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  1. @Roi, Flor Tula, et al: At last I am reading intelligent discussions in this blog. Pageantry is a global industry. Its strategic posture is better viewed from the business perspective using business analytics. And the beauty is fast evolving into a holistic concept– physical, cerebral and character. Unless Philippine pageant organizations keep pace with this directional thrust, it will continue to misread the global pageantry dynamics and will soon lose its status as the “Global Pageant Powerhouse”.

  2. haba ng mga kuda
    mas mahaba pa sa blogger

    magsipag blog na lang kayo

    2019 is palubog
    2020 is pausbong muli sa dami ng national pageants

  3. Wow, it must be the season. Thank you to all the posters here, I only saw intelligent, or sensible, or diplomatic posts so far, and not gutter level, knee jerk responses that are better censored, as they only demean both the poster and the reader. I do believe that conversations such as these, even if on seemingly superficial topics as pageantry, can uplift our spirits, give us some good insights and invite constructive, and objective, if not polite discourses, without resorting to the P word, or name calling and bullying. And you posters here in this thread have even gone beyond being sensible. Some of you are educating us, with a bit of history, Thank you again, and Merry Christmas.

    Now to the “rough years”. I agree we can’t win them all. But I also agree that the failure of Gazini to crack the top 10 was a big let down, painful in fact. She who we expected to deliver the back to back sent us “back to backstage” instead, as one vlogger puts it. But we are not blaming her. I’ve talked about how i was unimpressed with her packaging and performance in the prelims before to the hatred of some here who could not accept that I was just trying to be objective (the shocking result did happen, I think the prelims has a lot to do with the selection of the top 10). I also talked about not putting too much pressure on her to the point of trying to make her who she is not, as she will be stiff, unnatural and nervous. I am not talking about those anymore. A top 20 is still a placement. It is not a total shut out. The same with Miss International, and Supra. We are still in the conversation. And, other candidates were very wary of our bets. That is how much they respect us.

    But the game is changing every time, and as a pageant powerhouse, we have to help define the new boundaries, the cutting edge in the game, and go to the Blue Ocean of Pageantry. Zozibini did just that. She redefined beauty unapologetically, Unconventional looks, a strong mind, a fiercely confident speech, and deep convictions were her weapons, and the perfect gown and softly sexy walk were just icing on the cake. She had no peer in that contest. She actually did exactly the opposite of what our pretty contestant and her handlers did.

    As pageantry merges with real life advocacy and beauty queens become real spokespersons for humanity, we will never fail to make a good impression if we give our candidates a deeper grounding on the real problems and issues confronting the world, not just our families and backyards. Beauty is merging with intelligence, and intelligence with a sense of mission. And the spokesperson is not only a good speaker, she also has an arresting but relatable personality. The gown and the walk are just ornaments, meant to catch our attention, mere reminders that we are still dealing with beauty pageants. But yes, pageants are now going to the “United Nations”. There are thousands of blue oceans there. And that’s one of the areas where we should now look towards, to remain in the fore front, along with redefining/restyling the look, the walk, the gown and the talk all the time, in a new era of the beautiful human being.


    • @Roi, brilliant thoughts on pageantry! I wish there are more intelligent pieces like this. I totally agree with you that as a global pageant powerhouse, we have to “help define the new boundaries, the cutting edge in the game, and go to the Blue Ocean of Pageantry”. In other words, as one of the– if not the de facto– global industry leader, we have to define the strategic posture and set the development pace of the business. We have to realize that the world is closely looking at our moves, whether with envy or respect. With millions of fan base scattered in all corners of the world and the cyberspace, we have the power to define the direction of this global business. It is up to industry influencers, major business players like pageant organizations, and fans to act responsibly and humbly worthy of a respected global leader.

      Happy New Year!

