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    • Lahat naman ng naging winners ng Ms. Universe, they all lost their “steam, hype & momentum” a week or a month or so after winning the crown.
      The same fate will likely happen to the current winner.
      You shouldn’t expect too much from the world of pageantry other than the entertainment value it provides.
      Kung may charitable work(s) man sila, bonus na lang yun ✌️

    • Forgettable reign? LOL. I dont even remember a reign aside from Cat’s. Very purposeful. All her foreign trips were very meaningful. Hindi pucho puchong crown2x lang. And oh boy. Those IG followers simply makes her very influential even without riding an airplane.

    • Sinundan mo ba mabuti at in-analyze yung significance ng naging activities ni Cat? Sige nga Jasmine, sinong Miss Universe ang para sa yo ay super duper and memorable ang naging reign? Hindi yung naging busy at visible lang sa kung anu-anong ek ek activities ha.

    • Ano naman ngayon kung may die hard fans si Catriona? Ano pakelam mo dun? Lahat ng celebrities may loyal fans. Cat gave the country honor by working hard, performing excellently when it mattered and continues to show kindness, excellence And intelligence. How can she not be deserving to have adoring fans? The nerve to mock her and her fans.

  1. she is Australian
    an English Native speaker to begin with
    hirap na hirap nga magTagalog
    enhanced by her experiences and Australian education
    most examinations and assessments in Australia are conducted in lengthy orals and essays. One needs to do more research to pass.

    we are not looking for a coPia nor copyCat
    we are hoping to find someone
    na magugustuhan ng judges ng MU and n MUO. LOL

    if not magtanim na lang ng puno and aim for ME
    or kumanta and aim for MW

    maghunos dili kayo

  2. Wow, I could watch her talking for days and never get bored…. She is one tough act to follow…. Physicaly beautiful Filipinas are a dime a dozen but the only way for another Filipina to win the universe crown is if we find another total package who could surpass what Cat has achieved… I pray that girl is trainning right now while gainning more and more experiences that would build her character.. And hopefully in the next 5 years, she’ll be ready. 🙂

  3. The Tinio said so – her style is unique, ergo NO POINT IN TRYING to mimic her. Cat is Cat, period. Everybody else is NOT her.

    That being said, that “looking beautiful at the same time (as thinking on her feet, while flipping hair)” in mock emulation of a shampoo commercial, is NOT the universal mold of MU. Because there is NONE.

    This bubbly levity works well with Filipinos. But obviously, Zozibini Tunzi has not enough hair to flip, and she is more serious in tone. So was Lara Dutta. Iris and Demi-Leigh were also more composed. In other words, NO YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A WALKING GLAMOUR PUSS TO WIN MU.

    What cannot be trained for is the eloquence that is the result of a WEALTH OF LIFE EXPERIENCES. Catriona Gray, whose father is a cancer survivor and herself becoming financially independent early on, is certainly not deficient in this regard.

    MUP will be this kind of woman, and nothing else. Candidates who lived a sheltered life will not make it. In our local parlance, dapat cowboy! Cowgirl, pala. Resourceful, pragmatic, sensible, flexible, perceptive, observant, CREATIVE. MUP must devise methods to test for these parameters!

    • True, gone are the days when a beautiful but intellectually average girl can win the crown. MU’s scoring system reflects that, and I for one am glad with the change. I only hope a new crop of Pinays, locally or abroad, will rise to the challenge.

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