30 comments on “Trisha Bantigue: Will the CEO of her own Tech Company do for Miss Universe Philippines?

  1. We need the like of nicole.cordoves kung qualified pa age. if miss universe has new branding.. we need great speakers, great presence, reputable background not just model or artist. Being beautiful and a ramp.modeling is an advantage but not priority. Maybe yung sumali ng 2019 na inisnab sa top 10 or 20 ba yun.

    • pang top 20 lang talaga si nicole. kulang siya sa face dept. besides that di naman super ganda ang performance niya sa messy grandma. yung q&a niya, di rin kabog, nagkataon lang na mahina kalaban niya sa q&a. iba na lang

  2. Saw her in person sa Axis Planet Hollywood during Miss Universe 2017 sa Vegas. Shes short in person. Cute pero pang minor lang. Shes Miss Asian Global 2017

  3. For a beauty camp to groom and physically transform an MUP potential who has a career, driven and with solid communication skills might be easier then prepping a modelesque gorgeous faced/physique beauty and “then” giving her six month crash courses in communication and speaking skills.

  4. She’s telegenic, and grows on you as she speaks. Like Indonesia 2019, she can go as far as Top 10! She may also do well at Miss World! Luv her! 🥰

  5. who else applied for MUP2020 so far that can be confirmed ? … battle royale and hopefully nobody gets discouraged from joining again if they fail … there’s going to be just one MUP2020 !

    I hope they trim the candidates down to only around 20 and hopefully Shamcey will tell the rest to not give up hope and apply again next year …

  6. She’s pretty and can obviously speak, but being a CEO takes a huge amount of personal time. Maybe that’ll be her mantra, a woman can do anything she sets her mind to.

      • Thank you! She’s quite accomplished…though honestly for me her physical appearance doesn’t have any wow factor at all – but who knows, maybe she can be transformed into a voluptuous asian vixen who can speak (and speak well) and carry our flag.

  7. may kahawig sya..Ms WORLD 2016 2nd RU from Indonesia..


  8. May cuteness factor sya. Ito Yun sinasabi ko na simple maganda pero may kuda at meat. Pwede I develop by skin care and lasers. Diva
    Yun iba na di umabot sa Gandameter(wag close. Mind pls) pwede Sana pumunta na sa ortho or belo konting tasa at kikil viola ang result mup na after

  9. She has HUGE potential! Maamo ang fez with that curly pony. I like her. Oriental beauty that i think she can show versatility as well. Yes yes yes! hihihihi

  10. Someone like this represents a “tabula rasa” – a blank slate – for the MUP Team to develop into a bona fide beaucon winner. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY COULD GET. And prove both to themselves and skeptics that they GOT GAME.

    Ayan, Sir Blogger. May nasabi na’ko…. Gutom lang, pala.


  11. Hmmm…. great story!

    With the right trainning, orthodontic adjustment and styling, she could make the Top 5 at MU….

  12. Does she have a Philippine passport? Authentic? We don’t want another Samantha Lo case here, right?

    Does she has the necessary residency requirement to be eligible for MUP? Hello, Anjeanette Abayari!

    While I admire her being a CEO of her own company, marami rin kasing business na “on paper” lang? or “virtual” lang? And a business is suppose to generate income and provide jobs and kung wala nun, kayo na magdugtong!

    Incidentally, nasa Philippines daw si Kelsey Merritt! Bet ko to for Miss Supra!

    • I wonder if her Victoria’s secret contract would allow her to join an international beauty pageant?

  13. I’ve watched her video.
    Impressive speaking skill.
    Impressive educational and professional background.
    All she needs to do now is to focus on the physical aspect.
    Develop her body and her style since she’s already mastered the art of public speaking and oral communications.

  14. Tinanong mo pa, Blogger King, kung puwede siya sa MUP. ‘Eh. nagpasa na pala ng Application. Para naman’g mapipigilan pa namin with our opinions. 🙂

    Juice colored. Gusto ko i-bash….. LOL.

    Sige! ‘Ika nga ni Atty. Magtanong, “gorabels”.

    ‘Ta_gi_a, wala ako’ng nasabi. Wala’ng silbi’ng comment, ‘to.

    (Ganu’n siya kagaling? Natahimik aketch?)

    • Trisha’s Blog entry was scheduled for posting this morning. But because of family errands, I was not able to convert the draft to published on time. She submitted her application to MUP just an hour or so ago. 😕

      • norman. she submitted over the counter? lol or online? i hope may chika ka din who submitted MUP2020 application. dont tell me you will keep those secret? oh norman. we need update now 😘.
        Totally impressive credentials. Theres something need ipaayos facially. But if she can get the attention of the judges with that natural look on stage performances especially in MU. then proceed to the screening girl!
        norman. ive read that arriene C will join too? If i were her join mwp again or bbp. sure crown ka na inday!

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