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  1. Handlers, one effective and still fun way to get extraneous verbal mannerisms (“actually”) out of one’s daily speech is to read advice columns on life, finance, and romance in reputable dailies.

    It’s basically a narrative and can be torture for people who have little patience for long text devoid of pictures. But as in the training of an athlete, it is about mental conditioning, but in a positive way. And as in any training module, it can be broken down into manageable bite-size pieces.

    Such columns are, in fact, edited for brevity as it needs to comply with space constraints, not to mention that writers are constantly having to sound relatable lest the Editor-In-Chief haves their services terminated for work that elicits no emotional response from readers. My point? It is possible to weave a concise answer without losing the soul of of the story.

    Gabrielle Camille has the ADVANTAGE of a nearly-unanimous approval by pageant fans, something that most of our other 2019 titlists did not enjoy, for whatever reason/s. When pageant organizers see that a candidate is polarizing, then they have an instant and convenient excuse NOT to give the crown to her.

    Ms. Basiano, take your time. Already, your Friendship title is an excellent credential, enough to open doors to opportunities you never even thought existed. 🙂

  2. She’s using Actually to actually start her sentence and it’s actually annoying to actually listen her speak but actually it’s quite unnecessary……🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. Did anybody watched Miss America 2.0 (2020)? They’re really choosing ladies with exponential with rather than just mere beauty. The likes of Karen Ibasco (Miss Earth winner) would do well as well at the current Miss America, Miss Universe version….

  4. No doubt she is beautiful and I hope she master her communication skills before she will join the pageant. Nowadays if you are planning to join a pageant you must be equip with wit, talent and determination. Being tall and beautiful is not enough and I still believe being educated is a big help also.

  5. I also love this girl… She’s a bit redundant at times.. but it’s not bad for someone speaking her 3rd language… I love her classic doll-like features with a hint of the ideal Asian traits like straight jet black hair and clear white porcelain skin… With the right trainning in hosting and modelling… She could possibly be a force to reckon with… And while doing all that, she should continue to pursue her other passions and make a name for herself outside of pageantry untill she’s ripe for the picking… Once she is well accomplished in all those fields, she can join one of our top tier nationals and win!

  6. She is very beautiful. BUT SHE NEEDS TO HONE HER COMMUNICATION SKILLS. Content-wise kailangan may maraming alam. Magbasa at mag-aral nang mabuti. Binibining Pilipinas muna. Next three years pa sa Miss Universe Philippines.

  7. That’s one tacky gown…..sometimes slit does not have to be super high to the point that everyone could see your groin…….this is just tacky.

  8. So beautiful lady, but she should minimize using “Actually” in her interviews. Pero ang face and physical built plus her long legs, undeniably pang-pageant talaga.

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