44 comments on “Toni-Ann Singh of Jamaica wins Miss World 2019

  1. Julia it seems favors delegates from former colonies of the now defunct British Empire, yawn…

    Congratulations to Michelle Dee for her Top 12 placement.

    • @ Casper Then, next up are Malaysia, Singapore, and Myanmar.

      The Blue Crown when it returns to the Far East will go to one of these ASEAN members.


  2. What a year of big4 pageantry mas nag shine ang may kapangitan at na koronahan. Kaya pag ikaw ang pinakapangit sa lahat ng kandidata wag ma insecure at manghina ang loob. kailangan mong lang galingan sa ibang bagay para manalo. Mabuhay ang mga pangit..👏👏👏👏👏

  3. Top 5 is still determined by continental divide. It’s not technically the most deserving top 5 girls. Go figure out.

    • 1. Africa – Nigeria / 2. Americas – Brazil / 3. Asia – India / 4. Carribean – Jamaica / 5. Europe – France

      • Interesting facf… and of the five, three; Jamaica, Nigeria and India, are former British colonies and are staunch members of the Commonwealth of Nations.


      • It’s Brand Marketing 101: keep your brand alive in all your markets. This is to ensure that top-of-mind awareness of MW brand remains in all geographic regions. The global fans are kept energized that way. If only Mw can rotate the winners by continent…

      • It’s Brand Marketing 101: keep your brand alive in all your markets. This is to ensure that top-of-mind awareness of MW brand remains in all geographic regions. The global fans are kept energized that way. If only Mw can rotate the winners by continent…

      • Yes Scorg.

        This pageant strategy was very obvious during the Trump-era at Miss Universe. His reliable and powerful partnership with the Spanish speaking Telemundo Network annually made its footprint. It was disheartening at times, sometimes ridiculous, when 50+% of the semi-finalists were from Spanish speaking nations.

        Trump is gone and IMG has totally transformed MUO beginning with Pia’s reign in 2015.

  4. singing contest na ba ang miss world? pero kahit magaling na singer ang delegate ng pilipinas, hindi tayo mananalo dahil hindi former british colony ang pilipinas. yun lang!

    • Meron din namang 2 years presence ang mga British sa Filipinas!

      Kaya ayon madalang sa patak ng ulan ang panalo!

  5. The results of MU and MW contests proved one thing: that there indeed is no universal standard of physical beauty. Every culture has its own concept of beauty and that is not lost to the highly-educated well-travelled board of judges. What is universally-accepted norm are the two other dimensions of beauty: intelligence and character. The over 350 years of mental conditioning by our colonial masters, and the continuing subjugation of our thought processes by Hollywood culture, make us Filipinos embrace the Western beauty archetype as standard—white skin, pointed nose, blonde/ brunette hair, blue/green/brown eyes, whistle bait figure. If ever intelligence factor gets into the narrative, it is equated with the ability to speak English.

    Unless Filipino pageant fans accept this truism, they will continue to despair at the results of MU and MW which continue to celebrate diversity, inclusiveness and holistic beauty.

  6. There is an old cliche which says that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and is therefore subjective. We indeed have our own definition of what is beautiful. Of course this is dictated by culture. Problem is there seems to be a very thin line between expressing what or who is beautiful to you and being a racist.

  7. if you live in a multicultural city or country
    you will understand more and appreciate more of the different kinds of beauty

    not only the ones the western “white” society implanted in your brains
    kaya lahat gusto magpaputi

    you are beautiful
    black brown yellow white

    back to work and until next year

  8. Mag appoint na lang ng kinatawan sa MW tutal PH is cursed by the MWO. Kahit gaano kaganda, katalino, at ka-excellent ang BWAP ng rep natin, the possibility of winning the title is very slim.

  9. Akala ng mga bashers ng nanalong MW at MU magaganda sila. Their attitudes are reflective of the kind of persons they are inside out. Mga cyclops siguro mga to. Masama na ugali masamang tingnan pati mga itsura. Mga vaklang twoooh.

  10. When you live in a multi-cultural country, you can no longer appreciate the winners of these beauty pageants because they look like someone you ride together with in the subway or bus. Despite that, no one has the right to say that these ladies are ugly because they don’t fit the norm that White People established in most of your tiny minds. Please, stop being racists.

    • Exactly Oreo..

      Acts and talks of racism and general stereotyping often results as a “double-edged” sword.
      Pointing a finger to somebody is common but one often forgets there are three fingers pointing back.

      Peace out.

