27 comments on “Ganiel Krishnan: MUP, BbP or MWP?

  1. I think hindi siya makakapasok sa BBP because of her height. MUP, MWP, or MEP siya siguro. I like her kasi maganda naman talaga siya and isa siya sa most memorable UAAP courtside reporters (like Laura Lehmann), but yung height. 😦

  2. sa mga pinoy na maaarte at feelingera. hoy! wala tayo sa US o venezuela, brazil na sadyang maraming magaganda. wag mag iinarte kung recycled mga reps natin at least meron kesa magtiis tayo ng mga salelady type at utak janina san miguel

  3. So far I say BIG NO to RECYCLED GIRLS! Find a girl who’s not just passionate about pageants but has some serious career or interest . Hindi yung maganda mga nyt shallow .

    • @ Gasgazini I believe everybody deserves a second chance. But not a third.

      So, let’s give them one more-one last try, then that’s it.

      I wonder what would happen, though, if she joined MWP then got the India-based Multinational portfolio. Would the organizers ask her about how connected she is with her Indian roots? 😉

    • kung makapag demand ka feeling mo an daming magaganda sa pinas at may utak at perang pang surgery. pasalamat ka na lang at may sumasali pa di tulad dati nasa dark ages tayo

  4. Wow. A Filipina beauty, if she wants, can make a career in competing at major Philippine beauty pageants.

    MWP, MUP, BbP, MPE, and Mutya.

    No disrespect but, when is enough…enough?

  5. When you become a beauty queen. Being tall or not doesn’t matter. As long as she’s qualified and could do well in pageants. I mean why the hell not? Pia was 5’8″, Gazini was 5’9″. then Catriona was 5’10”.
    Miss Universe guidelines state that height is not a factor in the judging: “Whether you’re 4′ tall or 7′ tall it doesn’t matter,” the guidelines state.
    There was a candidate who stood 5’4″. Also there are other claims what stated you should be 5’5″ and above.

    • She is only 5’4. You will say height doesn’t matter but one should always send the best among the rest. Beauty doesn’t matter some people will say they forgot what a bombshell Puerto Rico and Mexico were

  6. She should try first Bb. Pilipinas. Piece of advice to be taller – take Gloxi to earn 2 to 3 inches. Bilis!

  7. Now that’s a girl who can talk…
    Beautiful gorgeous…
    I just wish she’s a couple of inches taller…

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