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  1. Trinidad and Tobago
    British Virgin Islands

    are the black beauties to watch for tonight

    Black girl will win MW

    about time

  2. mag away away pa kayo

    Negra ang niluluto manalo ni Manang Hulya
    top model winner ay negra
    sports ay negra
    multimedia eh medyo negra
    kahit saang anggulo mo tingnan
    negra mananalo

    mag sipag hunos dili kayo

      • ang mga katulad mo na baligtad ang utak ang nag conclude na derogatory ang salitang negra

        NEGRA ang mananalo sa MW
        at ang nanalo sa MU ay negra

        mag hunos dili ka

        sabi nga nila black beauty
        gandang negra

  3. 2019 is the year Indonesia became the new Philippines & the Philippines became the new Indonesia.

    Essentially, we reversed roles when it comes to results.

    The Philippines had a gorgeous national costume at Miss Universe this year, but failed to advance past the first cut.

    Sounds familiar?

    Indonesia in the past had spectacular, award-winning national costumes, but would never make it past the first cut at Miss Universe. While the Philippines in the past had eye-catching but not particularly exceptional national costumes, but would still advance to the top 10 & top 5.

    This year, Indonesia’s national costume at Miss Universe was not particularly memorable, but Frederika achieved Indonesia’s best results with strong performances in speech, swimwear & exceptionally beautiful evening gown designs.

    Indonesia’s results in other pageants have also eclipsed ours with the exception of Miss International, where it was even.

    Indonesia, Thailand & Vietnam have stepped up their pageant game. The strong competition is great for Southeast Asian pageantry. It will drive creativity & innovation because when everyone is performing at exceptional levels, how do you stand out & win?

    It remains to be seen whether the Philippines can still lead the pack or whether we will sink like India after the 90s.

    The Miss World organization has never crowned a morena Malay-type beauty (represented in both Indonesia’s & the Philippines’ representative this year). If this year’s trend is any indication, Indonesia will land a higher result than the Philippines in Miss World this year.

    But I’m still proud of Michelle Dee’s understated & refined performance. I love that she’s not thirsty because for me being low-key is the biggest flex.

    • How many MU crowns does Indonesia have? ZERO. They’re not even in our level. I don’t even think of them and if I do, it’s because like buzzing insects, they’re loud and annoying, nothing more.

      Nakatuntong yang kandidata nila sa Top 10 simply because of the Krystle Stewart connection.

      We can’t always be on top and you know what they say, pag nahulog ka, mataas, masakit.

      Fans lang naman ang naaburido- kalma lang and let the professionals do their job

      • I am calm.

        You’re the one who got all worked up when I’m merely stating the fact that our neighbors have had better results than we have this year. Then you had to insult the Indonesian fans when Pinoy fans can be just as nasty. Do I have to point out how Fahsai was targeted by some Filipino fans because she was perceived as the biggest threat to Gazini?

        Our neighbors have stepped up & we can acknowledge that & be respectful of that without diminishing their accomplishments (Frederika’s evening gown choices & presentation were breathtaking; Fahsai had loads of beauty, confidence & charisma).

        I predict Jonas & company will be able to produce another Miss Universe winner for the Philippines in 5-10 years. In the meantime, I’m glad to see at least one of the Alpha crowns (Miss International) remain in Southeast Asia.

      • Just rewatched missuniverse this afternoon. Miss Indonesia was painfully out of place in the top10.

    • Thailand doesn’t even talk and they have 2 crowns. Are you taking something like your neighbors carbon dioxide?
      You only have placements and you talk.

  4. All the best of luck, Michelle. As you have Kapampangan blood, I’m very proud of you.

  5. She hasnt really done well in the challenges except for the H2H. I’m not keeping my hopes up with her. Same with Gazini.

  6. Michelle’s BWAP is not just a local initiative, as most BWAPs are, but national in scope. A MW crown will definitely give her a global platform for her advocacy. I have a strong feeling this BWAP will top segment of the contest, and may catapult her to MW victory.

    • girl hindi na nga nakapasok sa top 10 ang bwap nya
      mag top pa sa segment
      top 5 lang na fefeature sa mismong show

      mag hunusdili ka

      • BWAP wala din yan kwenta. Di ba few years ago we won BWAP ligwak pa din 😀

        I have a good feeling with Michelle. Kakahost lang natin ng Mister World. Hello Ka Julia! Michelle maybe the 1st Runner Up tonight.


    • girl hindi ito top model search
      miss world ito ang simpleng styling lang usually dito


      DM mo si michelle dee mismo puwede naman

      mag hunos dili ka

    • @ kembular2020 Your prediction suggests you are following Alvin Sebetero’s. 🙂

      Sige. In that case, either Trinidad and Tobago or France for the Blue Crown.

      If JM wants to mesh with the result at MU, then yes, a black kween is doable.

      Now, I share my wish for an Asian winner – either Indonesia or Vietnam (a promising future MW host country). For Mimilanie’s daughter, I see both the Continental Sash and a Top 10 performance.

      Princess Megonondo finishing strong will align well with the stellar performance of the 2019 Puteri’s, all of whom matched, if not exceeded, the Binibini’s. Recall now that Jesica Fitriana finished in the Top 5 at Supranational (versus Resham’s Top 20), Frederika Cull in the Top 10 at MU (versus Gazini’s Top 20), and Jolene ended more or less equally with Atty. Magtanong at MI (both in Top 8).

  8. I’m wishing you all the best, Michelle ! May you indeed shine your brightest on 12.14.19 ! Love and cheers from Richfield all the way to Salt Lake City, Utah, and all the Filipinos the world over ! God bless 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • There are so many issues which people and government don’t give enough attention to and I hope this where MW really work hard to extend their hands to help. Michelle’s BWAP is one of those issues. I can feel her sincerity to help and really create a positive impact. Sad it didn’t even make the top 5.

      • my point is I dont think Michelle even shared it on her social media (instagram). I do not understand why she did not try to get her points across to the people. Anyway, done deal. hihihihi

        The one thing Katarina did well is to communicate her BWAP to the Filipino people during the competition.

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