  11. Toni Ann Singh
    can sing
    she won the hearts of all except the bitter Felefenz

    congratulations Jamaica

  12. kahit padala nyo pa dito sa MW
    eh lahat ng fast track eh maipanalo
    kapag hindi ka bet ni Manang Hulya

    LuzValdez palagi

    magfocus na lang sa Miss Earth duon kahit 10 peat kaya ipanalo

  13. @Sunny

    True that! Stop it now.

    Filipino male pageant fans also have to remember that Asian men are generally “stereotyped” globally as the least sexy and least masculine. When it comes to sex appeal Asian men often and unfairly get “the short end of the stick.”

    Think before you click.

    Just saying.

    • PS

      “..’short end of the stick’..”

      I meant it literally and figuratively.

      Food for thought…thank you.

      • To add to that, Indians are Asians too and they’re winning in almost all major male pageants. They’re burly, well-toned, tall, and “long.” Lebanon and Israel are part of the Asian continent as well, so their “winnable” men are technically Asians. Time to review your geography there before commenting.

      • @Chezka LOL..good one.

        @GAG… you’re right, my bad. Here in the States, Asians are “generally and stereotypically” thought of individuals from countries fron East and Southeast Asian nations. It is East and Southeast Asian males that are unfair racist targets of general stereotypes of emasculation.
        Indians and Pakistanis are known as South Asians and the Arab world and Israel are ethnically Middle Eastern. My apologies.

  14. Same type of beauty – whether black white or mixed
    Maybe we need to send someone having that kind of beauty next time

  15. Grabe ang dami Racist sa Blog na ito!!

    Ika nga ng Miss Universe 2019:

    I grew up in a world where a woman who looks like me, with my kind of skin and my kind of hair, was never considered to be beautiful. And I think that it’s time that that stops today.


    • Enough with that race card, it’s getting old. Just because someone says Miss Jamaica isn’t really that facially beautiful doesn’t mean that person is racist. There are far more attractive black women out there who surpass Toni-Ann’s looks. It’s not about skin color.

      People are crowing how 2019 is the year of the Black Girl Magic. Good for them. But I can’t help but wonder if this is also the year of white guilt and affirmative action. There, I said it.

      I shelled out the 2 bucks to watch the Live stream with its piss poor feed – lag, frozen screen, and all. I’m running on more than 100 mbps on a gaming computer and I still felt like I was watching on dial-up.

      Anyway, I can only hope for a future where we stop looking at skin color and just focus on the candidates’ wit, communication skills, advocacy… and if I may add an archaic opinion, also factor in her facial beauty. Yes, yes, I know, beauty pageants are no longer about beauty. But looking at some of this year’s winners, you’d think they totally took out the beauty part.

      P.S. I really wanted to like Miss Jamaica but the “birit” singing irritated the hell out of me. And the fact that she was front and center with her singing made me think it smacked of favoritism. Kind of unfair to the other girls.

  16. Michelle can plan to join MUP2021 now and I think mommy Mimielanny will be okay with it since she won’t need to deal with Bb …

  17. Perhaps Julia needs to consider awarding the MWP franchise back to BPCI. MWP and BbP International can serve as the top tier titles and “maybe” garner a little more interest from Filipino fans.

    Just a thought…

    • We only got, in 50 years, the one and only crown crown c/o Megan Young, out of Bb. Pilipinas. Let us keep it that way.

  18. Like what we always hear after the competition. Chef Julia did it again in her cooking show. Enough this craziness. Miss Jamaica deserved the crown and Miss Philippines did her best but her best is not good enough to the eyes of judges.

    • @just saying you are correct Jamaica win the title four times (1963, 1976, 1993, 2019 ) and 1 appointed in 1973 when Miss World 1973 Marjorie Wallace dethroned and First Runner-up Philippines turned down the offer but Second Runner-up Jamaica agreed and took over.

  19. As I fearlessly predicted, ginaya ng MWO ang MUO sa pagkorona ng coffee-skinned contestant.

  20. 2019: Taon ng KAPANGITAN. Puro KULANG sa GANDA ang Miss World, Miss Universe at Miss International. Hindi deserving ang winner ng Miss Grand International. Ordinaryo lang ang winner ng Miss Supranational. The ONLY BEAUTIFUL WINNER this year is Miss Earth.

  21. Dinadin masama sa top 12. Clapper naman tau last year eh. Sana niluto man lang kahit sa runner up sa Pelepens. Still, congrats to Michelle.

    • paanong lulutuin ni manay julia ,,,,kulang sa energy si mess felepens, ang bagal bagal magsalita

      • I soooooo agree. Buti nga nakaoasok pa. It is very clear sa mga interviews na hindi sya sincere and committed sa kanyang cause.

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