all, GPVL wants ONE group to handle both girls and boys…..

        Unless…. Mutya organization CO-BRANDS with an already-existing and REPUTABLE male national pageant….. Alin, kaya? There are several…..

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