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  1. All of this discussion regarding 19 year old Annabelle are moot unless she becomes a citizen of the Philippines. Yep. Born in England and as been living illegally in Iligan almost her entire life. Unfortunately a scholar but not the capacity to resolve personal issues between herself and her biological Filipino mother. . . Beauty is only skin deep.

    • @Stu Gotz

      Whoever you are, you seem to be very threatened by this girl. FYI, by Jus sanguinis, the principle of nationality law by which citizenship is determined or acquired by the nationality or ethnicity of one or both parents. Therefore, Anabelle is already by default, a Filipino regardless of where she is born.

    • I totaly agree…
      It’s easier to tone down someone who has a lot to give.. than beat the crap out of a dead horse. She can be easily trainned to gain the same substance and wit of Catriona compaired to someone na kahit-anong pilit e wala talaga ibubuga. I am lookinv forward to this girl’s huge transformation.

      • @CLOSER….yes yes and yes…..she has the drive and you could see it clearly that she’s very eager and has so much energy. However, tone down that eagerness and slow down. lol. She sounds very modern and not very provincial. Perhaps practice pronouncing some english words correctly and she’ll be just fine

  2. I do love this girl… I do see her winning a top tier international beauty title but not in 2020… She needs to further sharpen her hosting/modeling skills and create a strong confident personality that is not a copy of Megan, Pia & Catriona…. She needs to build and support a cause that is derived from her own personal experience. Pursue her passions… then she could join and hit the home run!

    • @ Closer2Fame See Sjeffie Cheon’s comment, below.

      If she wins this, she learns SCUBA and gets an instant advocacy, with the backing of SCUBA diving operators here and abroad. Plus, it’s FUN. 🙂

      But is 19 a good enough age to begin with SCUBA?

      • If it’s her passion to begin with then why not… but if you ask me.. scuba is my last option because it could damage my skin even if I put a total body rash guard to protect me from the sun…. I was thinking an eco-tourism related sports or hobby aside from Scuba..

  3. Off topic;

    If the 2020 batch of MUP potentials is an indeed an “all-star” cast then it would be a monumental disappointment if the winner does “not” advance into the top 10 or better.

    MUPO has a lot of pressure on its shoulders. Speaking of which, I truly hope KF and Mr. Flores are healing from what had to be a totally disappointing and almost embarrassing Miss Universe 2019 experience for the camp. I was hoping their 3rd try would be a “charm.” Sadly it was not and the negative stigma continues.

    • @ just saying Please enlighten us what you imply with the word ‘not’ in double comma…. 🙂

      Do not worry. Your comment is not entirely OT. The Blogger (and the MUPO) really intend for the fans to embrace new faces like Ms. McDonnell, here; that is their real intent and it is becoming clearer as the days progress.

      I WILL PREDICT THE INAUGURAL MUP WILL CROWN A NEWBIE (read, NOT a BBP veteran). They will accept/accommodate crossovers, only. Those BBP “all-stars” will burn out as supernovae fillers.

      • double comma???? asaan?…. quotation marks po. Agree “an All-star” cast will have a high morbidity rate for previous winners as only one crown is at stake,
        Imagine the morbidity if a NEWBIE is crowned

      • @ john manalo ‘Ay, sorry! Quotation marks, pala, tawag du’n.

        Kanina ko pa iniisip. Thank you, po. 🙂

        The alternative is to crown a crossover. And as far as Mr. Tinio’s Picks are so far concerned, that’s either Jamie Herrell or Ganiel Krishnan. I am gravitating towards the former.


        Although lacking in the physical stature (height), it must be said.

        Oh! And, one more thing…..

        BPCI MUST RETAIN AND IN FACT STRICTLY ENFORCE THEIR MINIMUM HEIGHT REQUIREMENT. They have become renowned for the tallest candidates in Filipinas pageantry – April Short, Pauline Anne Cordero, and Marilen Espino come to mind. They MUST maintain their edge in this regard! Height, we have to admit, has become synonymous with BBP.

        But then this means the likes of Joanna Toledo will never crown, a semifinal finish the furthest she could possibly get in this pageant.

    • same thoughts. so i think 5 past titlist a year is enough. it is a fun competition. but mashaket makita na matalino si ganito ganire. since past titles sila. lalo na kung lahat sila natalo ng newbie. But if decided ang 10 or more titlist. well its their decision and since veteran na sila so mukhang yaka naman nila what ever the result would be. masaya din kase pag nasa competition ka. But for me. let the old ones join first.

  4. I love her spunk and assured energy when speaking. She sounded like she idolizes Cat, which is not a bad thing if you’re looking for a role model. I think a year or two of advocacy immersion would benefit her tremendously.

  5. Zozobini Tunzi DID NOT WIN THE FIRST TIME around SHE JOINED THE NATIONAL PAGEANT. So is Catriona. It is a lot better sending a candidate to Miss Universe with a LOT of life experiences, and yes including pain, than a candidate who has not even graduated from college. Majority of the winners in the past ten years in Miss Universe were in their mid-20s and already have careers. I am more on the EXPERIENCED ONES than these FRESH FACES who are still breastfeeding and cannot yet differentiate Koppel from Keppel. REMEMBER the CASE of Gwendoline Ruais. She lost in the Binibini, the following year the Miss World franchise was transferred to Cory Quirino. She joined MWP and won the national title, then went on to become the FIRST RUNNERS UP in Miss World 2011. JULIA SAUBIER should follow this path. What she needs is repackaging, better styling and wardrobe, better stage presentation, etc. Si Zozobini ba sobrang ganda? Kulang din siya sa ganda but won the crown.