  4. UULITIN KO NA NAMAN ANG SINABI KO NA. WRONG PLACEMENTS of winners/titleholders. DAPAT SI JULIA SAUBIER or PATCH MAGTANONG for Miss Universe (trained sana by A&Q), VICKIE RUSHTON or HANNAH ARNOLD for Miss International (kasi memorized naman ang speech), EMMA TIGLAO for Miss Supranational (very good modelling skills/stage presence), GAZINI GANADOS for Miss Grand International (kasi bagay siya kay Nawat), LEREN BAUTISTA for Miss Globe, SAMANTHA BERNARDO, RESHAM SAEED or others girls for Miss Intercontinental. KASALANAN talaga to ng Bb. Pilipinas.


    SA Miss EARTH, HINDI PA TAYO DAPAT MANALO ULIT KASI LALONG MASISIRA ang not so good REPUTATION ng Miss Earth. Kaya pinili nila si Janelle Tee at sinadya talaga na hanggang Top 20 lang siya. HINDI PA NAKAKALIMOT ang pageant fans kay Karen Evasco.

    And the MOST OVERRATED among the GIRLS – GAZINI GANADOS. Gazini’s FANS are SO CRAZY with HER WITHOUT taking into considerations HER LIMITATIONS & WEAKNESSES.

    THESE ARE THE LESSONS for STELLA ARANETA, ARNOLD VEGAFRIA & the new MUP ORG. In the case of Miss Philippines Earth, maraming na silang lessons and they are more than enough. I hope these lessons will GUIDE them in 2020. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

    • Vicki and Hannah performed dismally during finals nights. Giving them a win would be questionable. But the results you wanted could have been closely achieved with a 2nd round of QandA which they should have already incorporated since at least 5 years ago.

  5. As much as 2010 will be remembered as the beginning of the Philippines’ golden decade in Miss Universe when Venus Raj finally landed a top 5 placement after a decade long drought, this year 2019 might be perceived by some as the beginning of the end of that golden decade, when the Philippines — for the first time in ten years — wasn’t able to break through a top 10 placement in Miss Universe.

    The year 2020 I hope will prove that wrong and and make it a year when the Philippines reclaims its rightful place as a powerhouse in Miss Universe. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the premiere edition of Miss Universe Philippines!

  6. Mga ineng, nataranta lang kayo kasi bigla’ng all of a sudden – thanks to Raj – tuloy-tuloy ang placement. Ta’s, naglaho just as suddenly.

    The tanders/gurangers, who grew up witnessing practically the entire tenure of MUP with BPCI, are in the best position to understand how DELICIOUS all this was. 🙂

    “…. nais ko’ng magpakalasing, dahil olats ako….”. From the song, “Beer”.

    We lived year-to-year nurturing HOPE.

    You will learn that STAYING THE COURSE – the ability to shake off a bad performance – is the hallmark of a champion. It is the attribute employers seek out among applicants; it is worth MORE than a stellar-looking (College) Transcript of Records.

  7. Analysis: The same camps who brought us where we are, have helped our neighbors catch up to us.

    Thanks to the work of the camps, our girls are trained to go very far. They are better-rounded and do well in each criteria of the pageants.

    Thing is, these camps have been training our neighbors too: Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, etc have received trainings from the same camp at one point or another.

    Our girls used to stand out as clearly the best in Asia-Pacific. Miles ahead of our neighbors. But now, our neighbors are sending girls just as strong as ours. They practice what they learned from us.

    This will now make it more difficult for us to beat them: Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia are stronger than ever. With Jonas training Singapore and handling Miss Universe Singapore, they could also get to that point.

    Hence, in future Miss Universe editions, I can imagine how much tougher it is to break the Top 5 for Asia-Pacific. We will need to outdo Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Africa, etc. each time.

    Now, unlike before, that’s a taller order.

    • Good analysis. This is so true.

      Jonas trained Singapore and Japan this year even taking care of their gowns. Imagine if one of them took Gazini’s spot… ouch!

      • @ Pilipinas Kong Mahal Precisely because MU needs to guarantee a level playing field regardless of background or backstory, our bet advanced on the sheer strength of her on-stage allure, something the other two apparently were short on.

