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  1. sunset na ang Felepens

    kesehodang 4 to 10 national pageants pa yan

    talunan na sa international stage

    umay na ang mundo

    • @ kembular2020 Sunset, perhaps. But, not drought.

      For as long as we consistently get even First Cut placements, we GOT GAME.

      Alam mo kung ano’ng nakita ko kanina, on the way back from morning coffee and breakfast buns? Sa tabloid, sa front page, “Pinas, may isa’ng corona mula kay Cyrille Payumo”.

      SIYA na humalili lang sa dapat talaga’ng sasabak, siya pa nanalo. ‘Yung hindi pinilit, nakasungkit!

      Both Mr. Tinio and Paula Shugart said so. IF IT’S FOR YOU, YOU’LL GET IT. 🙂

  2. KASALANAN ng Bb. PILIPINAS (Owner, Staff & Judges) ang PAGKATALO ng ating mga kandidata sa 2019. WRONG PLACEMENTS of titleholders. Kasi dapat ganito ang placements ng mga WINNER:

    Miss Universe Philippines – BEA PATRICIA MAGTANONG,
    Bb. Pilipinas International – HANNAH ARNOLD or VICKIE RUSHTON (memorized speech naman),
    Bb. Pilipinas Supranational – EMMA TIGLAO,
    Bb. Pilipinas Grand International – GAZINI GANADOS (Kasi siya ang bagay kay Nawat),
    Bb. Pilipinas Globe – LEREN MAE BAUTISTA, &
    Bb. Pilipinas Intercontinental – RESHAM SAEED.

    • Tapos na Paul ang mga patimpalak ng 2019. Ilang tulog na lang 2020 baka sa taon na ito ang suwerte ng Pilipinas. Kahit sino pa ang ipadala sa mga patimpalak sigurado na Thailand ang mag-uuwi ng suwerte ngayon taon dahil alaga sila ng mga magagaling na tagasanay na Pilipino kaya tignan na lang sa 2020 kung masuwerte ang mga kalahok mula sa Pilipinas.

    • @ paul Resham’s liberated Moslem woman image will not sit well in Egypt. Attorney’s fidgeting during MI proves she is still mentally raw (after all, she just got out of college).

      You’re right with Vickie for MI. EVERYTHING LED to her going there – the adjustment of the age ceiling to 28, the (informal) approval of the Admins at MI, and her Ever Bilena endorsement (a subtle hint at a Paris Group ambassadorship, post-pageant). I-de-“deliberation” rin lang din (aka, cooking show), hindi pa nila ginawa! 🙂

      Any bet we sent to Venezuela would have been wasted. It is CLEAR my dear sweet Angkol had an agenda….

  3. Parang was mo na Emma ! Sana tumigil ka na sa Kakà sali . Wala ka ng paparetoke pa. Gurl get a job . Kakasawa na. Good luck with life but spare us. Good effort . Congrats but it’s enough

    • @ Gasgazini Speaking of getting a job, EMT was a Runner-up at Miss Midori Clark, right? Perhaps she could try her luck there, now. And it’s in Pampanga, right? 🙂

      Referring to your username, I actually would not mind seeing more of Gazinii, post-pageant. I saw her endorsement of Blue Water (Day?) Spa, recently. Any more projects in the pipeline?

      Ang “approaching gasgas” sa akin is Catriona! 😦

      UMAY NA! After, the Book and the Album, I highly suggest she take a break from the public eye, para LOVE can re-start. I think all of us will agree that THE ONE FOR CAT will be be a low-key but well-entrenched young man who has little need, if any, for the limelight, content to let his lady shine.

      Ta’s, kuha siya ng Jollibee franchises ALL OVER THE COUNTRY, and sitting pretty na lang siya, living off the earnings. Her Manager probably could select the very best locations for her.

