3 comments on “Miss and Mister Supranational 2019 Anntonia Porsild and Nate Crnkovich

  1. I assume doing so would be cheaper in terms of GPVL giving some discount on the franchise….parang “bundle price”….

    If it will pay off in terms of more consistent placement in Poland long-term, why not?

    There are a number of still-emerging-therefore-still-noncommittal Nationals offering both Miss and Mister titles. Supranational organization must talk to them carefully. MORE IMPORTANTLY, A LOCAL PARTNER WITH WILLINGNESS TO SPEND LAVISHLY ON PAGEANTRY, ENOUGH TO ACTUALLY GUARANTEE MASS MEDIA EXPOSURE FOR THE TITLISTS, MUST BE FOUND. Connections lang, ‘yan! You know somebody who knows somebody who….

    Brazil CNB, I know, has BOTH the Miss and Mister franchises.

    Is GPVL impatient to accelerate his brand worldwide?

    • @ CatrionaFan I will take your username to mean GPVL needs to sort out why his lags behind MU.

      Thanks for the brutal honesty. Blogger will make sure your sentiment reaches the right people.

      Since 2017 pa ‘to’ng “balita’ng” ‘to. Is it possible that since then, a prospective taker has now properly incubated? But I guess Blogger will not prematurely spill the beans and squeal. 🙂

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