        But here is my point. Jonas Gaffud’s “treachery/betrayal” notwithstanding…..

        ARE WE SAYING THAT WE WERE AHEAD IN THE REGION ALL ALONG SIMPLY BECAUSE OUR NEIGHBORS WERE LAGGING BEHIND? That’s a poor excuse that breeds complacency and then entitlement (this latter word the very same one the Blogger mentions in the text of the article above).

        SO, OUR PAGEANTRY MIRRORS OUR OWN POST-WAR II DECLINE, from second only to Japan to an economy made possible solely by the twin driving forces of consumption (myGawd! 105 million! We are too romantic, aren’t we?) and contract labor abroad. Seen in this way, PERHAPS WE OURSELVES ARE THE CAUSE? And not Jonas Gaffud, exclusively. Should we even be surprised? 🙂

        We wanted to believe we could keep the pace indefinitely. Unfortunately, the co-pilot bailed out, was picked up by the pursuer, and is now aiding their cause.

    • @ For the Philippines This “transfer” of expertise is inevitable. Three concepts come to mind – globalization, economies of scale, and FAST Internet.

      It was discussed in this blog before how Philippines was second only to Japan in economic terms. How we trained agriculturalists from abroad, with the effect that they have overtaken us in agricultural exports and ourselves became net importers. But all this, of course, has no moral weight. And we eventually came to realize that they were really primed to dominate in food production due to topographical and climatic advantages they possessed and which we simply lacked. Ganu’n talaga.

      Any seasoned economist will tell you that when you wane in your initial field of expertise due to competitors catching up or successfully decoding your firewall (so to speak), the WISE thing to do is a COMPLETE change of strategy, DONE CONFIDENTIALLY (of course so prying neighbors do not smell what’s cooking), and by people who can be trusted, people with proven loyalty.

      And I believe strongly in the Blue Ocean Strategy – GO WHERE YOUR ENEMY IS WEAK OR NON-EXISTENT. Monopolize that market! Where is this gold mine located? Ah! THAT’S the job of people like Mario Garcia. Because Marketing is all about smelling out opportunities and ACTUAL WORK to bring about the full realization of the prospects.

      In other words, complacency kills. You cannot just sit all day hoping a customer will place a call. YOU HAVE TO GO OUT AND FIND STILL MORE CUSTOMERS. Because your competitors, after all, are just as aggressive as you are, if not more so.

      • Yes, but one shouldn’t be feeding corporate secrets to your direct competitors.

        Pepsi will do everything to emulate the Coke formula… but Coke themselves will never hand that formula to them on a silver platter. It could kill them.

        Keeping it simple, training the competitors and handing them our secrets will make it harder for us.

        For example, the duck walk, a competitive advantage, is no longer ours as we have handed it to our competition. They are now doing it just as well.

      • Kudos to you for mentioning the Blue Ocean Strategy…. I feel I am actually talking to someone with real education here.. hihihihih

      • Tita Flor agriculturists po. Nawindang ako sa agriculturalist mo. Hehehe
        Peace po Tita. Merry Christmas.

    • @ For the Philippines I actually prefer Pepsi. 🙂

      The need to increase food production on a global scale has resulted, at least, in agriculture the demand for crops of ever-increasing quality and quantity. This was how GMO’s came to be.

      One year, a 4″ head of lettuce was considered BIG. Then breeders made them bigger. The bar is continually being elevated. And once size is fully exploited, the plant geeks will go in another direction – pest resistance, increased nutritive value, the ability to withstand climatic extremes, less fertilizer input, etc.

      Indeed, human frailty is the eventual (!) surrender of vital information. But we have to admit sooner or later the tortoise will catch up with the hare. The hunger for improvement will, even by itself, drive the elevation of standards. INEVITABLE. You said it perfectly – “taller order”.

    • True.