    • Those two women are a rare case. First of all both are native speakers so they speak very well and very articulate. Second of all they were both trained very well.

      Their failure made them hungry for the crown. They both wanted it. They didn’t go there to compete they went there to win. Sad to say karamihan sa mga sumasali ngayon eh wala nang ganyang klase ng attitude. Kaya nalang sila sumasali is because of self fame gusto lang talaga nilang sumikat In other words dahil sa pera.

      It’s going to be difficult to find another Pia or Catriona these days. Good luck sa MUP.

      World peace 🙂

    • Zozibini is a gorgeous black beauty. I dont know why people keep on saying she isn’t beautiful enough.

      She has edgy looks and slim figure perfect for modeling. Add her confidence and gift of gab then you have a perfect package.

      I would say though that she got a little lucky since Puerto Rico was so close I think but her answer on Leadership really sealed the deal for her. Being at Tyler Perry studios also added to her luck.

      But at the end of the day, she made it happen for herself to win that crown.

  6. NOW I GET IT!

    Tinio San is probably privy to the TRUE sentiments of the MUPO – THEY WANT ALL FRESH FACES. As Samantha (below) said, this will be their maiden/inaugural effort, AND THE WORST THING THEY CAN DO IS TO ADMIT THE USED GOODS OF THE OLD “OWNER” (BPCI). Branding thing.

    They probably requested NT to appeal to his blog commentators for understanding and open-mindedness. Because his saying in the previous post that Catriona Gray will be near-impossible to mimic is telling.


    I will just give my preferences for now, based on all the subliminal hints he has dropped thus far.

    MUP 2020 – Herrell (She is willing to switch camps, after all.)
    McDonnell will be a Runner-up on the strength of her GRIT (very Cyrille Payumo!).
    Pojas and Rhedey will be semifinalists. Just as Khanomporn Thogpol was at MUT 2018.

    BBP 2020 :
    International – Krishnan
    Supranational – Malinao
    Grand International – Smith
    Intercontinental – Arnold
    (The)Globe – Gigante

    Cortesi, forget it. Join Miss Italy, instead. Hopefully, you end up either at World or Supranational.

    Saubier, I now think, will quit pageantry for good. Filipinos simply will not accept brains without beauty, and the calls for her to join a camp is probably annoying her, as well?


  7. after crowning a colored woman. they will possibly crown a dark/light brown skinned woman of substance or a short woman of substance or mixed. wynwyn is my choice for that. They will still possibly go to tisay but depends. but who knows crowning wynwyn will make mu even more woman Friendly i mean diba ang ganda kung yearly iba iba ang uri ng girls na nanalo. they crowned a taller tisay. they crowned a black woman. so crowning a browned/light brown skinned woman with substance will possibly on their bucket list. idk if wyn is light brown but she is a great choice in terms sa varieties ng mu winners yearly.

    • Jonas and Shamcey will not allow WynWyn, with her middling height and looks, to win in their maiden venture as Miss Universe Philippines organizers. Because she won in that 5th tier beauty pageant in South America? She should set her eyes on Miss Asia Pacific something or other.

      • i never mentioned wyn cause of her winning RH. But because of her performance and everything she have shown that night. There is something to wynwyn that will make the judges ignore her height. she has the exotic beauty. the poise and confidence and the good comm skills. Do you think MU will crown again this time a sunny beautiful face like demi and cat? now that they have crowned a colored woman there is a possibility for wynwyn in MU. i think jonas is aware sa mga happenings sa MU nowadays.

  8. Kris Tiffany Janson is still the best for MUP. None of those featured so far can match ir even get close to her beauty and intelligence. I hope she considers joining.

    • I love your confidence in Kris Janson. But if memory serves me right, she will already turn 30 on December 21. 😕 Age will be her biggest hurdle.

      • Oh is that so Mr Norman? Then that would really prevent her from joining.
        Sad, but we have to accept it. Pageant has rules. Just feel bad that she was wasted in the pageant where she was sent and she has the fullest potential but she cannot join because of her age.

        Maybe one day Mr Norman, you can write an article about her here in your blog. That would make a lot of readers happy especially me.
        Thank you.

  9. WOW! And a versatile look. Catriona in the first photo, Jehza in the second, and Laura in the video.

    Mr. Tinio, “feelenial” (feeling millennial) ba ‘yang “well-meaninged tutor” na ‘yan? 🙂

    Fred Cull is also 19, no?

    I can see a semifinal finish at MUP 2020 for her.

    Then, return in 2024 or 2025 for the KILL.

  10. It’s still Kris Tiffany Janson for me. None of those featured so far can even come close to Kris Janson in terms of beauty and intelligence.

  11. This girl got the goods!!!!… I love her use for specific words that the only tweaking I think she needs with her comskills is to slow down and be more relatable. I want her to join a slightly higher tier pageant but not one of the top tier nationals… Possibly a modeling contest that could hone her modeling skills… BUT if she really wants to join this year at MUP, she should only be 1st or 2nd RUP… it’s her chance to be trained extensively and be resserved for the year when all political factors are in our country’s favor. I also love the fact that she could wear a glamourized Maranao costume because it actually represents her hometown. Practice those fan dance moves as early as now.. It would come in handy soon enough.

  12. After watching Miss Universe 2019
    This 19 yrs old, young and fresh girl from Iligan, Lanao del Norte really strike my mind since the Arena of the international pageantry is now getting hotter in terms of Beauty and Brain(Witty to the Maximum Level) . So, it’s time for Miss Philippines Universe to look for a candidate like Catriona’s confident to talk spontaneously and I’m rooting for Miss Annabelle to pursue her career as to empowered woman to make an influence in the bigger space.

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