23 comments on “Maria Gigante: Poised to make the giant leap to Miss Universe Philippines 2020?

  1. I hope for this year’s search, ibalik nila ang mga pinay-looking candidates – like sina Diaz, Tugonon, Arida, Lastimosa, Silayan, Quiambao…. Our candidate should truly represent the Philippines dapat. Ok lang sina Pia and Cat since they brought prestige to our country. But for next year, pumili naman sana tayo ng isang kandidata na masasabi ng buong mundo na siya ay isang Pilipina (complete package siyempre)!

  2. I didn’t know that she is a good speaker. Imo, she’s one of the most memorable robbed contestants (yung hindi man lang nakapasok sa semis) in BBP in recent years. Idk if BBP didn’t see her worth or baka malakas lang talaga batch nila, sa Top 15 kasi kay Roshiela Tobias lang ako alanganin, the rest deserving.

    Kung ako sa kanya, I’ll go with MUP. Malakas labanan sa MUP for sure, but kaya niya naman siguro makipagsabayan. Sa MEP, baka masayang lang siya kasi for sure ME won’t crown a Filipina anytime soon. Sa MWP, pansin niyo puro payat na mahaba leeg nananalo. Si Rolene lang yung medyo malaman.
    2012 – Wenxia – payat
    2013 – Megan – payat
    2014 – Rolene – malaman
    2015 – Mireia – payat
    2016 – Steph – payat
    2017 – Manushi – payat
    2018 – Vanessa – payat
    2019 – Toni – payat

    Miss Universe – no specific type
    Miss World – payat na mahaba leeg
    Miss International – doll-like
    Miss Earth – no specific type

  3. Ang galing nyang mag -Ingles
    Akala mo stateside
    And i think she is pretty . Look at her dad .

  4. wow! WOW! This lady is articulate and confidently beautiful. Definitely up there with Pia, Julia Sauvier and Zozibini in eloquence. ( Cat will always be in a league of her own.) She’s got my vote to join Miss Universe Philippines. It’s a “”Yes” for me. I’m already imagining her media week as Miss Universe 2020, guesting at the Kelly & Ryan show in New York!

  5. I like her. She’s articulate and has been doing charity since her USC days, BUT my biggest reservation with her is her retoke. I have nothing against retoke. I’ve had a nose job myself pero with the direction that IMG is taking wala pang nanalo na sobrang overhaul ang face. Paulina, Pia, Iris, Demi, Cat, Zozi are all facially natural. They have a lot of younger pictures to prove that. Maria, on the other hand…Ang daming before pictures nya and ibang ibang ang face. With Trump this may not have been an issue, but with IMG and it’s confidently beautiful/women empowerment branding? Not so much. She would be better off at Supra.

  6. All Stars mup 2020.if Im at Maria’s shoes I will go w bbp 2020 higher chance of winning. Malay natin maging miss intercontinental 2020 sya
    She is beautiful and after her hosting jobs I believe may ibubuga naman sa kudaan Yun nga Lang dun na sya sa more chances of winning pageant

  7. I can attest that this lady really loves charity works. Even before becoming a pageant girl she was involved in many charitable organizations and is very active as a student during her USC days. Not to mention she has the eloquence and the right control of articulateness. She should consider screening for MUP 2020 and who knows this might be her time.

  8. she can join and try her lucky star but MUPorg is only choosing one for the crown … I don’t think she has the magic IT X factor and she’s not the best among the rumored group of candidates

  9. DALAGANG PILIPINA yeah. Isa din itong pwede, bet na bet, lakas din ng hype at fan base, pero natatabunan na pag finals night, like sa BBP ang Bb Cebu stints nya. Maybe may kailangang baguhin.

  10. Promising…however this a well rehearsed and controlled. I wonder how she’ll performed on stage and will she be as articulate?

  11. I am sure that if she will compete in Miss Universe 2020, she will going to raise the flag and bring home the crown again. Let us encourage her to join. Her amazing qualities is good enough to compete internationally. She is tall, eloquent and you might think she is from South America with her towering height 5′ 5″. #giganteformup2020

  12. Yes! This was the binibini i wanted to win! I just hope sumali sya ulit. May dating para sa skin!

  13. She is promising. What’s her height ba? Piece of advice: read and study current issues and events. Hindi lang puro arte sa pagsasalita, dapat malaman at matino ang content. Meron pang 2 other Cebuanas. Pero kailangan nilang LUMIPAT NG PAGEANT CAMP dahil Kagandahang Flores was not able to hone them into fierce pageant fighters, the reason they lost in the past years. Clue: Both are from UP Cebu. Kilala mo ba sila Norman? These 2 girls need to repackage themselves – better styling, better gowns, improve social skills & personality, and develop further their communication skills.

  14. Looking at her Instagram photos, she’s looking longer and leaner these days. She definitely can talk with ease and confidence in front of a crowd — a big plus if she bags the MUP title.

    She likes to open her mouth in most poses to ooze sexiness — looks very OA at times. She needs to master the open mouth poses like how Gazini perfected her fierceness through subtle eye emotions.

    Best of luck, Maria!

  15. She is the “other Cebuana”? Who was THE ONE in the first place, Mr. Tinio? 🙂

    She was said to be short (height). Are we talking Joanna Toledo short, here?

    DUSKY beauties, like herself, Toledo, Malinao, and Dumaguing, I would like to see in Europe (therefore either Supranational or (The)Globe). Therefore, BBP 2020, NOT MUP 2020. DO NOT POOH-POOH the Deliart Association, please! Had Pi(g)noy radicals not been so mean, Leren might have at least gone a step higher in the Final. 😦

    Intercontinental, I said, could be given to the Rhedey girl from Baguio City. Or, one of the “duskies” mentioned above. After all, Gallman, though Aussie-‘Noy, was DELICIOUSLY TOASTY-BROWN.

    For now, I am reserving Herrell, Saubier, and a third still to be revealed by Mr. Norman Blogger for the MUP 2020 title. There’s no point lumping/forcing everybody there; there’s only one title at stake. MUST WEIGH THE PRO’S/CON’S AND THE COMPARATIVE COST-VERSUS-BENEFIT-SWOT ek ek.

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