      Even KF the 2nd rate training camp effect on international candidates were appreciated enough to clinch a title.

      Pero nakakasawa na rin tayo na lang palagi ang panalo. Pahinga rin muna.

      Better let the designers focus on the developed skills in the Fashion Industry. Create more recognized brands.

      It was the thirst for the crown that developed the camps. Then the camps became very intense in observations that they gained the skills to develop winning candidates. Then these camps with their fame and brands got the attention of the international organizers. Since there is more money to be held, they lost their interest in developing local talents (besides other “perks”) that they even attempted to schedule who will win in the pageants.

      But really, our candidates this year are very KF branded, so much for style but weak in character. A&Q’s solid training is the gold standard. Caloy’s dancing training is still messy, the MGI candidate training stance even if you can see that something is wrong, is still not polished.

      But I believe A&Q stated to be a little proud and the designers have also become proud, or the designs have been very very polished but the sparkle is not there.

      I think everybody needs to re-align or just support the pageant industry’s longevity, but not really to win. We have won enough. Letting others win will be good for everybody. It is not all Miss Philippines after all.

      It is not rough, we had the time to shine. It is like a pendulum or styles, we are not the style needed today. Like the alternating trends or maximalism and minimalism.

      Venezuela had time, India had time, Thailand had time, the Philippines had time…It is time for us to be like the Venezuelans…let us be gracious.

      • But I believe A&Q started*

        It is not rough, we had the time to shine. It is like a pendulum of* styles, we are not the style needed today like* the alternating trends of* maximalism and minimalism.

  8. As an avent sports fan would say, “you win some, you lose some.” In both cases, one sincerely supports its favorite sports team year in and year out. Liken MU, MW, or MI as major sporting events one should “always” support the Filipina rep and the Philippine sash in every which way.

    If the Philippine sash so happens NOT win, life goes on..there are bills to pay, family to support and hopefully we are fortunate to live another day. A crown is never guaranteed and neither is tommorow.

    I really do not think this was an unsuccessful year. All but Sam Lo placed! However, if compared to 2010 to 2018, pageantry in 2019 fell below what Filipino fans have grown accustomed to.
    If anything it may be time to swallow a small dose of humility and smell the “decaf.”

    Merry Christmas, y’all.

  9. Philippines Pride- Misters of Filipinas Mister Model Worldwide 2019 Gianluca Lanta win a title as one of MISTER MODEL WORLDWIDE 2019 AMBASSADORS during the finale of Mister Model Worldwide 2019 held in New Delhi, India.

    Gianluca also receives four special Awards, as follows:

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  10. Yes I feel that our girls deserve more but then that is luck in pageantry.

    Also, the fans need to realize that you also carry the brand which is the girls representing the country. Let this be a lesson learned to always stay humble and not attack the organizers in the future. This is karma for the bullying fans did to Miss Globe….

    Pinoys need to stop that mentality. Be happy and exercise some humility in the future.

    • Rabid Pinoy fans must learn to be humble and not engage in bashing other countries’ delegates and pageant fans. Before Venus Raj, hindi naman gaano ka impressive ang performance ng Philippines, although angat pa rin tayo compared to other countries. Mayado lang tayong entitled.

  11. SO it’s true , Emma was handed an injustice , she was robbed of the opportunity to fight for the crown, even being Miss Popularity should have landed her in the finals just like last year …

    But my bigger you-know-what is in MU. I believe the top 20 based on opening statements alone being cut down to 10 is very very harsh. I hope they make a change next year and cut the 20 to 15 and let the 15 compete in swimsuits, then cut them down to 10 for the gowns. This is much much more fair.

    • Being cut from 80 to 20 is even more drastic. Before it was even 80 to 15.

      Miss Universe has always done severe cuts to the point that the first cut was so painful for us until 2010 as we never went past it.

      It’s Universe has always made drastic cuts. That we cannot control.

