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  1. nah…pass. She looks more like an eastern european candidate. she’s too white for MU Philippines. At least Catriona/Pia looks light skinned pinay with dark hair.

  2. I saw photos of her being crowned Miss Baguio last September. I think her face is a mixture of Alicia Machado and Irene Esser.

  3. There’s also a halfie from Ilocos na naging miss na yata ng lahat ng bayan sa Ilocos Sur (including Candon and Vigan), pati barangay contests sinalihan (doon ko napananood).
    I don’t know her name, but she is tall, 5’10” when she was just 18 (1 or 2 yrs ago). And this girl can talk, studied or studying at UNP ata. I’m sure she is a familiar face na din sa North. Sana someone can tap her for the Nationals.

  4. She will be best in Miss Grand International? I hope she have a Philippine passport. Her height true or not, good enough to be next candidate for 2020. Hope she will join first in Binibining Pilipinas then Miss Earth Philippines, Miss World Philippines, Mutya Pilipinas and lastly Miss Universe Philippines

  5. Nicole Cordoves vs Winwyn Marquez … same age 27 … one tall, one short … one needs some body workout , one is toned and ready … both can speak their minds out …

      • I wonder, why communication skill is given more weight recently? Everybody knows that not all of the candidates can speak English well because we have more than a thousand languages/dialects spoken worldwide. It would be unfair to other beautiful candidates inside and out if they can’t win just because the basis is English proficiency. I believe that being active and hands-on in a candidate’s chosen advocacy including the organization’s cause are more important than just talking, talking and talking the whole year until the end of her reign. Look at MU2013 Gabriela Isler who’s until now very active to her cause. When she won, she spoke broken English yet she made it. And until now, she actively participates in her project for young women in Venezuela.

      • @Adrienne

        Gabriela Isler is a Journalist who graduated w/ flying colors… and she is quite a very good conversationalist that is oosing in confidence even when English is not her 1st language.

      • Adrienne : Because Ms U, if that’s what we are aiming at has evolved to what it’s now. If you will stick to what you insist we will be in life support, so to speak. Just look at the winners since MIG took over MUO. From Pia to Zozibini, all women of substance. It’s time to turn the page and dust off your old belief that outer is more important than inner beauty in this pageant.

      • @Lanox, what I mentioned is candidate who’s beautiful INSIDE and OUT. You can check at my previous comment here for you to know.

      • @Lanox, I didn’t say that outer is more important. You may read my previous comment and digest it’s true essence of the message. What I’m saying is candidate who’s BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT.

      • @ Adrienne How did Gabriela Isler’s stay in the country go?

        Was ALV able to get plenty of work for her?

        I assume she is back home…. 🙂

  6. Now everyone is talking about communication skills just because South Africa won. The formula for Miss Universe has never changed, beauty plus brains. My take is communication skills is being highlighted to compensate for the less impressive facial features compared to previous winners.

  7. NO, I would rather go for Bea Magtanong, Alaiza M., and Ahtisa M. ( even WynWyn ) and hopefully they don’t all compete in the same year … let the older ones go first …

    • Aliaza Malinao looks good without a doubt… But her anxiety was too obvious. I hope she got over her nerves by now.

  8. She’s pretty but I don’t know her well enough.

    For now, I think Daisha Jimenez is way more beautiful and is packing a greater potential.

  9. Her looks are captivating. I like the photo making her Filipinized. She has Nina Ricci Alagao vibe in there. One can’t say no to this beauty as a possible MUP, but her communication skills must kill us.

    I wish I could see her soon in MUP pageant.

    That’s all.

    • @ Casper Article said, “…. with proper training and polish, she COULD be ready….”.

      Feel free to interpret.


  10. She looks Thai-halfie…. BBP. Specifically, Intercontinental as follow-up to Tiglao.

    Bukidnon is LOVE. I daydream residing there….


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