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  1. Sana manalo ang may apelyidong Santos, Mendoza, dela Cruz, de Guzman, Manalo, David. Tama na muna ang Mcdonald, Ryder, Singh, Takashi, O’Grady, Wilson… I hope you get what I mean. True blooded Pinay naman sana. Peace!

  2. That application form looks more like an immigration form than a beauty pageant application form LOL. Are they expecting a ton of halfies to suddenly apply?

    Oh, and they forgot to put Lu Sierra’s question on the form: CAN YOU SPEAK?! [Yes] [No]

  3. If the Top 10 in the recent MU is to be the benchmark, who among the names being brought forward have the commanding presence, unmistakable confidence, and evident intelligence that boosts her physical beauty. MUP needs women of substance — to quote some finalists– who are “not models but role models” and who does not mind “being seen not beautiful enough than being considered not brainy enough”.

  4. BInibining Pilipinas
    Yvethe Marie Santiago 24 5’9”
    Alaiza Flor Malinao 25 5’9”
    Anne Lorraine Colis 26 5’9”
    Rogelie Catacutan 27 5’9”
    Nicole Cordoves 27 5’7.5”
    Joanna Louise Eden 22 5’7.25”
    Jennifer Ruth Hammond 28 5’7.75”
    Nelda Ibe 25 5’9”
    Charmaine Elima 27 5’7”
    Vickie Marie Rushton 27 5’6”
    Samantha Mae Bernardo 27 5’8”
    Maria Ahtisa Manalo 22 5’8”
    Michelle Theresa Gumabao 27 5’9”
    Eva Psychee Patalinjug 25 5’7”

    Miss World Philippines
    Laura Victoria Lehmann 25 5’9”
    Cynthia Thomalia 24 5’7”
    Maureen Anne Montagne 27
    Teresita Ssen Marquez 26 5’6”
    Katarina Rodriguez 27 5’7”

    Miss Earth Philippines
    Karen Ibasco 28 5’7”
    Silvia Celeste Cortesia 23
    Jamie Herrell 25 5’9”

    • how about Janicel , Mutya , Cindy (Miranda?) , Bianca (Guidotti?) , Olive (Chanel?) ,… there is also one in Miss Earth 2019 from New Jersey and one in Mutya 2019 from Nevada … I did not realize that reservoir is plentiful !!!

      MU2020 cannot be in September for a short reign of ZoziTunzi … but yes it has to be held in (finally after many attempts) South Africa … and let us hope Philippines 2020 wins !!!

      • Janicel Lubina 24 5’9” – married
        Joanna Cindy Miranda 30 5’7” – overage
        Mary Anne Bianca Guidotti 30 5’10” – overage
        Mutya Johanna Datul 27 5’8”
        Chanel Olive Thomas 29 5’11” – overage

      • so if all the twenty-seven year olds compete next year , who is going to rise and be the best … ?
        Remember , this is not MW or Miss America … this is still a beauty pageant with emphasis on speaking skills … that is why MU still has the best candidates … we are choosing among the very beautiful who has the best message and best delivery … I think my vote goes to ….

        Oh wow, I cannot make up my mind but I can eliminate a few , like Elima , but wait maybe she is much better now … very hard, ,,, well, your guess is as good as mine …

    • Nicole Cordoves is 175cm…
      That is 5’8″.898 to be exact.

      Is Lorraine Kendrickson still available…

  5. Wish list for MUP 2020:

    Anjie Balatbat
    Emma Tiglao
    Jamaica Ambal
    Anjame Magbitang
    Rosantonette Mendoza
    Cyrill Payumo

  6. Wish list for MUP 2020:

    Anjie Balatbat
    Emma Tiglao
    Jamaica Ambal
    Anjame Magbitang
    Cyril Payumo
    Rosantonette Mendoza

  7. I knew it ! They will have a long time to prepare for MU2020 … There shouldn’t be 40 delegates, they should have only about 20 or at the very most 25 …& Bea will need to wait until 2021 … sigh

  8. Screening is on January 25. Crowning in March? Is this a hint that the rumored Miss Universe 2020 pageant will transpire in September in Johannesburg, South Africa?

    • If it’s in South Africa, December makes much much more sense than September, not to mention it is summer-like season in December over there…

  9. Money and politics will be the real winner under a new MUP.

    Think winners like:

    Aya Abesamis
    Michelle Dee
    Mariel de Leon
    WynWyn Marquez
    Maxine Mediina

    It’s obvious that’s the direction A&Q went after they got the Universe crown. With IMG moving away from pageant patties and returning to Telemundo land, it’ll be a while before the crown returns to the Philippines. MUO knows the new franchise is content to just have control taken away from BPCI and SMA. Even Cat could see the writing on the wall, hence the independent route.

    Tough 20 Felepens !!!
    Best National Costume Felepens !!!
    Miss Internet Vote Felepens !!!

    Winners – lawyers, business women, academics, innovators — not starlets of formers and actors.

    Manage your expectations folks. All-star hype is pure marketing.

    Pinoys are so easy to manipulate.

  10. Pwede na kayang su,ali yung mga nag burlesk sa mga mags? Char!

    World peace 🙂

  11. An “All star cast” will have greater morbidity with only one crown up for contention… for those deemed deserving join again? and again and again?… until age catches up

  12. Pera pera na lang talaga. Kalokang MUP. Values2x and empowerment daw. We all know the reason for the transfer of franchise. Pooritang IMG. Mulhang perang IMG. Cheap and palpak naman.

  13. I’m really excited for this. Btw, who will crown the winner? Gazini is under BCPI contract so it would be impossible for her to crown the new MUP.
    I bet Catriona Gray will crown the winner.

    • As Miss Universe Philippines (and not Bb. Pilipinas) titleholder per se, Gazini won’t have a problem crowning her successor in my opinion. The shared logo of MUP and BbP during Bb. Pilipinas 2019 hinted us on this one.

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