      What we should do is make sure we send girls, who are ready for all these cuts, I.e. Gazini should have been ready to deliver that 30-second monologue convincingly, sincerely and impeccably. 😉

      • It can be less harsh even if it’s always been harsh. Cut the 20 down to 15 for the swimsuit competition …. OR … after competing in the opening statements, let all 20 compete in swimsuits and the combined scores in the opening statements and swimsuits will determine the Top 10 for the gowns… That is less harsh and more fair.

      • Agree to this. The speech was the most expected part of the competition that she should have trained the most for. The monologue was too long with words ad statements all over the place. Parang wala man lang nagedit to make it roll off her tongue and sound fluid to the ears. Kung may words that Gazini had difficulty pronouncing, change it

  12. 2019 is not a bad year at all. What happened this year is an eye opener to everybody. Tall and beautiful is not enough but she should equip with wit,will and determination. I hope the local pageant organizers start looking for a fresh candidates, who is not only beautiful, smart, tall, educated but they should focus on a possible candidate who has a trait of leadership, passionate about her advocacy, and above all her ability to promote the purpose of the organization.

  13. ok lang yan at least hindi totally deadma yung ibang bansa nga wala pang winner or semi finalist pero join lang nang join minsan tuloy naisip ko di pa ba nila na gets? hehe…and every year talagang merong representative minsan wala sa proportion ang body or not really a beauty pageant material pero emote pa din sila …in fairness sa Philippines di na tayo napag iwanan swertihan lang….malay next year mag iba naman …laban lang…..merry christmas

  14. Patricia Magtanong was trainning for Miss Universe since she was 17, Aside from being an active PMAP ramp and commercial model, she was able to finish BS Economics with a Cum Laude and later graduate with a law degree as a scholar of the most prestigious state university in our country before finaly joinning Binibining Pilipinas and winning BBP-International… Her total performance at Miss International is more than desserving to be at least a runner-up. I see a very long list of the creme dela creme in pageantry, from repeaters to multiple title holders BUT if Patricia decides to join Miss Universe Philippines this year, she would be without a doubt, the most desserving to win.

  15. Hindi ako nage-expect ng back to back pero at least higher placement man lang sana! Kung ang India, South Africa, Venezuela nagawang maka-first runner a year after manalo bakit ang Filipinas palpak despite the fact na combined force na ng mga training camp ang effort!

    Rewind sa Binibining Pilipinas, sino ba nakapagbigay ng pinaka direct to the point na sagot during the Q&A round?

    Totoo na ibang level yung ginawa ni Cat to such an extent na Kahit nga si Zozibini hindi ganun ang level pero nanalo!

    Nasa candidate talaga kung paano niya present sarili niya sa mga judges. Si Pasay nga late dumating, nagmagaling pa na hindi siya dumulas sa stage eh naka-Top5 at kung si Frederica na bonsai eh naka-Top 10 bakit si Gazini hanggang Top 20 lang na kung ang pamantayan ng streak eh Top 10 every year technically putol na yung streak!

    Kaya kung ang gagamitin na metric ng bagong MUP na yan eh the same sa ginamit ng BPCI sa pagpili kay Gazini, palpak nanaman ang kalalabasan!

    • Hahaha naniniwala ka talaga na nagsama sama ang mga training camp kay Gazini? Ahahaha… packaging wise tatak KF sya mula ulo hanggang paa… may ginawa ba si Jonas sa kanya, probably nilinis nya lang yung turo mga turo ni Rodgil…

      Kung ako ang tatanungin, dapat MGI talaga sya, at si Patch ang MU…

    • Gazini let herself down with her monologue delivery during the Top 20 round. All the training went to waste when she couldn’t deliver with conviction. It is what it is.

      She already memorized what she was going to say, she should have faked confidence if she had to. She was supposed to have been trained for that.

      • Amen to this… Peters v2.0 si Gazini actually… from the nerve wracking spiel etc… anyways, for sure, A&Q na ang mananalo sa MUP kaya kampante na ako na makakabawi tayo next year sa MU…

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