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  1. Wishing them the best of luck. As some others have noticed wala game mention king sino talaga ang financial and logistics backer ng grupo na ito. But I’m sure Alan ng kahat na si Chavit Singson and his LCS Grp ang may ari nitong griping ito. Mga figureheads aka puppets lang tong nga tao. As everyone would recall there was an uproar last year when Chavit Singson was open to media saying he already owned the franchise. May mga bahong lumabas – note a post about his supossed business dealings posted on the BPCI FB site. Thereafter an obvious spin making was done when all parties supposedly agreed to backtrack the change of franchise hands by a year. MUO in a press release said the franchise was still with the Araneta Group. Ironically praising that organization for all the success and achievements they have accomplished. However the stone has been cast that there will be change of hands this year and it was agreed Chavit Singson would keep a low profile once that becomes official ( but for how long?). Meantime his minions headed by Jonas Gaffud will be taking the spotlight. An official press conferences will be held in the coming days where the group are going to somewhat lay out their plans. I wish them the best of luck.

  2. Calling the attention of the MUP new management: sana po in case halfie ang ipapadala, make sure she has lived 90% of her life in the Philippines. Hindi yung 2 years residency requirement lang. This is to ensure that she knows the history and culture of our country well.

    • Ahem, Miss Jamaica, Toni-Ann Singh, who just won Miss World is a U.S. citizen and has lived in Florida for the past 12 years.

      Miss Universe 2005 Natalie Glebova who represented Canada was born and raised in Russia and has only lived in Canada for less than half her lifetime when she won.

      The first black Miss Universe from Trinidad Tobago Janelle Commissiong who won in 1977 was already a U.S citizen and living in New York City when she represented her birth country.

      And there’s Catriona Gray, the Aussie-Filipina who ventured into her mother’s land as a teen model, and competed and winning MU while also proudly showing Filipino art, fashion and culture to the rest of the world, and many more stories like hers in the pageant world.

      These women are trans-global beauties because they cross racial lines and blur geopolitical barriers and their stories reflect the racial intermingling and rapid globalization that is happening now — and that is what makes these women and their stories more interesting and compelling. Because their stories are also our stories, and gives us a sense of what mankind might be like in the future. That by becoming a part of each other, by sharing our racial DNA, we realize more that we are truly one species — human — above all our differences.

  3. Wala ba pambili ng Learher shoes yang matabang bading sa tabi ni Chamcey ?!
    Ginawang cheap ang group picture na yan with his sneakers….😊

  4. shamcey is an architecture and surely she can relate on stage production. possible sya ang magdesign ng first ever stage of MUP. but i wonder where? araneta or moa? anong station partner if ever si chavit ang may ari ng franchise? anyway. hoping for super competetive batch of mup next year.

    • Si Chavit nga ba ang tunay na franchise owner? Well emphasized kasi that Shamcey is “assigned” to head but LCS group is no longer mentioned in this hostile takeover. How I wish inantay nalang nila mag”retire” si Madam SMA. Ang pangit ng pakiramdam na may sulotan at pera-pera nalang after 55years. But yeah they say CASH is KING.

      • Mukhang pera kasi ang IMG. Under Donald Trump, this wont happen. Kalokang IMG, values2x daw kuno, mukhang pera naman.

  5. heto na ang mga nangarap ng mataas

    sana makapagproduce nga sila ng MU winner

    good luck

  6. I’m thinking KF’s girls will never win under this new group especially after Gazini’s unfortunate lackluster performance in Atlanta. MJ and Rachel both never made it past the Top 10 and Gazini beyond Top 20. Coincidence that all three came from the same camp?

    • Its ironic since Mj (Super hot), Rachel (Best bod) and Gazzini (Best face) may ranked higher versus other A&Q MUP ladies. Di lang talaga sinwerte. And oh don’t forget our Catriona formed her own team and her journey to the crown was the most explosive so I think it has nothing to do with the camp.

    • Camps have nothing to do with it. Sabi nga, on equal footing lahat ng kandidata. Lahat naman sila, they did represented us well, nasa judges na lang talaga yan. Kahit na anong galing mong rumampa, kumuda… kung sa tingin ng mga judges eh may 20 pang mas magaling sayo…. olat pa rin. Don’t forget too na lahat naman ng kandidata ay umaasam na manalo.

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