8 comments on “From Teen to Queen: Is Kathleen Paton going full blast in 2020?

  1. Her height is her disadvantage, pero depende lang naman yan sa pagdala.

    Ang importante is ang bunganga. Dapat marunong sumagot na natural, walang halong ek ek, may substance at hindi TH sa accent.

    I’m just relieved na separate na ang MU. This gives a lot of high caliber girls multiple chances to compete for the crown.

    Yung BBP hakot korona sa mga irrelevant pageants. Pero basta pwede silang sumali ulit sa MUP, then go! Mas gusto ko to. At least mga mananalo mga low tier pageants pwede pang sumali sa MUP.

    May chances din pa ang mga past winners na sumali ulit? Gusto ko talaga si Ann Colis pero baka overage na? Tapos ang comm skills mejo so-so, pero ang dating, mapapamura ka talaga. Haha.

  2. Nooooo to win win…..she will only be a lose-lose….she’s ok to look at but without the proper styling and that height 5’4 (with 4 inches heels) she still lacking the quality of a MU quality.

  3. I dont mind halfies be the ist MUP under shamcey supsup managment.i trust that the new organization will be fair be it a halfie or not as long as the best of the best then crown the winner. pero sana try nya magpatan for experiment. looking forward to make her look more Filipina. But speaking of More Filipina beauty. the doors is still open for wynwyn and i dont see any problem crowning her as MUP2020. so as of now. my choices/wishlit for MUP as of now is Kathleen. Wynwyn and alaiza. Hoping for more all star post for MUP norman.

    • WynWyn may have the brio and the personality that made her standout at that third tier pageant in South America but for Miss Universe, with her short stature and middling looks, matatabunan lang siya especially next Peru Paraguay etc. Jonas will
      never allow her to be the winner in his maiden venture as creative chuchu of Miss Universe Philippines. Sasampalin lang siya ni Paula.

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