      • Cat does need to take a break. Maybe get more education ? She must need a break from the public eye . Focus on herself muna

  4. Nakakahiya mga kapwa Pilipino… naglalabasan mga masamang ugali… Nakapaka insecure, mayabang mapaghiganti, mapang-mataas and best of all, mapanglait… Kung makapanglait sa ibang lahi grabe… Sabihan ba naman mabaho yung isang basher porque Arabo… Hindi nya naisip na ang venue e Egypt, lupain ng mga Arabo?… Tanga lang? Kapag nilait, gaganti ngipin sa ngipin, mata sa mata.. haaaays!!! Hahaha Mga 10 years or more uli bago pa tayo uli magkaroon ng crown… tsk tsk tsk…

    • @ Fake Closer2Eame Magagalit sa ‘yo si real C2F….. Ayaw niya ginagamit username niya. 🙂

      Sabi ko na nga ba…. Hindi makatiis ang mga Pi(g)noy. 😦

      When we said last year shortly after Cat won at MU that she had “set the bar high for pageantry” and that we would be very hard-pressed to find someone in her league so we should not be surprised if we do not win again anytime soon, THAT began our “collective downfall”.

      With all due respects to Cat and her win was not undeserved I will admit, this mentality of rabid fans is just plain and simple ARROGANCE. Instead of becoming gracious, they became vicious, as if protecting the Crown Jewels…..

      Anyway, I think this is an opportune time for all the major Filipinas Nationals to calibrate to what is undeniably a downturn for us. They need to determine how to regain grasp of the ESSENTIALS, because I believe (kasi si Fahsai bi-nash nu’ng Admins sa BksoP na “pageant patty” daw) we as a nation lost that in our drive for domination begun by Raj in 2010.

  5. Miss Universe Thailand 2019 — Top 5 Finalist
    Miss International Thailand 2019 – Miss International 2019
    Miss Supranational Thailand 2019 – Miss Supranational 2019
    Miss World Thailand 2019 – Top 40 Finalist
    Miss Grand International Thailand 2019 – Second Runner-up
    Miss Intercontinental Thailand 2019 – Second Runner -up

    The students had become the master. It is your turn Philippines in 2020.

  6. Condolence sa mga vaklang fanget😆
    Yun lungs😆
    Be humble next year Kasi dafat babawi sa magandang kalooban Ang mga vaklang fanget para suwertehin ang mga kandidata nyo😊 hihihi 😊

  7. Miss Intercontinental 2019 Hungary

    First Runner-up United States of America
    Second Runner-up Thailand
    Third Runner-up South Africa
    Fourth Runner-up Peru

    Top 20 Finalist Philippines

    Good job Philippines! We are proud of you Miss Philippines.

    • @ Bellona Thanks for sharing.

      EMT was, imo, the undeniable STAR of Asia.

      My Gawhd! The result is somehow reflective of the tide/trend in global pageantry; even the winner seems come-from-behind, again…. 🙂

      And THAT concludes the 2019 BBP pageant cycle.

      CONGRATS to LMB for giving the best finish of the year – 2nd Runner-up.

  8. Best Body – COSTA RICA
    Best in Evening Gown – SPAIN
    Best in National Costume – GUATEMALA


    1. Mauritius
    2. Egypt
    3. South Africa

    4. Thailand
    5. Philippines
    6. Japan
    7. Australia
    8. Korea

    9. Spain
    10. Czech Republic
    11. England
    12. Netherlands
    13. Romania
    14. Hungary

    15. USA
    16. Costa Rica
    17. Dominican Republic

    18. Peru
    19. Venezuela
    20. Colombia

  10. Off topic;

    Newly crowned Miss America 2020, Camille Schrier is a biochemist. For her talent competetion she showed the audience “the catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide.” Really?!

    Preliminary competrtion (25%), stage interview (25%), talent competetion (30%), and social impact pitch (20%) comprise the score in determining the winner. The swimsuit and evening gown competetion have been eliminated.

    I’m all for the empowerment of women but Miss America has taken the “beauty” completely out of the pageant.

    What fun are pageants without swimsuits and evening gowns? Just shaking my head.

    • @ just saying Don’t fret with this pageant. It has clearly opted for a niche audience, not the mass market.

      Even in our heyday, only the most beaucon-crazed would bother.


      • I agree FlorTula…
        However, I had to raise an eyebrow when it was announced that one of the judges at MU20, Cara Mund, is a former Miss America. I said “what!?”


    • Not a pageant anymore, more like a job interview. It was boring as hell like I was in the boardroom watching a potential candidate for the job, zzzzz😢

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