3 comments on “Kudos to you, April May Short!

  1. LOVE Dino Bancoro’s “acid-acrylic” treatment for the terno look. 🙂

    i remember when Tweetie de Leon (Gonzales) represented at Ford. She, too, did not win. What she got instead was an Anne Klein global campaign job. The BaroQco stint will be similar. From the name, it should be safe to expect baroque-inspired pieces. Mr. Tinio, please tell Ms. Cory Quirino to share images from the shoot. Interesting!

    Two (2) months in Milano? It’s a nice city to explore. Enjoy! I miss the homely charm of Malpensa.

  2. Congrats, April May! Rarampa ka na sa runways ng Europe. Parang nanalo ka na rin.

  3. Now that April’s gonna make the rounds of fashion events in Europe, while she sips champagne on a yacht, and move like Harlo in Monte Carlo and show them what she’s got… oh, now I can’t get that damn song out of my head, well thanks Charlene…

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