27 comments on “Joanna Kristine Pojas: How about a Professional Model for MUP2020?

  1. she has the looks just not sure for MUP she looks a supra girl or intercontinental. anywayhope gilrs like her join. she would be a good asset for pageantry.

  2. Unang tingin akala ko si Charo Ronquillo!

    She should join BBP instead of MUP!

    More of a Miss Supranational material for me!

  3. The milky skin and chin are reminiscent of Charlene Gonzalez. And yes, her beauty is similar to Cyril Payumo.

    If she has public speaking skills to match that height and those elvish eyes, why not?

  4. MI material, her baby-faced feature would be a liability at MU, I seriously doubt if she’s an eloquent speaker.

  5. For me, she can be a Miss International in the making. 2 to 3 years more of training, another MI winner for the Phils.

  6. I want Alita🎉period😆
    Cherette 😊lungs.
    Nanalo na sya Ng maraming pera kaya di na nya kailangan Ang universe este world este Earth este international este globe este peste😆lol

  7. The SIXTEEN (16)-year old Italian gurl who (recently) won WTM came to mind.

    I assume that also here in Philippines, models start in their mid- to late-teens. They are probably with the agencies.

    You know who I want to give it a go? Gabrielle Basiano! But after her contract at MFI 2019 ends.

  8. Miss Norms, how is she speaking-wise on a scale from 1 to Catr10na? I love her look, but she should veer away from Kendall Jenner styling.

    • Yeah, I thought the same thing…. she does have a simillar bonestructure as Kendall Jenner.

  9. MUP 2020 to MU must remember that the preliminary competetion; 1) swimsuit, 2) evening gown, 3) closed door interview, determine the top 20.
    Opening statements determine the top 10.
    Swimsuit and evening gown competetion determine the top 5.
    Q&A to final 5 determine the top 3.
    Q&A given to top 3.
    Closing statement from the top 3.
    Q&A and closing statement determine the winner.

    Joanna is stunningly and refreshingly a natural beauty. She is a professional model and would dazzle in swimsuit and evening gown segments. However…

    To the MUPO, all the best. Pressure, pressure, pressure.

  10. She’s giving me “Cyrille Payumo” and “Charo Ronquillo” vibes. Potentially winnable in lesser contests – not alpha pageants as yet. She’ll probably fare better as well in modeling contests which are looking for fresh faces.

  11. Beautiful lanky, small-faced w/ symetrical features…
    I see great potential
    She needs to shape-up
    Build her personality
    With the right trainning,
    She could possibly win any international title.

  12. MAGPRAKTIS MUNA SIYA. MAG-START SIYA SA Miss Quezon City, next sa Mutya ng Laguna, Mutya ng CALABARZON, MUTYA PILIPINAS, Miss PHILIPPINES EARTH, so on and so forth. SUMALI siya sa MISS UNIVERSE PHILIPPINES pag 26 years old na siya. Professional Models Association of the Philippines or PMAP is NOT A GOOD SOURCE of INTELLIGENT & WELL SPOKEN beauty queens. PLEASE REMEMBER MAXINE MEDINA & AYA ABESAMIS as the recent ones. OKEH!?

  13. These photos scream “Binibining Pilipinas International”! Her almond-shaped eyes and beautiful soft features would strike well with the Japanese. Imagine her in a kimono with the Philippine sash walking the streets and alleys of Tokyo… KIREI NEH? 🙂

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